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  1. I just want a pair of blues for Game 6
  2. crap, I'm late to the party. If I only entered the room now, I'm screwed, right?
  3. Looks like a solid pickup. Any news on David Fisher?
  4. Forwards: A. Kostitsyn - Plekanec - Cammalleri Pouliot - Gomez - Gionta Moen - Moore - S. Kostitsyn Bergeron - Lapierre - Darche Defence: Markov - O'Byrne Hamrlik - Spacek Gill - Gorges Starter: Price
  5. Wow, 4 point night for Desharnais. 3 for Trotter, 2 for P.K. Not bad at all!
  6. yeah... but we all know someone else is gonna get injured and this whole idea of having a full roster will be void.
  7. Pyatt will be demoted once Cammy or Bergeron come back. When they're both back, it really comes down to what you need... Lapierre/Darche play if the team needs grit and hard-workers... but if Martin feels he needs the PP weapon in Bergeron, one of Lapierre/Darche will be up in the pressbox.
  8. I miss Rivet... especially now that I see Darche out there wearing #52.
  9. We need the win, but I'll be cheering on Koivu everytime he hits the ice.
  11. Looking forward to cheering against Markov tonight... is that weird? Canada > Habs > Russia
  12. WE WANT RUSSIA!!!! Common, this is the game everyone wanted to see. Yea, it's coming a little early, but it's coming!!! I'm pumped... I know it's going to be entertaining. I'm just hoping Russia doesn't run up the score early on (I obviously wouldn't mind Canada running up the score though...)
  13. Anyone know where I can find a link to watch the game... PM me!!!
  14. This should be an "other than hockey" poll, lol.
  15. Moore = or < Metropolit. Metropolit is old. Moore is young. Both are UFA's at season's end. Metropolit is having a relatively good year. Relatively good years = moar moneyz Moore is having a relatively crappy year. Relatively crappy years = less moneyz Who do ya keep at season's end?
  16. Meanwhile... who in the world is Roman Polak @ #3? lol
  17. I think the Habs are doing the right thing by keeping Subban down in the AHL to let him really develop without the interruption of coming to the NHL, getting high on himself, hitting a slump, and then never recovering. Let him dominate down in the A and really build his confidence, and his game. He's doing really well down there, but there will be bad games, strings of bad games, that he'll need to learn to accept and play through. I'm definitely excited to see him up in the NHL, but he'll be that much the better player if they do the right thing with his development - a la Tomas Plekanec.
  18. Psycing

    Amuse Me!

    Thank you Trizz, you made my year. Seriously, Twenty-Ten has already attained the level of awesome with that post.
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