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  1. Hudon over Dumont is easy choice even if Hudon sits. If its a game or two there is no need to expose Dumont to waivers.
  2. My favorite games of the year. Loaded up on the new top line on Draft Kings so any production from them would be double the pleasure.
  3. Big Mike seemed to play a lot on Saturday night. He became less noticeable in the second and third. During the first it appeared he was on the ice almost every second shift.
  4. Its nearing mid November and Plek has more points than Crosby and Malkin, and more shockingly Dale Weiss has the most goals of any player on both teams. Are we sure this isn't a joke? Hockey must be rigged. Based on this being backwards land hopefully Crosby does the opposite of killing us like he usually does.
  5. What do you think final standings will look like A1 - MTL W2 - New York Rangers A2 - TBL A3- Florida M1 - CBJ W1 - Penguins M2 - Washington M3 - New York Islanders C1- St. Louis W2 - Minnesota C2 - Nashville C3 - Chicago P1 - Anaheim W - Dallas P2 - San Jose P3 - Calgary
  6. 52-21-6-3 113 Points 1st in Atlantic 1st in League 237 Goals For
  7. Patches-Chucky-DD Semin-Plek-Gally Kassian-Eller-DSP Mithcell-Weiss-Flynn Maybe JDLR/Hudon/Carr/Bournival force there way in somewhere
  8. How does this HWL work? My world is too real I need fantasy. Not sure how much I can commit to this but Id like to know what it takes.
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