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  1. Although we have even more promising young players coming to the AHL next year, we really need a few AHL vets on this team to help the young guys win. This team has an awful time scoring.
  2. I'm not all that impressed. I know he's Patches fav centre, but it seems like a lot of money and term for an undersized, average skating pivot who is not great at faceoffs or defensive play. If he turns into the next Martin St Louis, I will gladly eat my shorts.
  3. I get that it was a boring game, hard to be exciting playing the devils. However, just 2 pages of comments on yet another win? Have we become spoiled by our winning team already? What will it take for a comment if we win a cup?
  4. Ho hum, just another solid, solid d prospect. I have never seen our team stocked with so many promising young players and prospects. Am I dreaming? Somebody pinch me.
  5. Diaz surplus? Are you kidding? He's had a great year so far, there's no way he's not on this team on the 3rd pairing and powerplay at least. I'm as pumped about our defensive prospects as anyone, but this guy has impressed me since day one, and he has proven that he can put up points at the nhl level, and is responsible in his own end. Besides, even though I think Tinordi is a lock to make the team next year, our other d prospects are not ready, and could use more ahl time for sure. The future is very bright, Habs fans!
  6. That second goal should never have counted, and although Plekanics penalty was a very soft call, he still should know better, penalties are beginning to be a real problem with this team. I was a little miffed that Subban was not out for the overtime pp, especially when I saw Georges out there, but he did look rather lazy on that 2nd goal. I suppose that was his punishment. The two rooks had a few scoring chances this game, especially Galchenyuk, he could easily have had a goal or 2 with a bit of luck, and the shootout was a goal for sure if he didn't muff the shot. Not a bad game, but you could tell the whole team was rotted that they gave up the lead like that. A win in Florida will get them right back on track. Is it just me or are Cole and Desharnes totally useless out there right now? Come on guys, get your heads in the game!
  7. Boston off to very strong start this year, they have even more goonery in the lineup than last year, and they always seem to get away with murder against habs. I hope Prust doesn't go too crazy, unless he is protecting someone. I really think we need to start giving Tinordi boxing lessons, I know he's not a goon, but probably the only hab in near future big enough to stand up to that giant dirty unpunished Chara!
  8. Its simple, I think. You give him the 5 game audition on line with Pleks and Gionta. If it clicks, you keep him, if not, back to sarnia. This is a top line kid, wallowing on 4th line will not help. I can't wait to see how he plays with those 2.
  9. Its the press in Montreal, not the fan base, which is the problem. From what I see, the fans love the team, even last year, when they were terrible. The press, especially the french press, has no respect, its too bad someone wouldn't put a leash on them.
  10. I'm hoping tomorrows meeting brings a resolution, this is a much better team with PK out there, a very dangerous player, on the scoresheet and physically as well. There are not a lot of guys like him in the league.
  11. I know this sounds like a fan who is really desperate for hockey, but does anyone know if the scrimmage tonight is available to watch online?
  12. I doubt PK will get 4.5/year. Max had one of the best goal scoring seasons of any winger in the league, he has already reached the level of premier power forward in the NHL. He would be a first line winger on every single team in this league. I love PK, but he has not reached that status amongst his peers yet. I believe he will in the next 1-2 years.
  13. You ever think an average Joe off the street could make better deals than half of these GM's? I would never have done the Leclair and Desjardins for Recchi deal, I said it was dumbass at the time, and it has to go down as one of the dumbest deals in habs history (I'm not even going to talk about the Roy deal). The fact is, most of these guys are former players, which means they were very good hockey players, it says nothing about how intelligent they may or may not be. In todays world, with all the information we have at hand, any reasonably intelligent hockey fan could do a decent job as GM.
  14. The longer it takes to sign PK, the more silly stories like this will surface. Pk will sign, probably 3-3.5 mil per year, probably for 3-5 years. Gill, Price, they love the guy, and I'm sure there are players on every team who don't get along. If Pouliot played with one-tenth the passion, effort and heart that PK displays on every shift, he would be a consistant 30 goal scorer in this league, so even if he did say something about PK, I wouldn't put a lot of importance to it.
  15. I thought Tinordi looked real good in the Memorial Cup this year, his puck handling skills looked fine, and he did attempt a few rushes, etc. He's no Subban, but he'll get by.
  16. I think Subban will be a star regardless. He has a drive to succeed which goes beyond money, I believe. He wants to be the best d-man in the league.
  17. Good to see Galy playing well, hopefully he gets some quality playing time at training camp (assuming there will be a training camp)
  18. The thing is, I think Yashin is still quite a good hockey player, and if the Islanders could sign him to a decent contract, it would actually be a nice move.
  19. Its not out of the question that the guy could bounce back and have an excellent year, perhaps we shouldn't be too negative about Bourque.
  20. He's essentially no longer a Bruin anyway, and I think his NHL career is over.
  21. I like the hard cap system, they need to close a few of the loopholes, though.
  22. For a guy his age, Doans asking price is a bit steep (30 million/4 years). Would he be worth that to a team like the Habs? I'm not sure.
  23. Tim Thomas is a moron, his teammates will be glad he's gone this season.
  24. There is no city in the US whereby a hockey player would get as much attention, wanted or unwanted, as if they played in Toronto or Montreal.
  25. If the wrong side wins the NHL will turn into Major League Baseball, which has turned itself into "the richest team wins" league. I'm not hoping for a lockout this time, but the owners really do need a strong set of handcuffs for themselves to keep salaries in line. As for Carolina, I understand why they did the offer, but I still find it disturbing.
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