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  1. I'm beginning to think Bobs not going to pull off anything great tonight..... btw nice job on announcing the picks Koz!
  2. Eklunds reporting the Isles interest in Vinny now... Lmao, wasn't Burke just messing with Bob?
  3. Well... Burke looks pissed that he didn't get Schenn. Haha
  4. Anybody else catch Burke talking to Bob about rumours that Vinny was either coming to us or the Islanders? Then he wished him luck.
  5. For Phillys sake I hope hes signed for more then just next year... Thats alot! :hlogo:
  6. Wow.. does this mean no Jay-Bo for Philly?
  7. Just a thought on re-alignment. Montreal - Boston - Ottawa - Long Island - New York Toronto - Detroit - Buffalo - Columbus - Moved from Phoenix Vancouver - Los Angeles - Anaheim - San Jose - Colorado Edmonton - Calgary - Minnesota - St. Louis - Chicago Pittsburgh - Philadelphia - New Jersey - Washington - Carolina Dallas - Tampa Bay - Miami - Atlanta - Nashville No real East West split. :hlogo:
  8. FffffffffaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAKKKKK!!!!! Just read about how long they're out for :hlogo:
  9. I dunno, says Gaineys steppin in, if anybody can light a fire under the teams ass, especially Kovy its him. :hlogo:
  10. Anybody know where i can see this online? GO HABS GO! :hlogo:
  11. WHOOOO!!! OBAMA!!!!!!!!!! :hlogo:
  12. Nice thread man. AND GOOOOOOOO HABBBBBBBS GOOOOOOOO!!!!! :hlogo:
  13. If Pacioretty does make this team, I could see a deal go down for a top notch dman, because theres quality pieces that could be moved for one. :hlogo:
  14. Two AWESOME AWESOME shootout goals...aaaaand OMG OLE OLE OLE OLE!!!!!!! :hlogo:
  15. Im making the prediction now that Murray is going to go back to LA cuz they need to get their rears over the floor. :hlogo:
  16. Yes JLP i was joking... :hlogo:
  17. Hai speaka no Japanese. :hlogo:
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