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Habs vs. Bruins | Game Thread | Game 5


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On the kovalev penalty, the boston player was clearing holding kovalev's stick, you can see it on the replay!!

also, komisarek already having an impact on this team, did you see his hit!!!:devil:

And last thing : what the hell was that? crosscheck to the back of zed's head!! thats ridiculous.... should've been called. Yes i know zed gave him a little shot to start with but hey, thats what goes on in front of the net everynight, but boynton went too far with that crosscheck.

anyways, going to watch the game now its beginning again after the first intermission.


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Originally posted by Prime Minister Koivu

Just got home from work as Kovy scored.  


How is Kommi?

How is Theo?

Man am I ever nervous.


Theo has played his most solid period in the first (according to rds). Well, he didn't give a goal yet, so...

As for Komi.. he just missed 4 times in a row to throw the puck out of the zone lol.. Except that he's pretty good, for what I saw. He gotta be nervous, but he looks ok:ghg:

And now a great hit KOMI on Samso!!! wooo

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We are winning!!! I think the Habs have to know now that they can't sit back with a 2 goal lead against this team -- got to get a third!

Sounds like the refs have let quite a few things go again?

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