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  1. There will be no significant moves made by habs. You heard it here first. Well, maybe not first.
  2. Its funny, but before the year started, and yes, even before dd had his historic struggles this year, I posted that our top 9 are still too small, and for that reason alone I didn't like the Briere signing. Fast forward to now, and this seems to be just what everyone else sees too. When I suggested that Plekanics, although very effective, is also small. I was rebuked as well. I like Plekanics a lot, but it seems to me, if we take in account that we are not ready to contend for the cup yet, and we are too small in the top 9, wouldn't it make sense to at least think about trading him now? He is playing great 2 way hockey, and I'm sure there is a team out there somewhere willing to trade a big young winger for one of the better 2 way centres in the league. Think about it, nobody will take Briere, trading dd is also a long shot, and not sure what anyone would give us for him anyway. The habs would then be able to play Eller with the top line wingers he deserves, we could slot Briere into centre where he is much more effective, and could begin working Galchenyuk into the centre position more frequently. This would probably involve the team taking a step back this season, but really, if we get a big winger who can play, and Galchenyuk works his way into our top line centre, then who really cares?
  3. I don't want to insult anyone, but trading Patches is one of the dumbest ideas I've heard in a while. A big strong winger who scores and skates like that? There are only a handful in the league. And for a team filled with small forwards to even consider trading the biggest, best scoring winger on the team? Madness. Patches may not be out there wiping guys out with body checks and fighting, but thats not what a power forward is in todays NHL. A "power forward" is basically a big strong guy who goes to the net hard, which is exactly what Patches is when healthy.
  4. Galchenyuk I think is a bit of a streaky scorer at this stage, I bet he pops a few more in the next 3 or 4 games. Gallagher is playing great, as is Eller, I think if Therrien tries to break up this line again he should be, as we say in Newfoundland, shot with a ball of shit. Also, I agree that Desharnes needs a demotion to AHL. If we lose him through wavers, great. If not, maybe he can find his game at that level. He's lost right now.
  5. I think Yakupov needs better direction, the Oilers are nothing but a circus. Desharnes, Bouleau (spelled wrong I know) and a 1st to the Oilers for Yakupov.
  6. I've always thought Ellers ceiling is much higher than people think, and I still believe that. I think he's capable of 65-70 point seasons, and he will approach that this year. His strength seems much better this year, he's able to push players off and continue the play. He's always flashed offensive potential, just needs to be consistent. Now that he is playing with 2 gifted players, the 3 of them should continue to light it up.
  7. If you look at the ice time last night, dd received less ice time than any of the other top 9 forwards, so I'm not sure Therien can be faulted on that. The fact is, the egg line is taking over as the number one line on this team, Eller is that elusive big, strong centre we've lacked for years, and the 2 galys are playing great. Its only 2 games, too early to write off Briere or DD, but they are looking more like our 3rd ;line, especially with Patches out.
  8. Reflecting on the game, I thought it was very sloppy all around, and, as usual, the habs got caught up trying to out-goon the leafs. When the habs stick to hockey and forget the other nonsense, they tend to do much better against the leafs, as in the last game of the season last year. Too many penalties, and no execution on the power play is what really cost the game. And Markov looked really bad, I'm hoping he's just warming up, but he looked kind of slow and wasn't his usual slick passing self on the pp. I thought Price could have been better, but that last goal was just unfortunate. The Eller line was great, especially Eller, who really needs to be the top centre in ice time on the team. I think his ceiling is much higher than people think.
  9. There are no fights in football. I watch the nfl every weekend, and have yet to see anyone square off in a fight. Every sport is testosterone driven, so don't kid yourself by thinking hockey is somehow different. Its not. Someday this will change in the NHL, I'm hoping it doesn't take a death or serious injury to make it happen. They do, indeed, need a salary cap.
  10. For me, the fact that fighting is not permitted in the other major sports, ie, football, soccer,baseball,basketball, etc, there is no need for it to happen in hockey. I don't but all the self policing arguements, hockey is not special in any way that requires fighting to be permitted. other sports are just as tough and physical.
  11. Looks like both Tinordi and Bournival have made the team, for now, at least. I like Bournival, hopefully he gets in enough games to continue developing. I think Tinordi played well enough to be number 5 even when Emelin gets back. I think Murray will be riding the press box unless there are injuries, like I said before, he is just way too slow, and I think the habs agree with me.
  12. Price let the team down with a poor end to the season and a poor playoff. Its on his shoulders to play better. Habs would have taken the sens out in 6 last year if Price was decent, so is this make or break? Maybe, maybe not, but it will be interesting to see how he performs to start the year.
  13. I think Price should play, i think he needs to see the puck more before season starts. Looking forward to see what Beaulieu looks like this year, since Tinordi has really shown up at training camp.
  14. I'm saying he's garbage, we'll be eaten alive when he's out there. Therrien will change his mind after a game or 2 with that sloth out there.
  15. I really can't see Murray playing. The one preseason game I've watched him play was brutal, he just can't skate at all. Tinordi, however, looked amazing last game vs canes. Pateryn screwed up several times that game, so he's pretty much out of the (nhl) picture for now. I can't see Tinordi being cut until Emelin is ready to return.
  16. I don't know if its just me, but I watched most of the game, and thought Holland had a very strong game, thought he was one of our better players out there, yet nobody seems to be mentioning him. Also, I know his skating was good last year, but Galchenyuk seems to be flying out there, and he looks more fluid out there. Again, is that just me, or did anyone else notice?
  17. I'm excited to get the year started, however, doesn't look like any room for rookies to crack the roster, until injuries take a bite.
  18. What were you smoking when you thought this up? I want some.
  19. I think in 2 to 3 years habs are hoping Mccarron is ready for at least 3rd or 4th line, and that his size and physicality will somewhat negate the need for an enforcer only type. I think his upside is a 20 goal mean and tough 2nd/3rd liner. Also, they really like Connor Crisp, and are hoping he becomes our Chris neal. Our prospects look as good or better now then they ever have, evidence of that is how far down our expectation list leblanc has fallen the last year or so, remember, this guy looked pretty good a couple of years ago in 45 games with the habs. His problem is that we have so many wing prospects with higher offensive potential. I've watched Colberg play a few times, and I can't imagine him not evolving into a top 6 scoring winger, he has a devastating shot and seems to have that talent that only goal scorers do, of slipping into scoring position without anyone noticing (like Ryder, although he's a much better skater than Ryder). I think Galchenyuk is going to evolve into a superstar, not just a top line centre. I'm not alone, as hockey usa has invited him to olympic tryout, they really like him obviously. I haven't felt so high on a habs prospect since Koivu, who was approaching superstar status before the string of knee injuries reduced his game to just very good. Gallager I feel is not going to dominate, I think his game now is pretty much where it is going to be, which is fine, he's a legit top 2 line winger. And our defence, well, it might look a little scrappy until Emelin is healthy, but can you imagine in a year or 2 when Tinordi and Beaulieu Are playing in top 4? I'm confident that will be the case, alone with a Norris winner, maybe an aging Markov, and our list of defensive prospects is so long that there are certainly 2 or more who will be capable of top 6 minutes by then. In fact, I think in a year or 2 the habs may have to move a defenceman or 2 because of the logjam there. It seems too good to be true, but barring a total disaster, this team should be a powerhouse in 2 years.
  20. Our top 9 is not close to Chicagos top nine, in my opinion, but to be fair, its hard to be a contender in one year, so we have to cut Bergevin a little slack. Galchenyuk is our future star, and he"s coming along great, I felt he was our best offensive threat after Eller went down. Eller is becoming a solid centre, he's making the Halak trade look better all the time. Patches, despite his playoff performance, is one of the better wingers in the league, we have a norris trophy winner and several very strong defence prospects who are very close. We are not winning the cup this year, but should be a powerhouse in 2 or 3. I know we are sick of hearing this, but its true, this team a great core going forward.
  21. There are still those who will complain that we didn't pick 7 Quebecois, lol.
  22. The fact is, a center can get by if he's not great at faceoffs, but it sure is an advantage to have one who is great on the draw. You can argue all day, but it sure is easier starting each play with the puck than scrambling to get it back. Especially in the playoffs, many games are decided by a last minute faceoff win.
  23. I'm not so sure this still applies. The last gm, yes, stodgy. Bergevin, no. I like the idea of being patient and building with young players, in fact, if giving Galchenyuk, Eller and Gallager more ice time hurts us in the standings, I am willing to live with that for a year or 2. I'm not a huge fan of the Briere signing, but I believe he's a better player at this stage of his career than either Jagr or Morrow.
  24. He needs to get his head in the game and stop a few pucks. His performance in the last 7 or 8 games was brutal, although he played a decent last game in playoffs before getting hurt. Can't even blame the team, he was getting beat with simple first shots. I really can't believe he was even being mentioned in olympic conversations after that performance.
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