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  1. K so I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! Bob finally made his big move and I couldnt be happier. Tangs and the chance at Sundin to boot. :D :hlogo:
  2. Correction, Mayers still has 2 years at 1.4 a year left on his contract. Still, didnt Cliff say he wanted to get younger? :hlogo:
  3. The Leafs have traded their 3rd (70th overall) to St. Louis for Jamal Mayers rights. www.tsn.ca/nhl Like he was going to be gone the first day of free agency they couldnt wait to get him for free. :hlogo:
  4. I finally saw Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yesterday and it was as good as i expected, but still not that sense of wonder that Raiders gave me the first time I saw it. The only real problem I had was that he just looked old. :hlogo:
  5. Im just saying it would suck if you pick the top 5 right then no. 6 pulls a Milbury and chooses somebody expected to go in the 3rd round or something, all your picks move down, but I see what ya mean, no worries. :hlogo:
  6. Um, what happens if there is a trade early on and every pick after is screwed up cuz they all move down one? :hlogo:
  7. Watching the news on the morning after the 93 cup win and seeing downtown montreal laying in ruins. And beating out the Bruins in 02 will be special for me since it was when I came back to being a hardcore Habs fan for the first time since Roy left(I was 8 and was crushed when my dad told me Roy((my favourite player)) was traded, I lost most interest in the team after that for 7 long years). :hlogo:
  8. Ive never liked him. :hlogo:
  9. Sergei on a strictly defensive third line? :hlogo:
  10. Latendresse-Sundin-Kovalev A.Kostitsyn-Plekanec-S.Kostitsyn Higgins-Koivu-Lapierre Begin-Chipchura-Kostopolous Stewart/Kosto like UFA Markov-Komisarek Hamrlik-O'Byrne Bouillon-Gorges Valentenko Price/Halak :hlogo:
  11. I think they reason we didnt get Hossa was because Bob was waiting down the wire with the Higgins for Sundin deal to be accepted by Mats, it didn't and we ended up with neither. I think were in a better position now anyways since we have cap space galore and could make serious bids on either while trading for a guy LIKE Arnott, Morrow, etc. etc. :hlogo:
  12. Sign all three! :hlogo: Just kidding of course, Sundin would be great but Vinny could be available next summer, and were going to have cap space galore then. Hossa now, possibly Sundin for a year then Vinny next!
  13. Hasnt he led the Hitmen in scoring the last three years? :hlogo:
  14. Thats right, by adding a nice new gazebossa. :hlogo:
  15. Dont yell at me but would Kyle McLaren be a decent addition to our blueline, I know hes been injured but hes still a monster.
  16. Too bad we dont have him instead of Maxwell. :hlogo:
  17. Next year i see this.... A. Kostitsyn - T. Plekanec - A. Kovalev S. Kostitsyn - S. Koivu - C. Higgins G. Latendresse - M. Lapierre - M. Pacioretty S. Begin - K. Chipchura - T. Kostopoulos Spares = G. Stewart, M. Grabovski A. Markov / M. Komisarek R. Hamrlik / J. Gorges A. Emelin / R. O'Byrne 7th Dman = P. Brisebois OR A. Markov / M. Komisarek R. Hamrlik / UFA or Trade puck moving Dman (Campbell would be nice but thats a dream). J. Gorges / R. O'Byrne C. Price J. Halak Maybe,... just MAYBE Bob will acquire a legit star somewhere but other than that I think we'll see something like the above. :hlogo:
  18. Short and simple seems to work, Go Habs Go! My work here is done. :hlogo:
  19. Mine is at a solid Buck Fifty right about now. :hlogo:
  20. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE OLE OLE OLE!!!!!!! OLEEEE! OLE! WHOOOOOO!!!!! Anybody else shed a tear of relief after this one? I just did. :hlogo:
  21. Back to the basics, Just win. GO HABS GO! :hlogo: Back to the basics, Just win. GO HABS GO! :hlogo:
  22. In regards to the push them over! Carbo, "The Bruins look thristy!" Muller, "Well lets give them a drink!!" The Habs then push the Bruins to defeat with their mighty bladed sticks. :hlogo:
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