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  1. Only took 60+ games in a lost season of the 8 year BG/PG plan . And are we really much bigger than the past ? Diaz,Campoli,Kab,as new additions don't strike me as big. And Bourque has some size,but rarely uses it.I'll give big props for getting Staubitz,but I doubt he's here next year.Just in the last year we've dumped Laps,Mara,Sopel,O'byrne,Gill, AK,Pouliot(who is the same physical player as Bourque).Also added Emelin.So no,I say we haven't gotten bigger.
  2. We need to be more patient with Emelin. Great physical player that we've sorely lacked since Komi. One of my faves,BUT,he makes a ton of rookie mistakes,as much or more than O'Byrne ever made. It also hasn't helped that he's been paired with garbage like Camp,Kab,Diaz and Weber. definitely a top 4 candidate in another year or two Timmins needs to go as much as PG and BG. Other than LL,we don't have one NHL player in the last 4 drafts. And does he ever draft a big/tough/gritty forward.
  3. I find the Staubitz/ White version of the habs ALOT more interesting and entertaining,than the Darche/Nokie/Palush/Enquist versions. If Moen comes back it makes for a real 4th line.
  4. We're finishing 27th-29th regardless of a couple of wins. that's what we are. right now.
  5. I don't live in Canada,and I never really considered the Leafs a rivl. They've always sucked to much to be relevant. i hope we aren't heading in that direction
  6. Wow, is this Price worship everywhere. Say one thing negative about OUR CAREY and everyone comes out.
  7. Great shift by DD at the end,and who is in front waiting for the pass at the end ? Campoli.LOL. Cunny is either too obvious with the tank effort,or as bad a coach as we've ever had here.
  8. I don't hate the Leafs,and Leafs/ habs games have been anythin but emotional the last couple of years
  9. He stunk on the 3rd and 4th goal. He's as guilty as anyone else for this poor season. Never steals a game and has killed us many times with bad goals
  10. I actually wanted them to win,since it was an emotionally charged game.
  11. Blowing a 4-1 lead to the Wild in the last couple of minutes.Another low point. Boo'em off the ice
  12. Pleks,Gio and Cammi said the same. their opinion matters more than martin,gauthier or the vocal minority of pacifist fans
  13. Garbage pairing. I can't remember ever disliking a Hab more than Campoli.Isn't there someone in Hamilton that we can give some NHL time to ( Nash,St.denis ? )
  14. It's strange that only 1 ,if that, N.A forward is listed in the top 20 prospects.
  15. Staubitz did more for the habs and was more useful in his first game than any of the minor league call-ups have done all year.it's about time we had someont to stick up for the players
  16. You're right,just going by another post I read. He was resigned for 2yr$/1.6 as a FA I assume, in July 2010,which means he must be an upcoming UFA if not re-signed
  17. Wow, good comparative stats. Didn't realize that. This may not be the best atmosphere to have a 20 yr old bluechip prospect up here. It's getting ugly. Hopefully we'll be rid of alot of these deadbeats before Sept starts.
  18. I couldn't believe the Rags picked him up for a 4th rder. Could have been ours.But then Darche would have been out.
  19. Agreed,and that should go in to next year also. Keep in mind Pleks,Gionta and Cammi all said at various times that they either: liked seeing BGL on the bench,and/or that the lineup needed toughness/enforcer,even before the infamous "Boston beatdown". Only JM and the anti-fighting "doves" disagreed.
  20. Money talks. And the Habs have plenty of it. Give them Gomez-type money.Gio came here because we offered him almost $10m more than anyone else
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