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  1. Better hurry up and do it because his value is going to drop if he keeps playing like tonight Holmgrem isn't stupid. 2 UFA's and a smurfy dman. No contenders would even have room for all 3 of them at the same time.
  2. The problem is that we HAVE to bring him up because we either have no one else,or won't bring anyone else up.. Your smarter than that.
  3. Don't worry,next game we win,they'll start again with the calculations..Worst Hab team in 10+ years. Time for Molson to clean out the trash before the deadline
  4. "Murray then took over and drafted Getzlaf and Perry, signed selanne, got Penner and built the forwards. Burke then came in and really only made two major changes to the Ducks" So Goat was responsible for 95% of Anaheims roster,but not these 6 guys. Um,they don't get a sniff without Prong and Nieds,nevermind Murrays pickups
  5. It makes sense. A real contender would give up a huge payoff to get Cole. We arent close to being a contender ,so why even bother keeping him. In 2-3 years,we may not like his contract. Gio,we're stuck with. No NHL GM is taking that contract
  6. You must be happy on our standing then. But then again lets give someone else a chance for a low seed.Kumbaya and all that.
  7. The guy is a total stiff,and that's the best we got in a supposed "must win" game. He's the most useless sack of you know what to don the sweater since the late 90's.Which fits well as this is the worst team since then.Blunden ? Diaz? Kaberle? Campoli ?Darsche?Nokie? Really ?
  8. Dominated at home by a piece of crap buffalo team. please fire PG/BG now,and don't let them get anywhere near the deadline deals. How/why did this organization get a bunch of Ottawa rejects in the management. It only took you 50 games to realize that ?
  9. Yes,and the better a GM hindsight is the better their team is.How is he worth the wait ? Especially this year. Even if by some miracle he return to his old form the next 2 years,it wasn't worth it. it will be 2 very good years for $30m total.
  10. I'll be happy with getting some 2nds or 3rds back. We have no one worthy of a 1st who's approaching UFA. We could always get a 1st,2nd and a blue chipper if we want to trade Cole to a contender.
  11. He had a superstar contract. Everyone (except Gainey) knew that the Rags WAYYY overpaid for him. I bet we could have acquired a blue chip prospect,instead of giving one up,to take that ridiculous contract off Sathers hands
  12. A real team player,always stuck up for his teammates.I think alot of the "doves" here didn't like the way he stuck up for Koivu and the goalies.Too tough.To all of PG's fanboys: I'd take Souray over Kaberle anytime.He wasn't a great dman,but not as bad as they say,and no worse than Kab. And he set the record for PP goals by a dman.
  13. The poster child with everything that's wrong with this organization. Hey,at least it's a "big" center.
  14. So he's been paid appx. $19 m over the last 3 yrs. to play 45 games.Would have been a different team if we had a real and playing franchise Dman,which is what that gets you.
  15. That's true it works both ways. Do we even have a set SO lieup? It changes every game.It's amazing how bad our forwards are in the SO even though many are suppose to be so "skilled"
  16. I would consider keeping Moen IF he was slotted for 4th line duties next year with White and a Thornton,Neil,Rupp type.It would be a great 4th line you could play for 10/min/gm and fill numerous roles. Moen averages 15pts/80gms over his career,and once again shows the complete ineptness of the Gainey/Gauthier regime that he's been in the top 9 this year,and even in the top 6 last year.I can't imagine any contender having a player like that in the top 6 or 9. He's a great 4th liner,just like Pleks being a great #2 ctr,expected to be #1
  17. It goes much deeper than the coaching staff imo.But PK isn't a star yet,though he's treated like one.
  18. WTF does one player being more physical have to do with the other player being better and/or getting a bigger check.And if it's paycheck you're going by,then you're saying Gomez is our top player,and one of the best in the league. I respect that opinion of yours,but I disagree with it.
  19. No,every deal I propose is worthy to me. And of course Eller and Kristo aren't equal. Eller is still a prospect. Stall is an established star,#1 center,though having an off year. Eller may become better than Stall.And P.K may become better than Bobby Orr. Very much doubt both things happening.
  20. Do you realize that in the Habs illustrious history,that Lats scored more goals than any other Hab EVER before the age of 20? He had a great season for the Wild after the trade,but has been hampered by injuries. Pouliot is playing alot of key minutes with the Cup champs,and is always going to the dirty areas. I'd rather have Pouliot than Darsche and I still believe he has an upside.After we acquired him he was our best forward for 20 games until he hurt his wrist.
  21. He really needs to work on his SO skills.Those loser points are always the difference between teams making playoffs/home ice etc.
  22. Cole thought his penalty was a "selfish" play and basically said so.We all know he's our best prospect,but you can't deny he's making many,many idiotic mistakes. He's got a full playoff and 1 1/2 season under his belt. He's doing things he never did before.
  23. Because Moen is a better player. Begin had more hits/gm than Moen ever did,and there's no doubting that Begin played every game 110%,with more energy than most players in the league not just Moen. Like with the Price/Halak crowd,just because you say one player is better at something,doesn't mean your dissing the other player. I think Halak is a better goalie,but I also think Price is very good. Not an insult,just opinion.What a bunch of sensitive fans
  24. You don't understand. How can you sign a big $$ dmen in the off season if your not sure of Markov status.
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