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  1. Yo guys im soo pumped for this season u have no idea. Great thread and boy do i miss these!!! GO :hlogo: GO
  2. Umm exactly the title will it be televised anywhere cause I would really like to watch it
  3. Why isn't Andrei Kostistsyn in the roster...it this beacause he's already played in the NHL?
  4. soo tickets go on sale September 16 (staurday) at noon, uhh if we want tickets do we have to camp out?? cuz im planning on buying tickets 4 me and my bro front row vs his favorite team the Panthers
  5. wats up guys i was just wondering if someone can make me a sig beacuse i ahve no clue how to make one , pre4ferably koivu with my HW name koivu11 and some sick designs. i would really appreciate it. thx
  6. English Version: http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...Flanguage_tools French Version: http://www.lapresse.com/article/20060830/C...8/1002/CPSPORTS Personally I wouldn't have liked this trade because If im correct Khabibulin was even worse than Theo and Aucoin is kind of washed up and was injured for a good part of the season. Thank God for Huet!!
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself, Im happy you agree I hope he knows whats coming to him
  8. I HOPE IT DOES!!!! That's how much i HATE Justin Williams and he can run into a freaking knife. Sumone like Downey can F*ck him up pretty bad worse than what he did to Boulerice. I hope the habs end his short distgusting pitifull CAREER!! I being ruthless and I don't give a shit DONT MESS WITH ME RIGHT NOW!!
  9. Here's the link: http://rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/211216.html Just in today, some more good news . Sorry for those who only know english I don't think there is a translated version yet.
  10. Which song is that its siick Excellent Video the musci rocks!!
  11. ok but how does it work? All it says is Page Cannot be displayed when i Download it.
  12. umm yea im sorry but i don't see the pics...do you happen to have another link? Im really interested in seeing them . and welcome back!!
  13. Wow guys lmao...I don't post much but this is freaking worth it. Raed this u'll die of laughter!! It's about the Rumour God Elephant MAN!!!lmfao...This guy made his own blog aboout elephant man...read from bottom to top http://maximus96habs4ever.blogspot.com/ LMAFO ROFL!!! Check this too lmao these guys have no lives!!! http://danhlrumors.blogspot.com/ Malkin to the habs lmfao!!! Just to add i would do that trade in a heartbeat...scroll down to malkin a possibility for habs? WOW i have a tear in my eye!
  14. kk thx man, but does anyone see any build up from the bonk rumour on that site, does it make sense or is it just bull?
  15. Hey guys I was just wondering if the site http://rumorsnhl.blogspot.com is a re;liable source or is it just someones opinion cuz they're saying about bonk getting traded and i dont really believe it.
  16. umm I heard Kostitsyn is going back to the Knights this year nDon't have a link but im sure someone can confirm this. HE is awesome though. Probably my future favorite player when Koivu retires
  17. Born in Montreal. Raised there till I was 7. Living in Laval for the past 10 Years. Wassup fHABulous we are paesano's!! Meaning from the same place in Italian!! GO HABS GO
  18. It's there scroll down to the bottom, Montreal in Deep Discussion. I wouldn't do this trade seems stupid!
  19. Good luck Zed in the future with the Caps bcuz you're gonna need it I said this many times, if Mclaren didn't give u that cheap shot, the habs would've taken the CUP!! Thanx for the good times and for scoring for us Have fun wit Ovech!!
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