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  1. I would be happy with a second rounder from a bottom half/third team for DD but I d be more willing to give DD plus a 3rd if the pick we got back was a first rounder. As for trading him before the new contract kicks in, I dont really see that being a problem. From the player standpoint Im sure that they re aware and understand that they can be traded at any time providing that they dont have a no trade claus. To address dlbalr's point I would still do the deal in 6 weeks. The return could be that much higher if DD is on a tear.
  2. I dont think it a great fit for Calgary either, espescially if its going to be cammy and dd 1 & 2 at C. However, if they were interested in dd the only thing I would want from CGY is draft picks. DD for their 2nd rounder or possibly DD and our second rounder for their 1st rounder. With the team calgary has it is more than likely that they ll be picking in the top 10
  3. Just curious where were you able to find the videos?
  4. I enjoyed the article as well. It would be great if PK settled for a more cap friendly deal that allowed the team more flexibility down the road. However, no matter what he signs for he will deserve it. Even if its 8 mill per for 8 years I'm sure it will be looked at as a affordable deal in the final 4 years. When he signs the new contract it will say a lot about MB's negotiation skills, to see if he really sold PK on the bridge deal and did a good job maintaining the relationship or if he played hardball and forced it on him. One tactic I would like to see the Habs use as one of the richest organizations in the NHL would be to reduce the annual cap hit by offering roughly half the contract value as a signing bonus. As far as I understand, the cap hit is the average annual value of the contract. 8 years at 7 mill per is a 56 million dollar contract and the only way I really see him signing at that price is if there is a bunch of the cash up front, say a 26 million signing bonus. That way we could save 0.5 - 1 million off the cap for the next 8 seasons.
  5. Since this thread seems to be shifting largely to discussing the PK bridge deal. Its pretty obvious to see in hindsight that the bridge deal was a mistake and we could have saved about 2 million in cap hit for 5-6 years but at the time I remember a lot of people being happy with MB for not giving into the pressure and giving PK what at the time was perceived as BIG money and term for such a young player. Even though a lot of people, myself included though that PK would one day win a Norris I don't think anybody thought it would happen quite so soon. You could also argue that the bridge deal could have given PK and extra incentive to work hard and prove himself. So for me the question is now when do you start the negotiations on the next contract? Should MB try and sign him asap to avoid potential offer sheets and the general inflation that occurs as more and more precedents are set (which are often viewed as over payments) or should he wait until next summer and take an extended look at PK to see if he maintains the developmental and production pace of last season? Also have to factor in that he is at as high a value point as possible having just won the Norris. IMHO I would try and sign PK sooner rather then later. It shows good faith and confidence in him from the organisation and is a reward for being a team player and accepting the bridge deal. I think if we sign him as soon as this summer we could get him for 7-7.5 over and 8 years deal but if he has another year like last season even if he doesn't win the Norris again I think his deal could go north of 8 mill per, especially with the danger of an offer sheet. On the other hand, I don't really see his eventual contract value going any lower than 7 mill per even if he does have some decline in point production from last year or sustains a long term injury.
  6. I dont have any problem with the contract. 3.5 /year for a guy that will likely put up 50-60pts is a bargain, and for that he could easily be moved for something. The problem as I see it, is his weakness on the defensive side of the game. That by default means that he can really only play the role of a 1st or second line center. I know his +/- isnt terrible but stats dont tell the whole story and watching him play its easy to see he struggles in our own end, in part due his sive imho. I think most people would agree that true contending teams cant afford to have one of their top two centers being a defensive liability especially given the amount of ice time they account for. The problem is amplified in the playoffs where the physical intensity is much higher and there are a higher percentage of goals being scored close to the net which has resulted in lower offensive numbers for DD, 1 assist and 3 shots in 5 games vs the Sens. I beleive DD does have value though with his good hockey sense, strong play making ability and he is not as easily knocked off the puck as you would guess for someone his size, he just cant knock other people off the puck. As already suggested on, I think the only way he has a long term future with the team is if he is moved to the wing. Patches Galchenyuk Gallagher DD Eller Gionta Briere Pleck Bourque Moen White Prust This lineup is not the most ideal but given the pieces we have i dont think any one combination would be perfect. The team is definitely not ready to win it all next year but in a couple of years when Galchenyuk has hopefully developed into a true number one C these will not all be the same pieces and I think DD is one if the most likely to be moved.
  7. I looking for the same with no luck. If anyone knows where it can be streemed that would be awesome
  8. I would love to see the habs add Bickle or Clarkson up front, Especially Bickle. Im not sure how easy he d be to sign though. Chicago has roughly 6.5 million in cap space with 20 players already signed and I dont see Bickle getting much more than $4 million per, he might even take a discount to stay in Chicago seeing as they just won the cup so its a great place to play and they re going to be good for at least a few more years. On D id like to see the habs get a player like Mark Fistric. Hes got good size at 6,2, 230, he finished with 88 hits in 25 games as well as a plus 6 rating and he would probably come at a very affordable rate. Good guy in the 5-6 spot and you can never have too much depth on Defence. As for Jagr, I would take him if the price was right. Watching him play in the playoffs he looked like he can still contribute even though hes lost some speed. He has great puck protection and possession skills and makes smart plays and timely passes. However Im not sure how long you would want him around and for a team like that habs that a still a few years from being a true contender that might not be the best for the development of the team, better to give the ice time to guys that will still be in in 2-3 years time.
  9. I'd love to see mtl pick up bj crombeen from Tampa. Still under contract for 2 more years at 1.15 million per year. Good addition to the bottom six and adds good toughness for the playoffs and future. Probably won't cost a ton either.
  10. Totally shocked when I saw this. Hopefully it leads to corey perry down the line. Getzlaf is good too, but we re looking pretty set at center for the future with DD, pleck, eller and galchenyuck
  11. I cant believe McGuire is'nt getting suppport! He has worked with and was personally endorsed by Scotty Bowman who is likely still the greatest hockey mind alive. He is on the radio daily with TSN 990 and every time I hear him he proves to me that he has in depth knowledge of basically every player in the league as well the young prospects and players outside the league. Further more listening to him speak make it very clear that he has an impeccable work ethic and dive to win and he knows what it take to get the job done all while bringing professionalism and class to the organization. I'm sure that if McGuire does not become our GM he will go on to great success with another organization at some point down the road and on top of it all he's bilingual and a Montreal Native!
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