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  1. Tuch 1a Dobes 2g 42shot win Vrbetic 3g 28shot loss Gorniak/Harris/Struble/Biondi/Stapley/Kapanen 0pts Guelph Storm at London Knights 2:00 pm Logan Mailloux - Sudbury Wolves at North Bay Battalion 2:00 pm Joe Vrbetic - Hamilton Bulldogs at Barrie Colts 7:00 pm Jan Mysak -
  2. Ya, anyways i just hope the local media doesnt make huge deal out of it, if Gorton still unilingual next year.
  3. I guess the powerful Aves didnt think we would ever be in OT with this rag tag bunch.
  4. NO, i think me, you or anyone (even Crankshaft would get some points) would do fine on their line.
  5. Dvorak 38.4pt pace $4.4m KK 39.9pt pace $6.1m
  6. Sign of life. Toffoli - Suzuki seem good combo.
  7. Keep thinking of the Slap Shot goalie rattled after facing a barrage of pucks. Poor kid, on pace for 70 frickin shots.
  8. Thought i heard he was just supposed to have simple procedure on knee?
  9. Petry/Anderson game time decisions AND Drouin on IR Montembeault out and McNivan is back up https://www.nhl.com/canadiens/news/updates-regarding-the-canadiens-roster-january-22/c-330015004 GHG Darn NFL game tied... Go GB tonight!
  10. But he also would be 3rd 4th highest paid forward on Habs.
  11. KK been playing 10-14minutes/gm, 52.4% FO, 18pts in 37gms (39.9pt pace for $6.1m)
  12. We all want to know what DD was thinking. Julien Mackenzie: "Michael Pezzetta: We may never know why the Canadiens opted to scratch Michael Pezzetta against the Arizona Coyotes earlier this week. He now has three goals in his last four games and goals in back-to-back games for the first time in his young NHL career. Good things happen when you go to the net, or use your face." Just curious, they do announce coach's salaries, but do they do same for GMs/Presidents of teams, or is that more confidential?
  13. Kinda like putting head in sand isnt that. Hoping he is a bust and is sent back to Liiga next year, when likely few others would of turned down offer, same as Weber didnt long ago.
  14. Like the sound of Harris's game, hope he signs late spring (takes away any summer speculation) and like the guy noted, can deal with bigger/quicker/more physical forecheckers in pro.
  15. Sorry, 3 points in last 2 games...this has to stop! Will the Aves simply pepper Primeau with rubber today? (Montembeault better be prepared to sub in)
  16. Yakapov & Galchenyuk both had good rookie seasons also...did Habs/Oiler both screw up on coaching/development?
  17. https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/catching-the-torch/2022/1/21/22891450/catching-the-torch-guhle-producing-for-edmonton-updates-on-harris-and-struble-qmjhl-postponed
  18. i hope he does well, helps creates more offers and GM/Owner bickering, spice things up a bit.
  19. I assume you get bit extra something-something by deferring picks, say if a contender already dealt away their 2022 pick (like Aves/Panthers/Knights/Carolina).
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