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    Guhle, Barron, Dach, Xhekaj, Kovacevic (for having an engineering degree), Suzuki, Gallagher, Beck, Kapanen

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Arrived to Canada in 1981 with my parents. Fell in love with the CH despite the drama around Bob Berry's coaching and Lafleur's last days as a Hab. Missed the 1986 and 1993 parades because of work but though I would catch the next one in 4 years. Moved to Ottawa in 2001, but never really left Montreal (in my heart). I still hope to catch the next Stanley cup parade, won't miss it for anything


I love this team and tend to defend players and staff when discussion becomes unbalanced. I love to root for underdogs, but ultimately want a cup in Montreal and will call-out when the organization is not held to that standard

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