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  1. Off Petry's stick. Dang. Well hopefully that gets him going in regards to scoring on the opposition net...
  2. Danault was pretty obviously holding Matthews' stick.
  3. Campbell seems locked in. Habs shooters seem a bit tight. Might need a garbage goal to break the dam.
  4. Yes, because you can shelter Romanov and still have no idea what he's gonna do on any given shift. He's been in a feedback loop of struggles for week trying to do too much every game. He was given all the time in the regular season to figure it out and he didn't. With Merrill you know he's not gonna overreach his abilities. With Gustafsson at least his defensive gaffes come with an actual ability to produce points and help the powerplay.
  5. Look to how much Rasmus Sandin has helped the Habs this series to understand why Ducharme doesn't trust Romanov right now. There have been many occasions this season where Romanov has tried to do too much and it cost him and the team. The coaching staff have looked at his games leading up the playoffs and decided, "He'll hurt more than help." There is an argument to be made that he should be in regardless of the growing pains, but the coaching staff (and management) have decided now is not the time to throw him into the fire.
  6. Ikonen will not be offered a contract by the Habs.
  7. *Why not both Romanov and Gustafsson in the next game?
  8. Might as well put Gustafsson in, tbh. With Petry and Weber's offense completely dried up, who else is going to make a play?
  9. So far Nylander alone has the same amount of goals as the entire Habs team.
  10. If Anderson isn't dropping his shoulder and muscling his way to the slot every rush, what is the point of him?
  11. Matthews is not going to be goaded or frustrated by the after-the-whistle antics. If they want to engage him physically it better be during play.
  12. Headless Chicken Defensive Zone strategy is extending to the Offensive Zone
  13. I just want to watch a Habs team where I can believe they will score more than 2 goals a game.
  14. In hindsight I believe that Gainey got caught up in the romance of GMing for the Habs, and especially when aiming to get them a cup in their centennial year.
  15. Habs certainly aren't playing well enough to win, but the refereeing tonight is really disheartening.
  16. Day-to-day. Ducharme says Evans might be available for game 2.
  17. The question is will @hab29RETIREDget a tattoo of Byron's face on his chest or on his lower back?
  18. I believe it's called "playoff hockey" and the Habs are more built for it than the Leafs are.
  19. Lucky to be out of that tied. Hopefully the 3rd is more like the 1st.
  20. Hasn't been a good period for the Habs so far. A bit of momentum from this powerplay would be nice.
  21. Being that Weal is not one of the Black Aces can we add a touch more creedence to the speculation?
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