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  1. I don't think Vinny's deal is a complete farce. He's a franchise player and locked in for a long time. Who knows what Tavares will be making 3-4 years from now, Vinny will be a steal by then. From what I understand the cap may stay where it is or even go up because the hard times are only taking effect now, and slowly. This seasons money has been made for the most part and I'm sure all play-off teams will do well regardless. That's what the cap will be based on, not the speculated economy of 2009/2010 season. If next season takes a hit then the following years cap will come down, but the economy is already showing signs of climbing out of it's mess. I'm sure management will use all of this recession stuff against players this summer anyway but the truth will be told in the numbers when the cap is evaluated and I don't think realistically it will be a dramatic change. Not to the point where Vinny's contract will kill you. Now Boston? Tim Thomas, 4 years at 5 mil a year? Not good. But then again we have the Hammer at 5 that kinda sucks when you look at the big picture.
  2. Metro I would think would be the last guy to have a beef with Grabs. I say Koivu punches the little puke out.
  3. I saw a few Bags in Montreal and a few bags in these threads. Just sayin
  4. Are my eyes deceiving me? Well I guess at the end of the day you are a Habs fan and are entitled to ride the wagon at your leisure. Just be careful, jumping on and off can really take a toll on the knees. Ya ya, "SHORT" I get it, but last week you wouldn't even consider it. Bob's best solution? He might not really have a choice if they all walk. It kills me how you think that all Bob has to do is throw a few nuts towards these guys and they'll come screaming "Please Bob, Please can we stay in Montreal for free and short term!" All three of them will have value this summer. Koivu, Tanguay, Kovalev. In that order, and if Bob insults them with an offer that might be similar to the one you are thinking ( I could just imagine ) they are all gone. No good centers available in this summers UFA camp? I can think of one who will have at least 15 substantial offers come July 1st if Gainey doesn't lock him up. I've heard through the grapevine that it's already done but hey we'll have to wait and see.
  5. i'm glad Gainey is working on BGL now.He looked good out there.
  6. I'd take my chances. He would look great in a Habs Jersey. Although, if he had a 67 point season and was a -9 in Montreal I'm sure some would riot, bash, and hang Gainey. Markov is keeping pace with him this year and making half the money. I'm sure he would bounce back in Montreal, his first couple of seasons would be huge. He's wilting in Tampon Bay.
  7. I didn't even know his wrist was bad. On top of his shoulder he may be considered damaged goods soon. Still want him? Vinny's season is Over.
  8. Big game between Carolina and NYR. Having a tough time deciding who to cheer for. NO TIE 3 point bull I hope. We will still have a game in hand on both teams so I think I'm Cheering for Carolina and a Habs win means 3 in front of Florida and one up on the Rags with a game in hand. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!
  9. The flu kicks your butt. I know when it hits me *Knock on wood* getting out of bed is hard let alone stopping pucks at 90 mph, or skating and hitting hard. I would imagine also that the team has been given strict orders that if they feel any symptoms that might be the flu to report them because apparently the flu virus is most contagious at the beginning rather then when it's in full blown ON. The strain Halak had wiped him out for 2 or 3 games. :puke: We are in a good situation. Starting to play well and I think the boys will step up defensively for Jaro. He just might steal his #1 position back that he lost due to the flu to begin with. *SHUT OUTS ALL THE WAY TO THE STANLEY CUP PLAY-OFFS, YA RIGHT HALAK SUCKS THE BIG ONE AND CAN"T STOP A BEACH BALL. WE ARE SO DONE!!!!* *JINX ALERT* 4-0 HABS Tanguay Koivu Schnide Laps
  10. TIME FOR HALAK to step in and take the spotlight. Carey Price has the flu. Go HALAK Go!!!!!! as per habsinsideout.com
  11. I don't get it. Why are we revisiting trades? Ribs thread? I hate the fact nobody trades anymore. It's all about UFA's now and maybe losing them for nothing bull. I hope a Vinny deal goes down in the summer, the montreal canadiens need a little zip on the "I can't believe it went down" trade front, just for the sake of some type of major movement. I hate the fact that people consider our youth pool to be so top tier in the league but when the trade value of anybody is mentioned for comparison reasons it's pretty much nothing. O-ya Kordic for Courtnall. I loved Kordic, what a basket case. That boy could scrap! We did win a cup with Kordic, can't say that for Courtnall. Kordic was the man to be had on that deal if your theory is based only on vibe. Who would you rather have. Exhibit A OR Exhibit B
  12. Jason? You mean it's not Spider-man? What? :?- GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!
  13. Who knows. Higgy still may surprise us. John Leclair in my eyes never seemed to have a scoring touch around the net. He was a hard working bang and crash guy. I would pick him in my hockey pools every year because during pre-season he would score 10 goals in 10 games only to fade away during regular season and never reach 20. Until Lindros came along and changed that. All of the sudden he was King. Could Higgns do it? With the right centre I think he can still be at least the 40/40 guy he wants to be.
  14. No doubt, He may be a Milan Lucic impact player. At first read though it really made me laugh. Won't be funny if he scores a winning goal against us and then beats up Komi though.
  15. I can't stop laughing, only the Leafs. SLAPSHOT Christian Hanson
  16. When do they wear those cool blue ones with the white C on the front?
  17. Ya laying an egg. That means playing really good and then letting in a goal that should be stopped by a 10 yr old at a critical point in a game. It really sinks a teams spirit. So starting there might help getting to the deeper problems on this team. I'm not worried about the UFA's. My point is things will be changing this summer so I don't want to stress about who's staying or who's leaving because I don't care at this point. I still hope we can catch fire and do well, possibly even win it all for our 100th birthday. Crazier things have happened before, 93 ????????? TKK line is looking good, Saku's playing harder knowing if he puts the puck out front there is a good chance of it getting buried. If AK and plex get going watchout. Laps line just needs to keep doing what they are doing. Should Carey turn it on we could become dangerous in a seven game series. Just trying to be hopeful. I could come on here and be sarcastic everyday and bag on Koivu and Price, but the truth is I want them to do well, nothing wrong with that in my eyes anyway. GO HABS GO!!!!!!!
  18. Bruins only last year in the series with us began to get strong. That is where we may begin to get stronger this year. We are still a big centre away from being a constant threat and the fact that Carey can lay an egg almost guaranteed at any given moment in a game is not a confidence builder even if he's playing great for 59 mins. His boner goals are depressing. I like our PK. We are more dangerous on the PK then 5 on 5. Go figure. A very unnerving team to watch but with so many UFA's I can't wallow in depression. Just hope they can catch fire in time. They are looking better. That Buffalo game was very methodical, head to head coaching and and fun to watch. As long as they do that we can win and surprise. I'm not scared of 7 games with Boston, if Thomas is shakey it's anyones game. GO HABS GO!!!
  19. The earliest I've heard, 2nd round. :puke:
  20. Ya I was thinking the same thing as soon as she rolled up for the shoot-out
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