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  1. A tiny bit surprised a goalie hasn't gone yet.
  2. Could watch a full movie between the start of the draft and when the Habs will pick. Good god, drawing this out is not good television.
  3. $9.5 for 7 years? yeesh I am quite happy the Habs are missing out on these blockbusters so far.
  4. Bergevin's interest in bringing in known assholes is a bit unnerving: Slava Voynov Mike Hoffman Tony Deangelo and I feel like I'm forgetting another... Regardless, #CHaracter.
  5. A Commandant amendment: Get ready to denigrate any team that slightly reaches on a player over 6'2", and lose your shit over someone you had going in the 2nd round but falls to the 4th.
  6. In before we get Ceci and Demers.
  7. Oh hey the first round is today. Here's Trevor Timmins' pre-draft press conference: Habs have 11 picks this draft: 31st, 63rd, 64th, 76th, 87th, 113th, 126th, 127th, 142nd, 191st, and 223rd. Are they gonna pick 11 players? Almost assuredly not. Get ready for trades, risers, fallers, and overreacting to the potential of players we've never hear of. Let's go!
  8. He's the only defenseman ever to finish top of scoring among defensemen and not get a single Norris vote. I'm not sure his bet has paid off as handsomely as he'd like.
  9. I think that after last year the best place for Habs prospects is where they'll play the most hockey. If Mysak will play more minutes in junior then he should play in junior.
  10. I'm supposed to believe it's better to take non-players than to take NHL players that you can at least try to flip for an asset? Taking Adam Gaudette cuts into the precious cap space too much? I'm supposed to believe no GM out there is interested in Nikita Zadorov for a middle-round pick? Punting your Columbus choice is better than taking a chance on Kevin Stenlund? Fans are supposed to get really excited about Carsen Twarynski instead of what van Riemsdyk could net them with a bit of retained salary? "Hey KrakHeads! Get real excited that we took the 6th best player available to us from Los Angeles! woot woot!" Francis is just telling his fans, "Nah fam, I'd rather have fewer trade options. Don't want to work too hard this summer."
  11. Interesting, Renaud Lavoie is saying the Drouin wants to return to the Habs, but Arpon Basu and Marc Antoine-Godin both said on The Athletic Support podcast that Drouin would rather move on from Montreal. All 3 aren't known for speaking out of turn, so I don't know what's going on.
  12. But they need to trade guys, so why wouldn't they choose some players that other teams value instead of some of these barely NHLers? No GM is slamming a table saying, "Sonova bitch! What do we have to give up to get John Quenneville on our team?"
  13. They have to trade some guys because they loaded up on defencemen like Vegas did, but yeesh... does anyone want any of those guys traded to the Habs? Vince Dunn and then a whole lot of no thanks. Where's the value?
  14. Oh my good god in heaven. They picked bad players on purpose.
  15. This presentation is leaping back and forth from charming to cringey, but the emphasis is on cringey. If they announced the trades that went with some of these picks the crowd might pick up a bit.
  16. Players are informed. Players tell their family, friends, pizza guy, etc. Sucks, but insiders gonna insider.
  17. Weird, the rumoured roster doesn't appear to meet the contract requirements. Not enough 21-22 contracts.
  18. The player from Chicago was John Quenneville. No side deal done. ... hm.
  19. Poehling will probably start on the wing. In fact, being on the 4th with Jake Evans would be pretty good for strong-side faceoffs and a 4b centreman if Evans gets kicked from the dot.
  20. 5head maneuver: offer sheet Alex Barre-Boulet a 1 year, $1.3 million dollar contract. 0 draft pick compensation to Tampa, and still probably too rich for them even with Gourde's salary gone. He's either worth the money, or it's a 1 year experiment and you don't qualify him next off-season.
  21. I guess now we wait to see if Bergevin blinked and gave up an asset to protect Price or not.
  22. I don't think Friedman changed his Twitter handle to @MeteMint...
  23. Bad summer to have the last name Weber. Though he carved out a nice role as a 6-7 guy for 13 years, he played only 2 games with Pittsburgh last season.
  24. They didn't care about Hossa. They didn't care when Pronger did it AND had an office job with the NHL. They didn't care about Gaborik who hasn't played since 2018 but just lifted the Cup in Tampa a few days ago. Why do they suddenly care now?
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