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  1. ok great...thx guys. Didnt notice him on th ice, I thought I missed something
  2. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=488878 Not sure if this works....if not not, its on NHL.com under 'sleeper' article
  3. It funny how Cherry was wearing a Mickey Mouse tie to match his Mickey Mouse Maple Leafs
  4. Canuck fans are taking stupid pills. They think with Sundin they are contenders? OK!! They really think Vancouver is a better situation for Sundin and totally disregarding Montreal like were a second rate city. You should hear these guys!! WE (HABS) ARE THE YANKEES OF HOCKEY....YOU (KNUCKLEHEADS) ARE THE KC ROYALS OF HOCKEY...GOT IT!! Enjoy the rain. AGAIN
  5. Good point!!! I like all these moves, drafting Subban, signing Laraque and trading for Belle. In Bob we trust.
  6. go to hockeysfuture.com, click on Minnesota Wild. Seems alright to me!!
  7. traded Corey Locke to the Wild for Shawn Belle as per RDS
  8. As per TSN....D Dreger reported that Waddell is in Toronto scouting the Bulldogs. He mentioned it during the first intermission. We'll see!!??
  9. I agree Tony.....I'd think about Roberts though. Although he's limited to where he wants to play I would listen if he was offered.
  10. So Gainey went from asking for Colby Armstrong to Mark Recchi for Halak? YA right!! Eklund is fun to read but sometimes I think he's heavy into the Jack (Daniels).
  11. I agree. Carcillo has some baggage but is well worth the minimal risk. Third line winger that can sometimes fill in on second line. Just not sure if the Habs can get him out of Phoenix.
  12. Chris...your after my own heart. Scott Parker is an animal that would do the Habs good. Fighting is creeping back in and getting the former first round pick would be great. Let's face it, Aaron Downey is a good team guy but he's no heavyweight. If (when) Souray leaves we'll have Komisarek left who can throw em. Like it or not fighting is part of hockey and is making a comeback. Doug Wilson loves Parker and don't think he'll throw him in. But ya never know!!
  13. Could be the Habs are looking at Matt Foy in Houston (Minny's farm team). Leading his team in points and a tough SOB to boot. Not as talented as Steve Bernier but a little meaner. I don't think SJ Sharks will give up Bernier for Souray unless the Habs add something else...something good.
  14. That's the difference between Savard and Gainey. In a similar situation, Gainey would have kept his mouth shut. What purpose does it serve to spill the beans once you leave the team? No class on Savard's part. Who is Andre Savard to bad mouth Gainey? Savard is just an overhyped scout at best.
  15. The only thing The Score is good for is player scouting. Picking TB, NJ, NYR, BOS and Philly to make the playoffs is a stretch in itself. Gainey, Carbo, Jarvis and Muller could lead the Hamilton Bulldogs to the NHL palyoffs! The best was picking ATL, WAS and the Maple Laffs ahead of the Habs...I needed a laugh..THX. These yearly mags should be used as a reference more then anything else.
  16. found that strange also...at this point who knows...there are so many rumors. This Shanahan thing reminds me of the whole Brett Hull signing with the Habs when Andre Savard was our GM. Don't get me wrong I would love Shanny to be a habs but I get the same feeling I got with Brett Hull. It just carries on like a bad smell. I HOPE I'm wrong. GO HABS!!! ps- it could also mean Detroit is signing Shanahan and dumping Robert Lang to free up cap space. Therefore they made the offer to Lindros and Allison.
  17. Habs have an offer on the table for Perrault....same site.
  18. Has been linked to the Habs in the past...along with everyone else. Would be a fantastic pick up if Gainey can get him out of Chicago.
  19. Kevin Gibson from HockeyBuzz.com (I know...I know but it's not Eklund) says the Habs are still making a run at Sykora. You can find it if you click on the comments section of his latest post.
  20. I hear ya Tony...the best I can do is say I was actually there when he and his wife boarded the aircraft...tried to get more info from him (Shanny) but all he'd do is smile. He did say he met with the Habs though...like I didn't know...who knows Tony?
  21. I know for a fact that Shanny was in Montreal today (with his wife) meeting with the Habs. He flew back to Boston at 18:00 on the airline I work for. Does not mean a thing but maybe the Habs are the second team involved?!
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