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Canadiens to charge season ticket holders extra for paper tix


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6 hours ago, lazy26 said:

Well, I bought tickets for an individual game, and they still charge you $5 for your mobile ticket (vs $15 for a paper ticket).  This is after a $24 service charge for waiting in a virtual waiting room for 2 hours.

Sounds fair.

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The whole mobile ticket helps with the environment and prevents scalping is all a marketing scam. While it does help those two areas it's really 90% about collecting consumer data. This allows the venue, promoters, ticketing agencies, sponsors, etc better market to you. What they don't tell you is that slowly the mobile ticket is going to turn into a tracking device. It's already been in testing in some smaller venues. This allows them to see where you are at all times during the event. Again the sole purpose of this is to collect data to be used in marketing. This can't be done with a simple print at home or hard ticket.


I personally am not a big fan of mobile ticketing it does have it's perks but there are too many negatives associated with it for my tastes. Also I'm sure 90% of people would disagree with me on this but scalping(not scamming and selling fake tickets) is actually really good for the industry. My friends on long island used to get $60 islander tickets for $2-5 all the time. You look at Calgary flames 12/20 game min price is $51 but on resale it's $13. Part of moving to mobile tickets is to prevent people from getting those cheaper tickets and having to deal with only the primary. When you only have 1 real market things like Mayweather fight happen where face value all of a sudden turns into 10k a ticket.


Another issue is what happened to the U2 concert in Vancouver and I think on the east coast a few weeks ago. The service went down that had the mobile tickets and no one could get into the venues.



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