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  1. I just need to know what time do the practices usually take place in pierrefonds?? i need a time!
  2. Thx for the pictures very impressive! :/) I think i speak for habs fans on this site when i say Nicely done!!
  3. Just so u know the Montreal media is ten times worse than the toronto. If you havent notice then i consider u slap urself cuz its pretty obvious. This is why players leave Montreal sometimes, they can't handle the media. And don't say im wrong cuz Im not i know how they roll and im sure everyone that lives in this great city with moron paparazzi knows that. For instance take the incidence with Ribeiro and Koivu 2 years ago. They got into a little scuffle and the media made a big shit out of it. They were making up all kids of stories,"aww Ribeiro doesn't like Koivu, he wants to be the No1 centerman, its gonna affect their gameplay and so on" Just to prove thats the Montreal media is alot worse than Toronto's by far! :hlogo::ghg::hlogo: [Edited on 2005/9/15 by Koivu11]
  4. im sorry but i dont understand what happened and why theo flipped someone off, the link doesn't work anymore so its a little hard for me to understand. The picture is cool though!
  5. But are bonuses included in the cap?? Yes we have 3.1 mil left but what is up with the bonuses that are undisclosed? Mabey they are at the cap limit but with bonuses not Contracts. Can someone make this clear to me?
  6. I wouldn't have Jagr on my team if he paid me. He's a real downer for the team. He's aleways whining about something. He costs too much and theres just no upside to him. If he misses a shif he cries, if he doesnt make 100 million dollars in a year he cries (exagerating). He just wouldn't be a great asset to any team!
  7. OKOK i understand now, thanks peter puck!! Really helpful man!
  8. Thanx sakukoivumc, he really doesnt know what hes talking about. Thanks for the backup dude!! :hlogo::ghg::hlogo:
  9. Why are all u guys talking about Washington. Jagr didnt play for washington last year did he?? Im lost, can someone fill me in!
  10. im sorry but you know nothing about tradez! koivu, rivet and hossa for Redden? what are you thinking. And who the hell is perez. Is he a basball player or sumtin!! what is wrong with you! It shows that the offseason has messed u up bigtime dude!! Can someone back me up on this argument!lol Can u plz say perezehogin! by his actual name cuz u make up these weird nick names that sound spanish!! AND HES NOT A 1st LINER BUDY!!!:mad: oh ya and u cant make lines 4 ur life!! [Edited on 2005/8/30 by Koivu11]
  11. I going to have to say price. He will be an amazing goalie when the time comes for theo to get the boot. Price will carry his this team on his back! :can::hlogo::can:
  12. If somebody can just fill me in, im not aware if there were any posts put up about Jagr being paid 8.36 million for this season?? I thought the max was 7.9!! I got this from www.thefourthperiod.com/NewYorkRangers.html can someone tell me whats goin on! :hlogo::can::ghg::can::hlogo: [Edited on 2005/8/29 by Koivu11]
  13. I think something will happen! With all the rumours going around we really don't know what to expect. The roumors with Richards seem to make a little sense bcuz hte Lightning dont have that much cap room left after signing Vinny and St. Louis. Mabey there is something that Gainey doesn't like about Ryder for some reason. All im saying is that something is bound to hit the headlines in the next week. Oh and its pretty late in the day and they still haven't said anything about Richards being traded?!?! Any toughts or confirmations?? :hlogo: :can::ghg::can: Excessive smilies deleted [Edited on 8-29-05 by Fanpuck33]
  14. http://spectorshockey.tripod.com/spectors_...de_rumours.html has reported that Brad Richards has been traded to the Habs for Ryder, Hainsey and a pick. Can anyone confirm this? [Edited on 8-28-05 by Fanpuck33]
  15. Jose Theodore is lookin 4 a long-term deal with the habs reported www.thefourthperiod.com He thinks he should b making around 5.5 but the fair option is around 4 mill a year. Tell me wat u think he sould b making!! :hlogo::hlogo::hlogo:
  16. OMG!! I went 2 the Rousseau Sports in Laval and Mike ribeiro and Pierre Dagenais were signing autographs it was crazy!! I got Ribs 2 sign a card and a plaque and Dagenais is huge he's a 6'5 monster! Just gettin u all jealous lol jkjk :hlogo::hlogo::hlogo:
  17. shortcat1 how can u say that perrault and quital is a big loss they did shit all for this team. All perreault did was win face-offs and Quintal is old and washed up so no they are no good and imglad we got rid of them. The habs will be definetly better this year with some solid D like komi and souray. Gainey has done well!
  18. With Vincent Lecavalier signed long-term with the bolts, and rumours saying that the lightning dont have enough cap space for St-Louis. Is there any chance that the habs land him? Will we have the cap space when Theo is signed?
  19. This could be the biggest trade of the century between the Panthers and the Canucks. Some south florida radio station is saying that the trade will be: Vancouver's, Ed Jovanoski, Dan Cloutier, Jarkko Ruutu, Matt Cooke, and either prospect Ryan Kesler or a high draft pick fo Panther's, Roberto Luongo, Jay Bouwmeester, Khristian Huselius and a conditional pick. What a trade! But i dont think its gonna happen! http://spectorshockey.tripod.com/spectors_...de_rumours.html
  20. I hear rumours that Defensive specialist Brendan Witt might be coming to the habs! Montreal apparently is interested in him but were full on defense. You gotta give Komi a chance and the rest of our D-men are solid, then y do we need Witt? Yes he is phsycal and hardcore and he can be a great asset. ... unfortunately i think we wont get him, im fine with that. Any thoughts?? :hlogo:Go Habs Go:hlogo: Zednik+Koivu+Kovalev Souray+Markov = Lord Stanleys Cup
  21. How do you know if they've selected you and if so does a new season start? Need some answers fellow Habs Fans!
  22. I read from RDS.ca about bringing bure here?! Some stupid ppl start these gay rumours but if it would happen it would be O.K! Here's the story if u can read french! Bob, va chercher Pavel 2005/08/12 18:15:54 par big_e Ca serait tellement hot que Bure signe avec le CH. Ce gars la, quand il joue il produit, en saison, en série, tout le temps. Le seul problème, c'est que dernièrement il est souvent blessé mais je trouve que ca vaudrait le risque surtout qu'il ne demande pas trop cher surment justement à cause de son historique de blessures. Avec Koivu et Kovalev ca serait surment un excellent trio. Au pire on met Bure avec Ribeiro et Ryder parce que Zednik chiale s'il est pas avec Koivu. Bure produisait même dans des équipes qui n'allaient nul part comme les Panthers et les Rangers. L'année dernière, 19 buts en 39 matchs...pas si pire. L'année d'avant, 12 buts en 12 matchs. Je pense tout simplement que ce serait un bon coup de Bob de le signer car le monde à Montréal reconnaissent le talent de Pavel, un peu comme Kovalev, ces gars la ont du talent, c'est évident. Ca créerait une frénésie de plus pour le début de saison. Allez Bob, gamble pour Bure (c'est sur que c'est risqué), pis s'il reste en santé toute la saison, le Canadien va être dangeureux.
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