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  1. MARTY VOODOO DOLL Grab a pin and stab away guys, we need this one
  2. That is total crap. I originally got Game centre but the first Toronto vs Montreal game was blacked out. I was so pissed that I cancelled it right away and went back to centre Ice. Ya, in Tennessee with Comcast you get both channels so you don't miss a game all season.
  3. No reason to be torn. Historic moment would be the Habs not making the play-offs in their centennial year. Screw Marty, we need points.
  4. Ahhhhhh my friend, that's why you need centre Hice. You get NHL network in the pack, but you also feel like crap you spent 150 bones to watch an emotionless team put up zero effort all season long. Not sure which is worse seeing the games or not. GO HABS GO!!!!!! Let's win this one for Breezer!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ya, That would be awesome until everyone else drinks from his water bottle.
  6. or just change the title to "Unfair for Price"
  7. Don't jump all over me guys with the "let's make the playoffs first" bomb. I was just looking at the standings and tried to figure out who would be the best 1st round opponent. I have to say, I think I want Philly or Washington. Philly mostly. We have a score to settle with them and hopefully Biron won't find himself again. I know we can beat Washington plus it would be back and forth end to end exciting hockey but Ovechkin scares me and Theo could come back to haunt us. The B's and Jeresy should be avoided at all cost. I think our best chance in round one would be Philly. Thoughts?
  8. Hear Kosto in the post game reaction talking about the frequent 2nd period collapse? He said something along the lines of how they don't show up in the second period and expect the goalies to save them " If we do that against New Jersey they'll kill us". I think the boys will be ready and play hard for a WIN!!!!! I think this could be the game where things start to turn around.
  9. Mr. Jaro is getting the nod for Jersey game.
  10. How about............. Guy Lafleur? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
  11. I like this theory. It should be in the playoffs or bust thread. I hope it comes true.
  12. You are right I suppose. I try to be glass half full and optimistic most of the time, but this is hard to take. It's been a crazy ass season and to be honest I felt the balloon pop and start letting air out slowly when Komi got punched out by Lucic. I know at that moment something very negative happened to the spirit of the team that was still mentally fragile from the two play-off rounds last year. Somebody get these guys a shrink and sign me up for a session or two while you are at it. I don't even know what I think anymore. Just win an unexpected cup so we can sweep all of this under the rug. I know.......... how pathetic
  13. I had to go out last night and missed the 2nd and 3rd periods. I have to say this is not what I wanted to read this morning. Can't really comment because they looked pretty good before I left. I'm terribly bummed. What did Gainey say? "The guys are trying.......They are just trying the wrong way. They want to win." are his hands already up in the air like Carbo? WTF does that mean? They're trying? They want to win? but...............but ...........well maybe they just SUCK??????? Has this season blown up in our face or what? I'm starting to feel like it would have been better to just be crap all season for our 100th birthday and draft Tavares. We sure are playing like a last place team. Losing from the start would have been a lot easier to take then this implosion. I wouldn't worry about Gainey signing any of our UFA's this summer because none of them are going to want to be here anyway. A disastrous season like this and everyone will want a change of scenery. What's next years draft going to be like? any Tavares types available next year? :ninja:
  14. Hopefully Gainey will look at all that is available and pick the best man for the team. Much like he does at the draft table where the best player available to us gets picked regardless of position or nationality. I could care less if he speaks french and I hope Gainey doesn't limit our choices simply because of it. That would really be a bummer, we should have just kept losing with Carbo then.
  15. It's funny how we forget that we have had some lameish teams that have gone far into rounds and even won the cup regardless of a relatively poor season. There is no reason we can't get our act together. When these guys are on and play 60 minutes we can beat anybody. I only fear two things- Bruins, just because they are strong and always give us a hard time even when they are weak and Ovechkin. Hopefully we can have a year we don't even meet the Bruins for once. Thanks for bringing Saku over to page 2 my man.
  16. Hey Fanpuck, Ya it was a torch gif with the fire burning. It showed up on my computer. You couldn't see it? Anyways. I know this may seem silly but I still want to try it. If you want to start a new thread Mods be my guest, but I thought we could all have some sort of place to call the ghosts of the OLD FORUM! I don't feel like they ever really followed us to the Bell centre. It's so hard to be positive these days so I thought I'd hi-jack the thread and turn it into Calling out the Ghosts. If anyone can add something and we all bond together who knows it might just work.
  17. Great. Just what we need- a flu bug. If that's our final downfall, the centennial cup dream was definitely not in the cards. Let's hope it's not some goofy airborne thing running around the dressing room.
  18. Holy crapola, You'd think that season just ended. What a memory you have. Funny, I didn't know Lemaire coached from behind the scenes. Makes you wonder if Carbo is behind the scenes. The only reason I say that is because Gainey didn't even hold a practice yesterday. You would think he might instill some new system but it doesn't seem to be the case. They are probably playing Carbo's sytem and Bob just will instill confidence and the illusion the problem is gone. In the lemaire situation how exactly did he coach behind the scenes? Were the players aware of it? How did that play out? Actually, Tell me more about that, I find that very interesting. Ya, that's it I just messed up 1993 and 1986. It was 1986 I'm talking about.
  19. I think it's a great article that tells both sides of a story. The only thing that would change Gainey's stand from failure to genius or vice versa is a Cup. So what about Getzlaf, he was just a piece of why Anaheim won. Selanne, Scott and Rob, Sebastien played an even bigger role. If we win a cup soon I'm sure AK will be one of the reasons we do and Bob will be brilliant. I'm happy with our team. We could have spent years in the basement and drafted Crosby and Malkin, the Pens are in worse shape then us. Most teams are equal and only one can win. Us Habs fans are so used to living in the past dynasties and have forgotten that the NHL has changed. It was made to equalize the playing field and have a lot of strong teams not just three. Detroit is next to hit a wall because of the Salary cap. I think we are in great shape to be a contender for the next ten years if we can get a strong Vinny type centre and keep doing what we are doing. Keeping in mind that the definition of contender now means being a competive team in the top ten to fifteen of the league.I hope Bob stays on board because he is doing a great job. The days of 1 or 2 killer teams is over. By 2011 most teams will be strong and the standings will get even tighter then they are now. The team we have right now is much much MUCH stronger then what they have showed us the past couple of months. I'm very optimistic that Bob is about to flip this calm before the storm into a very strong Cup run that none of us imagine is even possible. It's all going to start with Carey Price. Probably Bob's best move yet .
  20. It's so unfortunate for Carbo that we fell apart for such a long stretch. I've been so wrapped up in our down swing that I didn't realize Washington and Boston have had quite the down turn themselves these past few weeks themselves. Boston has 3 wins in their last ten games. Most teams have gone through huge slumps that seem to continue longer then usual. If we can put a solid winning streak together and Price gets hot, Koivu, Tangs and AK start becoming a threat along with Kovy and Pleks. It's not totally impossible to have a good run in the play-offs. Just like Jean Perron's Cup winners. What year was that? 1983? The Habs were crappy all season.....73 measly points and they won it all. There may be some hope my friends. Go Habs Go !!!!!!!! <div align='centre'></div>
  21. That's what I think is funny. From all the things posters complain about, coach, lines captaincy etc.... a lot come true. We hear Gainey mention it, a trade is made, a player is benched or demoted etc.... The captaincy never ever comes up. Don't you think Gainey would have somehow addressed this by now? Well he hasn't. NO player has ever made a comment about it even after being traded, not even Ribero. This whole leadership from Koivu issue doesn't even exist. I thnk the problem is that you all seem to think Captain = production or 6ft 4 and 220 lbs. None of you know what he brings to the table off the ice and neither do I, but I do know that NO coach, NO GM,NO former player and NO owner of the Habs for the past 10-12 years has ever even whispered it. What makes any posters on this board know more? They don't, this is so stupid. As far as co-captaincy goes? It exists already. It doesn't need to be said. Souray was a co-captain, Rivet was a co-captain, Kovalev is a co-captain, we need a big centre that scores goals NOT a Leader or co captain. Geez!!!! Quit confusing it all onto Koivu's shoulders. The tale will be told when Carbo decides to speak, and I can't wait because he'll say nothing about it either. Which he already did during the Kovalev saga. " I hope Kovalev doesn't need the C to play better, because I'm NOT taking it off Saku"
  22. Then maybe Gainey should have taken the "C" from Koivu, and traded him, or at least told the owners that it's not Carbo's fault, Koivu had to be dealt with, but that is not the case. Gainey fired Carbo because that is what he felt needed to happen. I don't find anything wrong with what Saku said, or what Steve Bégin. Frankly numerous players have been whispering it for quite some time now. Why is everyone so surprised. Obvously, Carbo had communication issues, not a good trait for a coach. What does Mcguire have to do with this? He says a lot of dumb stuff, that's his job, it doesn't mean it's the truth. Comments like these belong on Hfboards.com. :puke:
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