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  1. A friend of mine mentioned that the American teams don't sell tickets to Canada... so you would have to have other arrangements to get the tickets (i.e. a friend in the states, or, scalpers at an elevated price).
  2. Ran into JMMR after the game tonight while I was big pimpin' hahaha Also saw Kirk Muller pass by BEAMING - probably on his way to Hurleys or something.
  3. LOL A friend of mine actually picked him (as a joke) to score the winner tonight. too funny
  4. Cammalleri - Gomez - Gionta Pouliot - Plekanec - A. Kostitsyn Moen - Moore - S. Kostitsyn Pyatt - Metropolit - Lapierre Markov - Subban/O'Byrne Hamrlik - Spacek Gill - Gorges Price I'd call up Subban - but I don't think we'll see that happen unless Habs go down 3-1. Even then, that'd be like saying, "You're our last hope. Save us!" and I don't think that would be fair to throw him into the fire. He'll be there next season...
  5. I've got my own playoff game to play tonight, so, going to miss this one. I'll be wearing my lucky red Habs' shorts for my game though... I wore them Game 1, and we won... didn't wear them Game 2, we lost. Putting it to the test tonight!
  6. Is it just me or did the camera stay on Cammalleri way too long - maybe thinking he was Plek? (#13 / #14... easy to confuse). RDS same problem (same camera...). Also, RDS had announced Cammalleri as the goal scorer on screen. Either way, great vid because of the caption at the end regarding the Theo/Tomas Jagr joke.
  7. I just ate too much Kraft Dinner, too fast.
  8. I'll have to find my bill and see how much time I have to get it back in. I'm not sure that I'll be gaming that much, actually... but I use my X360 to watch movies, listen to music, etc.
  9. That would be awesome. However, it just started working again. It randomly red rings, then after a bit, poof it's back.
  10. Sooo, uhhh... How do I go about fixing red rings of death? Q1, Q3, & Q4
  11. So is it just me, or does 'Dom' look a lot more like Marcus? I was under the impression that whoever the bearded guy was is actually a new character - Marcus' brother maybe? - especially considering the line at the end of the clip "Brothers to The End" or wtv. Excited Anya is the potential new character here, I've been waiting for her to get involved. I hope Hoffman is still in it though - he's my MP character lol.
  12. No joke, way before I got an Xbox 360, I saw the first GOW trailer and I was in love. It's one of the main reasons I went with X360 at the time - and I really had no idea what the game was about or anything. It was definitely the right choice, lol.
  13. One bad game for sure. Impossible not to against Washington. It will take two bad games before Price gets a shot though.
  14. I forgot how much I love Gears of War. I should play some now that school's just about done. They always have these awesome trailers to boot.
  15. Just finished my fiction story re-write. Worth a good portion of my final grade. Ohhh boy.
  16. So... when does the game go? Wed or Thurs?
  17. okay, says they're all sold out on my screan now (grey & blue that is).. so I'm out. I'll have to be more on top of things for round 2.
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