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  1. It's good I hope all the experts say that they will finish last. No expectations means no pressure for them.
  2. I am wearing my bracelet and I will be buying tickets at 3:00. Greatest birthday ever.
  3. I will be at the game tonight in the front row. Boston is going down. Eveybody should go bother the bruins tomorrow night at the Sofitel. MMPL don't be negative today.
  4. It's really funny. It's nice to see the team sticking up for eachother on and off the ice. Plus it was the rookie dinner. All teams do it.
  5. I don't like reading long post because it hurts the brain but that was a great read helmet head.
  6. With the Breezer, Smokes, and Begin all near ready to come back, who do you send to the minors? Little Kostitsyn, and Lapierre are playing too well to be takin out of the starting lineup let alone sending them down to the minors. What to do?
  7. The Hammer is a plus seven on a minus team. ENOUGH SAID!!!!
  8. Streit has not been playing well but Bouillon has been playing much worse.
  9. How the hell can Thibault shutout the Habs and when he played for the habs he couldn't stop shit.
  10. How can you give Ryder a D+. He deserves an F. Maybe a D+ if you compare him to an AHLer.
  11. That Eklund guy says the Habs and Sharks are talking.
  12. The hit was illegal because it was afterthe whistle. Since it was the Habs best player and so late in the game with the score the way it was, it looks like intent to injure.
  13. Am I the only one that thinks a head shot, after the whistle, on the other teams best player, in blow out, should merit a suspention? This is what the NHL needs to get rid of and the Flyers as a team should be suspended for receiving 47 games in suspentions in one month. The flyers are going to kill someone this year if not stopped and the sad part is if Kovalev was knocked out and had to be taken off in a stretcher their would have been a suspention.
  14. Team 990 reports 15 scouts at last nights game including 2 from Vancouver.
  15. Enough with the negative fans in Montreal. Time to be positive, win or lose. GO HABS GO!!!!!
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