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HABS vs SENS (Ex: Game #2)


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So much for the team "A" team "B stuff...


Prospect Alexander Perezhogin will make his first exhibition start while Marcel Hossa, Mike Komisarek, Michael Ryder, François Beauchemin and Chris Higgins will also be in the lineup after playing against Boston.

Not complaining though , its better then watching Dykhuis or someone else.

BTW : Archer , Balej , and Michaud have been cut (Click Here!)

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I think they're gonna give the kids a lot of playing time early in the pre-season sched... then progressively go the eventual starting lineup on opening day, so the lines can get a rythym going.

I agree with that.

And Ribeiro won't be playing, so for the 1st time this year someone other than him will be the Habs' best player on the ice tonight... woohoo ;)

As for the cuts, Michaud is gone because I think Theo wants to see a lot of action to get ready... he didn't like the idea of splitting time in nets.

I'll be curious to see if he plays the whole game tonight.

Balej & Archer weren't making the team, so no biggie.

P.S. Markov won't be playing yet again, and I've read he's looked less than 100% through training camp... what kind of lingering injury is this?

We need him in top shape this year, I hope he'll be ready for the start of the year.

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Our lineup tonight...

Ryder - Koivu - Sundstrom

Bulis - Perreault - Perezhogin


Dwyer - Higgins - Ward

Souray - Rivet

Beauchemin - Brisebois

Hainsey - Komisarek



0-0 early in first.

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This goal: Dwyer from Ward and Hainsey at 6:50.

However, as I was updating the score, the Sens have scored again. Bonk from Smrek at 7:23.

3-2 Senators, roughly 8 minutes into the 2nd.

Edit: Fichaud injured stick hand, left game. Theodore back in goal now. Theodore gets a nice ovation upon returning to the ice.

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Originally posted by puck7x

Koivu has left the game (will not return) with a right knee injury...


(fichaud also broke his right index finger , but who really gives a crap about that?)

ohh sh!t! That would be so sad! Argh come on.

Please Koivu.. stay healthy!

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But thats not really important since the big story is the status of Koivu after his knee injury...

Player of the game for the habs , definitely Ryder... He looked great in the pierrefond scrimmages , and is looking great in the pre-season action.

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Originally posted by Dalhabs

there are people here now?   cool...    Our Perreault vs. Ribeiro problem is solved...      DAMN KOIVU... DONT START THIS AGAIN....

yup.. no koivu no kilger.. we need centers!!

Habs have a lot of (too much) players, but somehow, they always need them all. That's sad, we are never able to have our best roster. Anyways, perhabs that'll open the door for kids like Ryder and Higgins.


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Koivu suffered sprained right knee , will be re-evaluated tomorrow...

Argh... Hope he makes the start of the season , well a sprain is better then a tear.

<hr color=red>


1 2 3 T

Ottawa 2 1 1 4

Montreal 0 2 1 3


Ottawa 12 6 7 25

Montreal 8 12 6 26

Period 1 --


1, Ottawa, Serge Payer 1

(Denis Hamel, Zdeno

Chara), 10:41.

2, Ottawa, Chris Phillips 1 (power play)

(Daniel Alfredsson), 12:02.


C Schubert, Ott (roughing), 2:44;

S Souray, Mon (hooking), 11:54;

C Neil, Ott (major fighting), 14:36;

G Dwyer, Mon (major fighting), 14:36;

C Higgins, Mon (hooking), 18:08.

Period 2--


3, Montreal, Craig Rivet 1 (power play)

(Joe Juneau, Michael Ryder), 3:04.

4, Montreal, Gordie Dwyer 1 (Jason Ward,

Ron Hainsey), 6:50.

5, Ottawa, Radek Bonk 1 (Peter Smrek), 7:53.


A Hedlund, Ott (interference), 1:06;

P Smrek, Ott (tripping), 11:19;

Y Perreault, Mon (cross checking), 12:21;

D Corso, Ott (tripping), 13:17.

Period 3-


6, Montreal, Yanic Perreault 1

(Michael Ryder), 3:36.

7, Ottawa, Chris Kelly 1

(Peter Smrek, Zdeno Chara), 14:08.


C Schubert, Ott (tripping), 5:13;

- Bench, Mon (toomany men served by M Ryder), 5:56;

M Komisarek, Mon (interference),


Power Plays

OTT - 1 of 4,

MON - 1 of 5.

Goalies :


Patrick Lalime (17 shots, 15 saves),

Ray Emery (10:08 of 2nd period,

9, 8; record: 1-0-0).


Jose Theodore (21 shots, 18 saves; record: 0-1-0),

Eric Fichaud (start of 2nd period, 4, 3),

Jose Theodore (13:17 of 2nd period).


Chris Lee, Eric Furlatt.


David Brisebois, Steve Barton.

[Edited on 2003-9-21 by puck7x]

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