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  1. With all the free agents that have signed over the last couple of days I am pretty surprised that nobody signed Peter Mueller. Yes I know there is a major red flag concerning his health. But for a C/LW who is 6'2 200 pounds, 24 years old, and averaged more than half a point per game for his young career its pretty surprising. And add the fact he's also a former 8th overall pick who can be had for cheap, I think someone should have taken a chance by now. This is where you come in BERGEVIN, all though you only have 10 million in cap space left and have to resign Subban, Diaz, and Eller, you shou
  2. Pierre McGuire hands down would be my number 1 choice, the guy is a hockey genius has very good eye for talent, knows what it takes to win. Would do Montreal wonders to bring him in.
  3. As for many of you that heard by now, Pat Hickey from the gazette announced that the habs have put Plekanec on the market. Off course this could be another false rumor, and add the fact that Pleks agent came out and said he does not want to go anywhere and will not waive his ntc, then all this is bullshit. But yet i'd like to put my perspective of all this. Reading comments from hab fans regarding this story today, everyone seems to be against trading Pleks. My question is why not? I know he is one of our best and most reliable players, but people wake up! if we have chance to put him in a pa
  4. u can expect another disgusting game from the habs part
  5. Omg 19 years I was so far off what is the diffrence
  6. ya your right but we also didn't win the cup in the last 20 years either, its embarassing, I dont want the habs just to make the playoffs I want them to win the cup and take back their place at the throne where they should be.
  7. Honestly it's becoming really disgusting watching Montreal now a days I understand why Montreal loses games but them losing games while putting no effort or heart is a disgrace to this franchise, these players don the jersey of one of the greatest franchises in sports and all they are doing is taking a big fat shit on this team and not giving a damn about it whatsoever. Gauthier for the little time u have left as manager do this team right and get rid of these useless and horrible players in kaberle who can't play defense if his life depended on it on top of having no passion whatsoever for th
  8. Been reading a lot of reports online that the habs have some serious interest in carter. I read a report saying that an offer of Plekanec, Weber, Prospect danny Kristo and a 2nd and 4th round pick to columbus in exchange for Carter, and Derrick Brassard. I i'm kind of mixed on this kind of deal considering carters horrendous contract, but in a way it kind of makes sense for montreal considering both players are young and very good, and are 2 big body's as well. But this is a huge risk if such a deal exists. Well we'll have to wait and c come monday if carter will end up in montreal.
  9. There is no chance in hell the habs will be able to move gomez this season, they must wait for the offseason when his cap hit will go down to 5 million and hopefully trade him to a bottom feeder who need to add cap to reach the limit. that is your best bet of moving gomez, that or dump him in the minors.
  10. Anaheim would laugh in our faces if we proposed that.We may not even get one of those player with that proposal.And why the hell would you want to hang on to Darsche . I wouldn't mind Moen as a 4th liner,but definitely not 3rd line.Having a decent season(in UFA year) but look at his career and age. Why would they laugh in our faces again pk subban is the real prize in this trade you dont find 22 year old superstar d-man growing on trees these days, and especially Anaheim who have been starving for a dman. I look at it this way Subban and lets say a second rounder from cammalleri trade for Get
  11. Gotta tell you after reading the post of Lovetts Magnatone, of the proposed trade of Subban and Kostitsyn for Ryan sutter. Not only would we be raped but setback as well for another 3 years at the least. Yes I know Sutter is an excellent d-man but why in the hell would we make this trade when we have already a franchise d-man whose potential is through the roof, 5 years younger, and would be 3 million dollars cheaper for the next couple of years when resigned. I don't even want to talk about Kostitsyn because that just adds insult to injury by including him in this trade. If gauthier decides t
  12. According to Eklund from Hockeybuzz he just stated Roy coming to montreal may happen, I'm waiting for more to come out.
  13. I completely agree that JM should be fired, the man is simply not a winner, he is too much of a boring coach and doesnt seem to know when to make the neccesary ajustments when the team is slumping. Everybody is saying that their are few coaches out there who can lead this team to prominence. Guys forget Patrick Roy and Randy carlyle, their is one coach in my mind who can actually break through this fuking jinx of a stanley cup drought and that is Bob Hartley!!! The man is a winner plain and simple. He won the calder cup and had stanley cup, he took a team in the atlanta thrashers from the base
  14. Solid insurance addition for the backend
  15. Great signing by Gauthier allthough it was expected, it is a relief that this is done with. But have to point out that I am a bit disappointed with the ONE year he received, and even though gauthier got him at a bargain price of 2.5 million, this could possibly be the last year Gorges will be with the habs, considering all the effort and heart he put in into this team. Its a bit of an insult to find out that the reason why he got only a 1 year deal is because of his injury, gauthier the man is a heart and soul player and a flat out warrior. Just hope it doesn't cost us in the future.
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