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  1. Good arguments by everyone, I suppose. Since Gainey said a few months back the best thing he did in his years in Montreal was hire Carbo then I'm going to believe Gainey, that is not the problem. I wish Gainey would coach again actually. For now I'm accepting our fate on this 100th anniversary. The team will be blown up and look completely different next year..........and guess what Carbo will still be here. You guys are right though, should he be fired now....HE WILL re-surface somewhere and you'll all cry how Gainey was stupid to let him go. Funny how all former Habs do well when they leave, and then blow chunks when they have a chance to come back. From Gainey to Theo, Ribs and Carbo himself add to that pretty much everyone in-between. Maybe the problem is Montreal? A city where the pressure is really high and one with money can live like a rockstar. Where everything is magnified down to the cells that make up a players body. My bets are there. While it's the best place to be when winning, it's the worst when losing. Can't say the players or the coach function at their best in that city, that's for sure. A losing streak in Montreal probably takes years off these guys lives let alone confidence vs desire.
  2. Token positive GO HABS GO!!!!!!! Just for the record I've been nailing my beer caps into the garbage without effort. That usually translates into victory!!!!!
  3. It's going to be a blow out tonight. 7-1 Montreal Higgins-2 Koivu Patches Markov Laraque-with his first Metro-with his first
  4. IT's looking like we've buried ourselves into quite a deep hole the past few months. Time to start digging out of it, I hope the boys have their work boots on. It's looking like the rest of the season will be MUST WIN games. Great. Well, I guess we'll see the best out of the boys because there will be no excuse for not showing up. Let the truth be told. GO HABS GO!!!
  5. Everyones points are good. I guess I'm bummed because we've been so junky lately and the anticipation for this day is so great that well........... what a big let down. I'm content. I don't know who could have helped us really, as far as the names that actually moved go. I just hope we break out of looking so house league on the ice so I can be excited again.
  6. If we are just looking at stats we'll make Lombardi = Higgins. Would you give up Higgins and a first round pick? Let's assume we had no competition but Calgary. What would you have offered to win that trade? or better yet, Would you trade Calgary straight up Higgins for Lombardi?
  7. I don't know if all those teams got better. They made moves that's about it. We made moves, just not today. I agree with fanpuck, wait till Tangs gets going again. We can still surprise !!!!! If Price gets hot we'll be o.k.
  8. I'm guessing that Gainey is going with the team we have and hope that they can get confident and play to their full potential for at least a little while this season. If there is a full potential to be reached now is as good a time as any to reach it. GO HABS GO!!!!!! I suppose it's safe to assume if we don't, this team will officially be blown up this summer. My only fear is that spots will be hard to fill with the amount of players that don't want to come here. Boy oh Boy. I don't blame Gainey. His hands are tide, I just wish he was a little riskier. I would have loved to see a surprise Vinny deal but oh well. At least we have one more saga to look forward to this summer. Personally if Tampa wants Markov and Pleks I say go for it.
  9. I was just going to ask the same question. Do they have the room? @ any of you cap specialists
  10. Recchi is tired. He is a great tool to have in your back pocket but I'm not sure if he hurts you as much as he helps at this point.
  11. Not much news going on concerning us so I thought I'd come and put in a positive affirmation. We are the Habs, We are good enough, we are smart enough and gosh darn people like us. Please BoB, don't let our 100th birthday go down with no action today. We need HELP!!!!!!!! :ghg:
  12. Pascal will shut the door in Montreal. I think Ottawa got screwed here. Oh well no skin off our.........
  13. That's exactly what I thought, but once I mentioned it and got bombed with the complete opposite. Apparently he wanted to come to Montreal but Bob didn't want to sign him. I don't know, not really sure.
  14. I checked out the scores tonight and everyone that should be losing is winning. I thought it might be time for our annual POSITIVE ONLY comments. No complaining and dogging the boys here. If you feel you must please use another thread. WELCOME BACK PRICE! Let's move up in the standings and no looking back the cup is ours this year!!!!!!!!!! If Price is going to shut the door as we all hope he can and will, Halak getting sick is probably the best way for this to go down. Good Luck Carey, we need ya!!!!!!!
  15. Satan is in the line up tonight. How can that be if he was waived?
  16. Hey guys, I want to be traded too, just putting it out there.
  17. How would you guys compare Komi and Kuba? Reason I ask,, apparently Kuba thinks he's giving the Sens a hometown discount at 4 mil a year. TSN
  18. There is no way I believe Gainey hasn't at least started talking with the guys agents he wants to keep. I'm not sure who he has opened conversations with but I know for a fact he has told all parties involved "not a word outside these doors" The only proof I have of this is during the whole Vinny episode. He told the media straight up "We don't talk about who's involved in trade rumors because then the players don't know " He's a straight shooter and I think most people involved understand and respect that. See what I'm getting at here? At least Komi and respect to Koivu he has to have started some talk. Gainey isn't a fool right?
  19. Halak is still sick, and Price starts in Buffalo. Tanguay still not ready, maybe Friday.
  20. That's where fans may have screwed the team up. Komi will have better seasons then this one but all the hoopla around him as a crushing machine plus his ballot stuffing voted in butt as an all star will drive his price up quite a bit. If Bob wants to keep him he'll need to shell out more then 4 mil guaranteed. Any less he will go somewhere else and get it in a heartbeat. He would be missed big time.
  21. Who knows, even Ek is quiet. This must mean it will explode on Wednesday. GM's are learning a new system I bet to avoid the INTERNET gossip. We've become worse then the joe shmo reporter. Gainey is busy I'm sure but on lock down because of the fragile Habs and Vinny crap from a few weeks ago. Vinny to Montreal, I'll bet my brothers. Maybe that's why Gainey isn't negotiating right now he might need the room........huh???????????? How do you like that bedtime story ForumGhost?
  22. As far as Komi is concerned, he will get more on the open market,regardless of the year he's having, for sure and it sucks that Bob will let him explore the idea of leaving the Habs by waiting until April/June to start talking to him. It may be too late already.
  23. I think you have Pleks and Higgins a little high. Your numbers represent what we want them to be and not who they are. Wow, Plex at 4.5. If that's what he will cost us I say move him quick. Not worth it. Mind you I love him, but I would think he needs a few more years of consistency to bring in that much dough. I might give him 3mil and a bit. Higgins should stay where he is. Komi, I will agree with.
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