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Lineup Notes for game-5


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- Kovalev might not play because of an injury he suffered due to the slash he received in OT...

- CJ has confidence in Theodore and will keep playing him

- Begin is question for tomorrow, he wants to play of course.

- Quintal was injured in game-4 , Komisarek will replace him

Good to see Komisarek get a chance (even if it is because of injury), this experience (win or lose) will do him good.

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I'm really happy that Komisarek will play in this serie. He should have played earlier, but we surprisely had no injuries yet. Now his chance has come and I'm really happy for him. And i wish great things for his next game. Ok sure, it'll be his 1st playoff appearance, but after all..

It'll be a great step in his development process... GO Komi GO !!

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This is going to be Kovi's coming out game...He's big, but bigger in big games! Sorry to lose Quintal, but glad to see a little youth and hunger get in the lineup on the blue line....

Only one thing to do now...Slay those Bruins!


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