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  1. Gone from an ECF finalist to a 1st rd. KO to last in the east.That's not progress.He dumped alot of big players last year,and now he's trying to get bigger?Other than a vocal minority on some blogs,there isn't one former player/analyst or scout that doesn't think he's done a horrific job.And wouldn't a 4th for Steckel be better than the "brilliant" move in picking up Betts.That was a joke that still hurts us,not having a key faceoff guy or adequate 4th line ctr.
  2. You comment,agree with everything he posts.I would bet you two are one in the same ,posting as two different people. Get a life Comm. And I predicted signing the 3 amigos would be a disaster in 2-3 years,i said we needed toughness,and back in Sept. i said this was the worst Hab team since 2001. My opinions and predictions are sooo much better than any "knowledge" you have.
  3. Weber has also scored some key goals,and he is younger. Benching him in this lost season makes no sense.having two similar small dmen on this small/soft defense once again shows the ineptness of PG/BG
  4. That post makes too much sense for the pro PG gang here. He had NOTHING to do with the Bruins winning the cup. Through the 1st 3 rounds their PP was around 7%. He accumalated all his points in a couple of blow-outs in the finals. He was 6th in playing time by far,and would have been benched if there were any other options.For anyone to even mention his contributions compared to Chara shows a severe lack of hockey IQ It was a joke.The Caps would never move hamr for Kabby
  5. Too big of a gamble with a salary cap.If we see him at all this year,it will be playing for Russia in the WC's. Time to cut bait.
  6. Andrea is the softest thing I've seen in a Habs uniform.Totally sucked and irrelevant. This just shows the total lack of depth in this organization,thanks to the "braintrust". Andrea played like someone from the womens team. Why not Leblanc?
  7. I agree,i'd keep Weber. More upside,a little more physical(not saying much) and younger. Won't get much more than a 3rd for Weber or 4th for Diaz imo.
  8. Wahhhhhh. Cry me a river. The management signed all these small players who get hurt.Sign old players that get hurt.Sign players that are already hurt. Injuries aren't a factor this year. Pitt and Philly have as many if not more injuries,and to key players than we do. Friggin excuse making whining makes me sick.You are what you are
  9. You should say " If we had Markov AND he was still the player he was THREE years ago ". Markov hasn't played a full season since 08-09. How do you know he wouldn't just be a shell of himself. A healthy Wiz is better (and grittier) then a one legged Markov. And sorry,but $17m+ was too big of a gamble. We paid him $13m the last two years for nothing.If he wasn't going to sign for 1 year or a discount after that,than screw him.
  10. Washington needs PP help. How about Kaberle for Hamrlik ? We save cap space,term and get a guy that can actually play 5 on 5 hockey
  11. Meanwhile ,despite all the ifs and buts,we are tied for last in the East thanks to inept management ,which is led by Gauthier,the worst GM in the NHL.Size doesn't matter if you don't have toughness to go with it. We got bigger with players you mentioned,but after losing Laps,Pouliot,Mara and O'byrne
  12. Entertaining yes. The W-L record tells me not as competetive. Still too many no show performances and 3rd period collaps. I don't like JM,but as i stated,he can get the most out of a mediocre to crappy team
  13. You spend alot of time here trolling my posts and trying to bait me.Get a life dude,stop acting like a nosy old lady
  14. If we do trade PK,which i hope we don't,it has to be with a new management team in place. I don't trust any of these guys to do anything better than a lateral/sideways move,that keeps us mid-pack for another 5,10-20 years
  15. No B.S, I really don't like any of his moves. 2nd for Wiz was good,but we lost him,Gorges could have been signed cheaper and less term, Cole is our best player this year,but I have the feeling we won't be happy with that in 2 years.Those are his "best" 3 moves imo.Every other move either left me,meh feeling,or I hated/hate them.My opinion.Just for one,you think Campoli was a solid move when the like of O'Brien and Vandermeer were available. Or bidding against ourselves for Markov. 1 year yes,but THREE !!
  16. 6 out of 10 for the rest of the season won't do it.That'll get us to around 88pts. i don't want to go in like that.We are 2 points out of last BTW.
  17. Not overly impressed,he did nothing to solve his goaltending issues and actually let Mike Smith go,who seemed to be a pretty good young player. They've had a ton of injuries also,especially with quality d-men.
  18. The M.O of a person who loses an argument: Name-Calling. I should have pointed out the Habs of the mid 80's were the 2nd most liked team in in the 40 years I've watched.Troll and bait someone else.
  19. This can't be a serious post. The majority of those moves were awful,and you are in a small minority approving the job PG has done or approving the majority of those moves. Those moves have contributed to our place in the standings.We are a bottom feeder because of these moves and the immediate future is stalled with cap srangling and immovable contracts. Horrible,horrible management.As bad as any in the NHL
  20. JM is a great coach for sub-par teams. Like ours. he would also do well with Columbus,NYI Edm. etc. There's a reason he is in the top 10 in regular season wins,but also has a losing playiff record and has coached more games than any coach in HISTORY to never reach the finals. Mediocre
  21. Have you seen the standings and our roster lately? LOL he's awesome
  22. Two other things. I don't like cheap shots at all,no matter who commits them. But I wasn't too upset watching the Flyers cheap shot the B's for much of the game yesterday.And for those that remember the Habs of the 80's,who are very much loved by their fans,had lineups with Nilan,Kordic,Momesso,Corson,Maley, Rooney,Hunter Ludwig,Lemieux,Mcphee and Chelios off thr top of my head. Not the cleanest bunch of guys.Probably the toughest Hab teams ever.And like I said were probably the most favored Habs edition besides the 70's dynasty
  23. He still is the only Hab coach with a winning record,and a COY finalist,in the last 15 years.I still say he was on the long list that got screwed by BG
  24. You do know that Harry Sinden was the architect of "The Big Bad Bruins",and after that tried to beat the Habs in the 70's by matching O'reilly,Jonathan,Milbury and Wensink to go after the Lafleurs,mahovlichs et.al. The guy is the biggest hypocrite and has always talked out of both sides of his mouth.Much worse than Cherry,Burke or all the others hated here. Talking about the 70's/80's,you don't think Probert,Schultz,Kocur,Nilan etc. knew how to fight. They fought 20/30+ times a year while todays enforcers fight much less. I do agree that i liked fighting much,much better when it was 2 guys under 200lbs that didn't really hurt each other,instead of oversized or steroid fed guys we have now.
  25. Keep in mind though that our PK has been great this year,so as bad as the pp has been,the PK evens that out.
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