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  1. Great game by the boys! Give the Habs credit here with missing toffoli, Armia, Charoit and 9 days off with mostly no ice.
  2. I agree, but the argument here would be it’s a temporary option (1-3 games) until Toffoli and company makes it back. Also after 10days off now since our last game, Perry is well rested and eager to get out.
  3. Would of liked Perry and Lech switched on those two lines. Perry would be more offensive minded with KK and byrons speed
  4. If we can weather the storm here until toffoli and Staal joins the team, we’ll be in very good shape down the stretch here.
  5. Any news if Toffoli would be available for tomorrow nights game?
  6. So is it possible to send Byron to Laval and save all that cap hit? We all know he’ll clear waivers.
  7. So a bit excited of the two new additions of Stall and Cole. Nice to see the kid starting in Laval and hopefully with success there he might be ready for end of season and carryover into the playoffs. toffoli - kk - Anderson Drouin - Suzuki - Staal Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Armia - Evans - Perry and then before seasons end Toffoli - kk - Anderson Drouin - Suzuki - Cole Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Armia - Staal - Perry might be a very exciting ending here!
  8. just a quick story about this and my first ever game as a child watching the Habs live and was against Edmonton on a regular season game at the Colosseum. had tickets in the nose bleeds and excited to go watch the Habs of the 70s, I’m thinking This was 81 or 82, on the way to the game I found out that Wayne Gretzky was not playing that night and Mark Messier was going to be the captain of the Edmonton for the very first time. I was so excited that we were going to kick their ass without Gretzky in the lineup, anyways long story short the final score was 11-2 for Oilers and messier had 4 goals maybe even 5 that night!! A nightmare for a child watching his Habs for the very first time live!!
  9. Agree! And most of those points together are on the power play.
  10. Living in Edmonton my whole life and always being a Habs fan I always hate playing the Oilers and this goes back to the 80s when they would kick our butts (think leafs fans are annoying ). Mcdavid is possess right now and there’s no one who can stop him let alone against a weaker D as we are now with a key injury on the blue line. Most are hoping for 4/6 Points but I would take 3/6 and move on. hoping I’m underestimating our boys this week! Go Habs!!
  11. I agree except for your offer on $. There will be a boat load of teams willing to pay a little bit more for a very good 3 line Center. I’m thinking a respectful offer on both sides now is 4.5m at 6years. Would not hesitate or be concerned about signing him long term at 6 years. He just turned 28 and this would put him at 34 at end of contract or trading him with 1-2 years left of that contract. We have to give him term if were saving on cap hit.... He’s a great team/ locker player and experience defensively right now and that level of play will only excel to a higher level with more years under his belt, besides he’s a great role model for the younger centres on this team.
  12. Anyone resigning with the Habs needs to take a pay cut, Danault with a respectful raise. ... Flat cap for two more years.
  13. Richer was a beast! My favourite player in late 8Os, besides Patty Roy of course. A overtime loss would go a long ways here also. But yes a win would be nice
  14. He truly has been a workhorse and a great goalie for us over the years. Most of these Seasons with a average or not very good team in-front of him..
  15. Great 2nd period but 1st and 3rd struggled for most part. It’s a positive step forward. Very good 2pts
  16. We’re in trouble. I’m hoping for some sort of a experience D as a pickup here. Ekholm will cost to much and we’re not ready for a run at cup.
  17. What Chairot did was unnecessary and dumb perhaps, there was no need for a fight at that point. But for all the Chairot haters this morning probably amused and content with this, I’m not. He will be missed in the top four and Mete replacing him is a huge downgrade to our top 6 Ds..
  18. Great game from the boys yesterday! We look good, fast and focus. Dom has the boys dial in big time now... what I found most impressive was the 2nd unit power play with Petry, Kk and so on, keep these guys together and our power play stats will rise. fun game last night
  19. Habs look great out there so far, what speed. 2nd power play unit looks really good. nice 1-0 Habs, we deserve the lead
  20. I like the decision to go with price, He came very close with shoutouts on his last two games (very close) he’s hot and full of confidence let’s ride him a little... Allen back in net tomorrow night.
  21. There’s a lot of excitement for KK and I understand he’s only 20. But I’m of little few who thinks there’s no offensive upside here today or in the future, he’s had 2 frickin goals in a season that’s full of goals and one of the weaker divisions in the league. Very good two way 3rd line Center perhaps. I truly hope I’m wrong for the Habs and wish the kid better days.
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