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  1. Basically to me, the term "fanboys" started with the Price fans that would bash anything Halak,but would make every excuse for Carey. It has expanded into defense of this horrible management,and treatment of ex-habs. For example a poster this week said he was glad Cammi was injured. That's a pathetic person.
  2. Yes it's the first power forward who can score that's been developed here in I don't know how long.He's absolutely the first player i'd try to lock up long term,ahead of P.K and Price. It's good to see the habs win. I am apathetic to them,but I will never root for the Habs to lose. Anyone who does openly is a lame excuse for a Montreal Canadien fan.
  3. Who wants him here ? No one from what I've read
  4. He serves no purpose here. i'd rather keep a Moen (if he wants to stay),White and Staubitz. Hasn't there been enough drama/controversy in Habland w/o him coming in
  5. I don't know what was said. He's on ignore,and I'd suggest he does the same to me.
  6. It seems all his picks,whether Nhlers or not end up being 5'10 3rd liners with no grit or toughness.There may be some exceptions (Pacs) His late picks have been good.SK,Halak for example. Wow, you call yourself a fan,and are happy with this season being over in January. Are you happy rooting for the Habs to lose every night so they can draft an 18 yr old unproven Russian. Gimme a break.
  7. Do people on this site realize it takes more than a one year tank to turn things around? See Pitt and Chic. for example. Do you really think that one 18 yr old will turn this around ?There is so much this organization needs: Fire Gainey,Gauthier,Timmins and Boivin jr(what a joke that is) and Cunneyworth and replace them all with competence Get rid of the Gomez,Skaberle and Bourque contracts Get a # 1 stud d-man. If Markov comes back pair himw/Emelin for a great 2nd pairing Two top 6 forwards A real 4th line A tough stay at home #6 dmen.Enough of these marshmallows(Weber,Campoli,Diaz} Long way to go,but not impossible with a real management team.
  8. To all of PG's defenders,you know who you are, here's some deja vu :http://articles.latimes.com/2002/apr/20/sports/sp-pucin20 ,
  9. If you don't say Our Carey is a great goalie,you're insulting him to many fans.I look at the whole body of work with OC,including playoffs and say he's a good solid goalie. Probably in the top 12-15. But saying he's a top 5 is ludicrous
  10. Just compare the #'s of them when they played on the team together. Is there a stat that Halak wasn't better than Our Carey. I know he won more playoff series and games in that ECF run than OC has in his entire career here.
  11. Well Commie,that's why I've had you on ignore. You've baited and trolled many of my posts since I put you on THE LIST.Time to respond after dozens of insults. i don't understand why you haven't been suspended.You can dish it out,but fer chrissakes you sure as hell can't take it. Fly away. IMo we'll see 2 of Gomez,Skaberle or PG here next year.
  12. Holland is just another 3rd line type according to the experts,,which we have had so many over the years. DD is playing at a level that Gomez was suppose to be,salary or not. Eller,imo doesn't really have much trade value and his max value is a 3rd liner
  13. Positive ? About what. We've turned from the #1 organization in the league to an irrelevant laughingstock over the last 10-15 yrs. Not THE problem,but one of many. Though at the bottom of our problems. You don't think it's a problem that we can't get an adequate back-up because he can't handle it. Biron or Garon should be the backup.
  14. Ok,I'm going to feed the TROLL from the post above. Since Dec 1, we have 35 pts. CBJ has 32 pts. So yeah,I'd say we're definitely at their level . And we actually have a NHL goalie,unlike them. Amazing how people with no knowledge of the game keep posting how good/unlucky/better than our record we are.
  15. I keep reading that this is a weak top10 draft.Oh well we should have another crack at it next year.
  16. That is anawful bunch down the middle. Don't hold your breath for Eller to emerge as anything other than a 3rd liner. White is a very good 4th liner. And we should be drafting a center with our top 3 pick. Pleks stays Just look at his wingers. i'm glad Cunny is interim
  17. He could still beat the crap out of anyone on this team besides Staubitz and Moen. I'd rather see him on this team than Campy,Diaz or Weber. I never said he was that good. But right now,neither is Emelin. He got treated like crap here,and every mistake he made was overemphasized.
  18. Columbus? We're there right now.
  19. I was hoping to see a little effort from a guy trying to make an impression with a new team and raucous crowd. people thought the Gill trade was great because we got this guy as an add-on. He looks like a non- talented version of Bourque. Zero effort and jam. I'd rather see Enquit or palush.Or Darche. or even Gomez.
  20. You spend all year 1st saying we're a contender,then saying we're a winning streak away from making the playoffs,and then finally saying"if we didn't have injuries,markov,when Gomez gets going,we're one year away blah,blah,blah. This team sucks right now because of the management and fanboys who support every move they make.We can't even get a friggin real back-up goalie because our #1 will crap out. And you tell me to grow up. learn the game,son
  21. Very immature fans. Why hate every ex-hab. it's lame and shows a blatant lack of class/knowledge. Emelin 2 3 5 -7 223 hits 74 bs O'b 1 5 6 0 154 116 And O'b will fight. Not great,but not bad.
  22. I hope so because a team can nly have so many 3rd/4th liners, and 3rd pairing d-men. The major problem in this whole BG/PG regime is having players in positions they don't belong Pleks as #1 ctr Higgins 1st line lw Moen/Darche top 6 Gorges top 2-3 And many more.Their fanboys will blame injuries,but that's the regimes fault again for acquiring too many small players and overpaid older players.
  23. DD is twice the player Eller is. Keep DD and Pleks. Eller may have some value in a package
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