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  1. Like I said,loser mentality,doesn't show up in big games or playoffs.Too inconsistent and after 5 years he is what he is.Plus with Bourque now aboard longterm that 2 similarily inconsistent but talented players.I don't want to give him away,but there's a reason his value isn't that high
  2. The Cammi deal will be awful.He had 36 points in 27 playoff games. he wasn't brought here to be a two-way player. We have 4 years of a guy that makes AK look consistent,he'll be 34 when his contract runs out. Cammi was right,this has turned into a losers mentality and the fans that applaud PG's moves are a big part of it. Every win,they start calculating playoff chances. Can I have your crystal ball that says Bournival WILL be a 3rd line center.He's gritty playing against 17-18 yr old boys.See what happens vs men.Plus we already have a bunch of 3rd line centers in the organization.O'Byrne,though nothing special,would still be more valuable to us as a tough 3rd pairing Dman with size than Weber,Diaz or Campoli.
  3. How about that he's out for the year and has 2 years left at $5m per when his highest offer other than the Habs was $4m
  4. And you thought that slewfoot was a good,tough hockey play? he's turning into a punk and needs to be straightened out asap. he's too good to be like that,and is the #1 player talent in this organization (Sorry Carey fans)
  5. I agree with all that from what I saw on TV. The biggest disappointment was Bourque,who played as advertised:invisible at times and a force when he wants to. last night was the invisible part to the point where he didn't earn a single ot shift.And we have another 4 years of this ? We didn't need to trade Cammi to get a Bourque. Torres as a UFA last summer @$2m/yr would have been as good. Cammi was the best of the 3 amigos we signed,and was a true playoff star.Wouldn't help this year,but the next 2.
  6. Subban needs a mentor. Seems like all the players bad-mouthing him were right. It WASN'T RACISM like some freaks were suggesting. He's turned into a slew-footing,trash-talking,coach-arguing turtle.Top 5 talent,but bottom 5 brain
  7. Randy is a perfect coach for us if tanking is the plan.His lineup decisions,PP input and SO decisions show that. he shouldn't waste his time learning French. He won't be back
  8. Timmins ? Another part that has to go. Leblanc is the only draftchoice in the last 4 that have even dressed in the NHL Every time he plays his value drops.Face it,he's here for the season,taking developmental time from Weber,Diaz,Or Nash/StDenis in Hamilton
  9. He gets his first goal in 13 games,during the most desperate time of the year and you want him for 4-5 years. Doesn't take much to make some people happy.Maybe we should extend gomez because he had a couple of decent games. The same fans who are ecstatic about the yearly 8th place finish. AK is high up on the list of guys with a loser mentality.
  10. Roy ? Just what we need,an undersized,overpaid injury prone player.Next joke.
  11. Absolutely!. Alot of jealousy around Habland.
  12. It's his body of work over 5 years that I don't like,including his lack of playoff success.i don't like the fact that an individual was placed above the team, and the entitlement that he's enjoyed w/o earning it,ever since we shipped Huet out at the deadline .Now we get lousy backups so he doesn't have to earn his spot. BTW halak is 10-0-3 w/ 4 SO since Nov. 22,and had better stats the whole time they were here on the same team.
  13. These are some moves since the lockout that shows the disparity of the B's vs Habs Mgmnt Julien coach-Fire Carbo hire JM $30m for Markov-$30m for Chara Draft Maxwell @ 49-Lucic goes 50 Acquire Weber,Diaz,Campoli-McQuaid,Seidenberg,Boychuk Acquire Gomez- M.Savard " Halpern-Horton Eric Cole is a great signing. I guarantee in 2 years we'll be bashing that. Remember how much everyone loved the "little 3" signings. I said at the time it was too much $ and term.
  14. Price has blown many games with soft goals and lack of shootout success.Cole has been our best player.Gomez won't be bought out until the end of next year.Trading Weber gets you a 4th or 5th rder.How does that help? I'd rather trade Diaz,at least Weber is a little physical. Kaberle? Unless BG gets hired somewhere else,your dreaming if you think anyone takes on that idiotic contract.Trading AK is just addition by subtraction.He has less value than you think.
  15. You say that PG is such a good GM,and then you point out we have no defense(one of the softest in NHL history imo) and that this team has a ton of problems.Under PG this team has undoubtedly gotten worse. You go by your love of the individuals,I look at the standings,the eye test,the lack of pasiion most nights,and the personnel moves that have made us a laughingstock.
  16. BG experience was with a Stars team with no cap and money to burn.I don't understand why he never really acquired any players that played with the heart and determination that he did.Koivu was basically the only one and he never got him any power forwards like he said he was going to.
  17. You're in a very,very small minority as a gauthier supporter. look at the standings,LOL. Gauthier was Gaineys asst for 6 years,and now BG is Gauthiers "advisor" for the last two. They both need to go.
  18. Another rumor. Nobody wants Gomez,cap floor or not.And if any part of it was true we'd have to give up a high draft choice and take a smaller and bad contract back
  19. McGuire is one of the best analysts out there and has many good relationships with hockey people. That said, I don't want him as GM.None of us here have any idea how Roy,Damphousse or any of these candidates who've never been GM will do.I have no idea who I'd want as GM,but definitely not Martin,who I fear is a top candidate for Molson
  20. And I can say that with Halak ,the team would be playing better with more confidence and would be comfortably in a playoff position. You don't know and neither do I. It's my opinion that Price is insanely overrated and a fact he hasn't won anything in the NHL and especially hasn't stolen a playoff series for us. I could argue that he blew the series vs. Boston last year with a couple of boneheaded puck handling plays
  21. Going to agree to disagree. He says that about Koivu,then dumps him and acquires Gomez. A PG-type move. Offers Komi almost the same $$ as TO did. And then dumps Carbo in almost the same manner as Jm got dumped.They were/are awful GMs and have worked together for 8+yrs
  22. We are battling for 2nd to last place,5 pts ahead,lol. I said Price is an above average goalie,which to his fanboys is like saying he sucks. he's not great and has never done anything in the NHL to prove any greatness. And his 8-15 playoff record and 1-3 series record can't be ignored
  23. I half kiddingly predicted back in Sept/Oct we would acquire Kaberle and JM becoming GM.That would be the worse thing that could happen.Especially his "toughness is overrated" philosophy
  24. Not as foolish as you do sticking up for this laughingstock organization the Habs have become.Pleks is about the only player on the team with a mean streak. And he has lost that.There are many players frustrated with this organization. Get the blinders off.
  25. Be careful,you named 3 Euros and the Xenophoe police will be on you. I'll cut Pleks some slack as he seems to be just totally frustrated with the organization,and rightly so.it's a pretty disjointed team,as bad as I've seen since the Houle years.
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