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  1. True,wish I was too. Instead of being in the cold Northeast watching this crap.
  2. Does anyone remember a top 6 forward,who gets some pp time,ever having less than 10 assists in a full season. Bourque has 5 so far
  3. So I see that Molson,Boivin jr.,BG and PG are all here in Fla. Scary times for this franchise.
  4. I never look forward to players that give up the puck to avoid hits. Diaz wouldn't be as bad if he was surrounded by a big defense. Not getting into the Kab debate. Liked by 50% on here,a joke to the other 99% of the hockey world
  5. Worst Habs team in 40 years of watching. By the end of the season their record will be comparable to the late 90's version.
  6. Campoli,Kaberle,Diaz and Weber is as bad a combo as it could ever get. #1 reason for us sucking. No doubt about it. You should never have more than one of those type of guys in your 6/7 man rotation,never mind all 4
  7. Very important to see what he can do.
  8. It depends on what your definition of a 1st line ctr is. Pleks averages around 58 pts/yrs. And on pace for that again. That said,he may be the Habs best all around player.
  9. Yeah,he was over White's weight class,like most fighters are. We need Schultz and/or a bigger tough player to complement White. He took a little beating there. And Gomez sucks. Nice play at the end of the period.#1 on the all-time Habs "dog" list
  10. I'd like to see us bring Schultz ,St. Denis and maybe even give Henry a callup(a reward for a loyal soldier) among others.It would make the last 20 games worth watching. It's hard watching a Fla/Mtl game when we're in contention,never mind now that we're dead
  11. So does Moen have any value now because of his injury? There is no way we keep hi. Everyon was very unsatisfied with his first two years here,and then he turned it on in his contract year. He's 30,which is getting up there for a 3rd-4th line grinder. He can easily be replaced this summer by a cheaper and younger UFA.
  12. Sometimes hands on owners can be a good thing. Look at the Patriots,Yankees and Mavericks in their respective sports.Sometimes. This may offend PGs fanboys(I also saw that term on another board). but there are many fans that could do a better job with building a roster and contracts than him. Or Gainey for that matter.
  13. Since last year, Chiarelli and Neely are on weekly in Boston's local sports radio show ,for 10-20 min. That didn't hurt them last year,did it ? How was that article nonsense?
  14. You don't think Eller,Gorges and our #1 pick could land us a star player? It wouldn't be as bad for us because we should have a bunch of 2nds coming in and the defense we have coming up. We don't have much for offense in the system,besides a few unproven smurfs(Gallagher,Kristo etc.)and nothing in Hamilton.
  15. Is it true that Pierre Boivin's son is head of Player personnel ? I read that somewhere today. President Molson Dir play pers Boivin GM Gauthier "Special Adv" Gainey It's no wonder we're in last and if those above positions stay the same,then we haven't seen anything yet.
  16. Bottom line is that Cammi is a much more talented player than Bourque could ever hope to be. Where is the Bourque that I heard is big,tough,physical and uses his size? I'm seeing the one that all of Calgary talked about.A lazy floater who every once in a while shows flashes. Like I said,I would have rather kept Cammi for 2 years,than this slug for 4. Even though we won't make the playoffs this year, we have a chnace to make it the next two. Even though we are or should be sellers,there is no reason we couldn't go after a Bobby Ryan or getzlaf(if we can extend him). Eller,Gorges and picks could do it.
  17. Anything to boost the entertainment or effort these deadbeats have been putting forth
  18. That all said,I would still rather get a draft choice
  19. Playoffs is where it's about. not a meaningless december game. THE LAST 4 YEARS WE HAVE BEEN K.O'D IN THE PLAYOFFS BY EITHER BOSTON OR PHILLY.That's our experience wth them.
  20. I'd rather see them kick the tires of Dorsett
  21. Our defense has 4 players that are soft as butter.Diaz,Weber,Kaberle and Campoli. That's a very bad formula to win in the NHL. Especially after our experiences with Boston and Philly. Totally inept management
  22. I've read Radulov is a head case. After the experiences we've had with AK,SK, Grabs,Perezhogin,Valentenko, Emelin and even Kovy most of his tenure,coincidence or not,Montreal just doesn't seem to fit with the Russian area players.They seem fine every other place
  23. 3-4 goals in the last 30ish games doesn't enhance anyones value.
  24. I just thought that as soon as I laid eyes on Diaz, saw the Campoli signing,and that markov may not be ready, i knew this team was going to be at best,in their yearly battle for 8th,at worst 10th. I never dreamt we would be this bad.The heading of this thread is right on. What a disgrace!
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