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  1. You are reaching way back for Locke example. Is zero reason Not relevant to drafting a WHL sniper in 2024 is it. Given are 1,000 other top prospects who flopped, we all know is always bit of a crap shoot with high-school kids. And i would prefer to see them go bit more risky for offense upside, than a solid 2 way sure fire NHLer. Like a more offensive Demidov or Catton. (like: i preferred Jagger Firkus (63gms 61goals 126pts this year) vs a Owen Beck)
  2. Bruins/Dallas/Florida/Rangers/Vancouver dressed 10 different d-men this year Aves/Oilers/Carolina dressed 9 different d-men. So NHL-ready depth always needed. e.g. Savard goes down in Oct and Reinbacher or Mailloux recalled earlier than wanted. And also seems a given, that at least 1 d-man will be traded before the fall.
  3. Impressive #s and offense is what Habs lack... just saying.
  4. After starting this season in the AHL, we all know he aint going back to the OHL again.
  5. Talk isnt worth much with aging athletes and maybe a stint in the AHL will be needed, before an Armia-transformation happens?
  6. I guess do or die today, need regulation win.
  7. Habs Prospects KalPa Kuopio at Kärpät Oulu 11:30 am - Liiga Bronze Medal Game (single-elimination game) Oliver Kapanen - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds at Saginaw Spirit 7:05 pm - OHL Quarter Final (best-of-7) (Series tied 2-2) Owen Beck - https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/adam-engstrom-montreal-canadiens-prospect-development-rogle-assistant-coach-max-bohlin-interview-comments-shl-playoffs-final/ "...You mentioned the defensive adjustment. Brendan Davidson came back and has formed a very solid pair with with Adam Engström defensively, which is maybe not what we expected as Montreal Canadiens fans." "No, I really like that pair and Brandon has served as a good mentor for Adam as well. Brandon with his NHL experience, obviously learning a lot over there, so they have been [good]. On the contrary, Adam is teaching Brandon, maybe how to play with the puck more. I think they fit well as a pair."
  8. Nice in-depth look at Hutson's 2 games. Habs Headlines: Montreal locked into fifth-best lottery odds (habseyesontheprize.com)
  9. Sucks that 6th pick is 44% chance for Habs. But seems rankings very mixed up for top 10, so 5th vs 6th pick not a huge loss.
  10. Mesar 1a 5 shots 6/14 in loss and junior career is over.
  11. Cole Caufield, Juraj Slafkovsky headed to Worlds | Montréal Canadiens (nhl.com)
  12. Rocket Weekly: The Pressure’s On Now – HabsWorld.net – With Florian Xhekaj joining the team on a tryout deal, forward Jakov Novak was returned to ECHL Trois-Rivieres just a day after being recalled. Chris Jandric was also sent down for the Lions’ playoff run. – Luke Tuch signed a one-way deal with the Rocket, meaning he’ll be eligible to play down the stretch and in the playoffs if Laval qualifies.
  13. Well, on May 6th or 7th will find out what spot. Jets vs Aves, i think it is, assume Aves will be favored? Montreal Canadiens Draft Lottery Odds Officially Locked In (msn.com) First Overall: 8.5 percent Second Overall: 8.6 percent Third Overall: 0.3 percent Fourth Overall: N/A Fifth Overall: 24.5 percent Sixth Overall: 44 percent Seventh Overall: 14.2 percent.
  14. End of 2nd, Arizona up 2-1. Can they, will they?
  15. Maybe a Struble-like underrated physical guy, i guess is hope. We shall see how he does in Laval next season with Reinbacher, Hutson, Mesar, Beck...
  16. Arizona up 1-0 mid-1st over Oilers... come on hang on!
  17. Beck 0pts 3 shots 7/16 in 4-0 loss. Series is 2-2. Mesar is down 3-0 in series vs London. His junior career could be over tomorrow. Might he play in the world championships or Laval if they sneek into playoffs?
  18. Great to hear Roy is back playing again. Reinbacher 2g2a in 10 games so far.
  19. Just asking your opinion, not saying good/bad. I am predicting a trade of that pick, but only going on Hughes 1st 2 draft dealings thats all. He said he did try and trade up the 1st year but no takers, so seems pretty likely he will be again be trying to swing some kind of deal(s) in 2 months.
  20. Slaf also wasnt playing 1st line (or even top 6) minutes, or with the best linemates early on.
  21. You dont think Hughes wants a young NHLer; like Newhook-Dach and not another prospect?
  22. Oh well, now can Arizona beat the Oilers today?
  23. A good sign to do it, bit stability i suppose and get any speculation out of way. I dont have any big complaints about his coaching so far, giving Hutson & Mailloux so much icetime was unexpected but i liked it.
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