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  1. We have the best PK so it evens out.B's were in the 20's last year and won it. So have a few others recently. I wouldn't mind keeping him as long as it was on the 4th line for sure. Not for top 9 at all
  2. B's,Pens,Rags and Flyers are doing OK.How many more injuries from questionable hits do we need. When you get manhandled by Buffalo,and then an Elias is running guys,there's a problem.And unfortunately we're no closer to the cup the the BJs. This lineup,minus Campoli,Gill and Moen,is what we'll see next year
  3. Anyone on the Habs capable of making him pay for it,or are we the only team that doesn't do that.
  4. Some troll and a few dirtbag minions were saying Darshe doesn't play on the PK. ROFL !
  5. That's what i'm saying. see what Conboy,Schultz or even Avtsin can do for a couple of games. They couldn't possibly be worse Soorry.I know he's yours (and PGs) type of player. Oh well
  6. Finally. now leave him on a line with Eller or Pleks. Don't waste him on the 4th line. Blunden needs to be on the 4th. Darsche-Enquist-Weber is as bad and useless a line as you'll ever see in NHL. 2 AHLers and a Dman. Moen-White Blunden 4th line works good .
  7. Everyone has a price,including Subban.You think he's the 5th best/most important player in the league/Bright future,but talk about overvaluing our players
  8. No the comment was to the people giving props for acquiring kaberle,and at the same time ripping Souray
  9. Pyatt and Halpern.Big deal,another couple of garbage players BG/PG acquired.Gill is the best 5-3 pker in the league. You're not getting a 1st for him or Moen. I see either your "posse" or alter egos/a.k.a's are out in full force this morning. Odd Your fave hab is Koivu? Do you know he hasn't been on the team in 3 years now?
  10. He bring nothing. Spineless,talentless.Can't skate,shoot,pass,hit,fight or even win faceoffs.
  11. That makes zero sense. It's the whole pk system. Even Darsche and Pyatt last year had great PK #'s and we know how bad they are.
  12. It was to the people that rip Souray and prop up Kaberle.
  13. We weren't knocked out in the 1st round ?What did i miss? We didn't get to the 2nd rd. I didn't say we got wiped out. We lost.Again It's pretty sad when this bunch gets intimidated by the likes of Kaleta,Gaustad and the soft,gutless Buffalo Sabres. At least go down with some pride,or get some players that will.
  14. I was just giving an example of a big #1 center. It's been 20-25 years since we had a guy with 5 seasons over 70 pts.You sound like it's a common occurence for us. We don't have one player on this team or in the system that's even capable of scoring 70 pts.It's seems forever since Kovy and Pleks did it
  15. You HAVE to be related to Gauthier. All you do is defend the guy despite the evidence before your very eyes. And Eller and Schultz for Halak ? A minor league goon and a potential,hopeful 3rd liner. I would have shopped for picks. Eller will just turn out to be another overrated Hab prospect.Look what Wash. got for Varlamov. And Gauthier DID NOT shop Halak to the full extent,just like he didn't with Camm. I never here about other GMs getting complained about for not shopping.
  16. "cheer for another team.". Usually these lame responses say "root for the leafs then". But they are better than us now. I've rooted for the Habs for 40 years,and if they suck i'll say they suck and demand change.And I won't waste my time and money watching them as much as I did. I should have at the start of last year along with 5 or 6 others
  17. I see Stall being top 5 again if paired with Cole and/or Pacs
  18. Out of season now,NFL and MLB but not an NBA fan. And soccer every 4 years for the WC.It's worse being a Hab fan now than back in the late 90's because of expanded cable and the internet,you get to witness the suckiness up close.And I still blame it 100% on the management,because I don't think we had to tank,but every good move we've made has been negated by a bad one. Imagine this current defense in a 7 game series vs. the B's,Flyers or Pens.
  19. Hammill is much better than Enquist. Why not leblanc,or even Conboy or Palushaj
  20. It was Cammalleri,and Koivu,Halak,Kovy and Souray before him. Why bother.It's Emelin now,if it's that important to you
  21. I do it for Eric Stall,but it would take more
  22. You got a group of people here that worship the groung PG/BG walk on,ignoring the fact about PG that we've gone fron ECF to 1st rd KO to 2 pts out of last,and we're worse off the ice than on
  23. You're right,Gleason signing was huge to up Gills value
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