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  1. Mete is almost making the argument for replacing him in the lineup ... physical and tough is not exactly his raison d'ĂȘtre
  2. Absolutely ... those two need to get going (hopefully Gallagher can heal up in the down time) ... but it wasn't just them ... Domi and Armia (3rd and 4th in goal scoring in the regular season) were blanked as well ... on the other hand, Philly won its games without any of their top 5 goal scorers from the season getting any either ... these teams are in VERY similar situations that way
  3. I agree it is a valid approach ... however, I see it as difficult for the Habs to get top-end UFA talent (and retain any elite talent) without overpaying which as you point out is a no-no in the modern cap world ... making that model more challenging for them It will be interesting to see how MB approaches the offseason ... there are some teams in cap trouble, but not certain the "payoff" to taking on a bad contract would be much of an upgrade on what the Habs already have in terms of the current roster, more likely to receive picks and/or a good prospect ... having broken the silent-pact by making the Aho offer sheet, curious to see if he tries again ... will at least keep the board hoping
  4. Respond however you wish ... I've made my views clear ... I accept that you don't accept them ... also accept that you feel there is a right and wrong choice between our views ... so be it
  5. Challenge for this series, unlike Pens, might be the Flyers goaltending ... in the play-ins (minimum 2 games) Price had the best Sv% (.947) and 3rd best GAA (1.67) ... but in his three games in the round robin Carter Hart had a .960 Sv% and a 1.00 GAA ... would be a good time for Drouin and Tartar to break out
  6. I'm not a Weise advocate, so to me it looks like Weal versus Poehling choice to join Domi and Belzile ... would love to have a perspective from someone who has seen the TC and practices to see it Poehling has shown anything to merit dressing.
  7. He did seem to have issues when moved to the wing earlier in the season but didn't see anything but 100% effort against Pens ... but hard to move him up at the moment ... would be ideal if Hudon hadn't seemed to wear out his welcome as he has better scoring skills than the alternatives ... but haven't read/heard that he is making it hard for the habs to not dress him by his play in TC/practice ... in slightly fewer games Belzile had twice the production Weise had in Laval this season, so I see him as a slightly better option ... Weal and Poehling a bit of a toss-up IMO ... the former is more experienced and the latter bigger and stronger (with perhaps more scoring potential) ... Weal hasn't produced with Domi so might be worth giving Ryan a shot ... as long as he hasn't just lolly-gagged his way through TC and practice
  8. Totally agree ... it is a 2/3 year process to target a draft and a multi-year process to build with the youth drafted and prospects acquired ... then selected veterans can be targeted in trades when the cupboards are full youth ... would never suggest a rebuild is a one year process ... but this season was a unique opportunity as the Habs had a shot at the #1 overall without having to intentionally tank or truly rebuild ... the team just had a horrible season
  9. Like the idea of seeing what Poehling can contribute ... also agree Max is a winger in the longer term ... just don't see Domi moving to wing on the 4th line ... What I can't comment on is whether Poehling has shown enough in the "training camp" and practices to warrant the chance over Weal or belzile
  10. Very much liked what Juulsen showed two years ago, it will be interesting to see what he can do in 20/21 ... Fleury showed great promise IMO this past season and could develop into a sold 2nd pairing RHD ... Josh Brooks seems to need another year in Laval to see if he has NHL potential ...*** if *** the Habs were to choose to move out any veterans RHD could be a target for prospects in return as well
  11. This year was a unique opportunity to get a #1 overall pick without cleaning out veterans to tank ... NEVER suggested the coach/team should "tank" against Pittsburgh, just expressed my preference that they not win because of the relatively unique opportunity that presented this season ... next season is not a practical tank target, it takes a couples of years IMO, especially with the extremely short off-season this year ... but if the team again has virtually no chance of making the playoffs as the deadline approaches I would again hope for the team to slide further ... but if they are in the hunt next January/February I would not ever hope for losses.
  12. Hardly, it is what TO did ... move out veterans with value ... take back bad contracts for premium payoffs of picks/prospects and target to bottom out for a strong draft
  13. Now ... since neither of us will ever convince the other to change our view, how about a new topic ... where do you stand on Bergevin ... see what happens until his contract is up, extend him or look for a replacement?
  14. Think I have ... don't just randomly tank just to try to get the first overall pick, or do it every year until you get that pick (which could be Yakupov-ish) but rather look ahead for the next few drafts and plan the tank with that draft as the target
  15. Which is why proper tanking is to be strategic strategic and target a draft with a couple of elite players at the top ... NOBODY with any proper understanding of the concept of tanking has ever suggested just tanking every year just because they want to tank ... despite what opponents claim
  16. If the Oilers win the second lottery ... do they want another top prospect or immediate help? What do they need? McDavid, Draisaitl and Nugent-Hopkins all played 22-23 minutes per game in the play-in ... only those three and Yamamoto played more than 11 minutes per game 5-on-5 ... they may be looking for top 6 forward depth ... on defence, Adam Larson has one year left @ $4.167M but was 4th TOI and Russell one yr @ $4M at 5th place TOI ... not to mention James Neal with 3 yrs @ $5.75M ... AND ... Oilers are tight-ish with the cap if they want to improve their roster If MB thinks he can either live with Neal on the third line, or move him with some AAV retained, that could be one way to approach it ... say Domi for the first overall, Neal and Puljarvi as a starting point for talks? Have heard/read talk of Edmonton being hot for Gallagher
  17. Until the Habs opponent is decided, this seems like the most appropriate place ... Stamkos not expected to play against Flyers today ... and is an unknown quantity going forward ... he is only 5 months removed from "core muscle surgery" ... wouldn;t be shocked if he is out until 20/21 season ... big plus for Habs if Bolts get past Flyers
  18. Absolutely ... and while I do not predict it will happen, neither would I be shocked if Weber is traded next summer (maybe in some way related to the Seattle draft) ... but I do subscribe to the "move them one year too soon rather than one year too late" theory
  19. Agreed ... on the 4th line Max plays centre ... although they could assign Evans the defensive responsibilities to free up Domi to push some offence
  20. Don't disagree ... but then Domi stays at 4C ... Drouin and tartar aren't moving to the 4th line
  21. I'll agree to disagree about the relative merits of sacrificing the shot at #1 (guaranteed #9) for "making the 2020 playoffs" (despite MB's carefully constructed team having an abysmal season) ... I'll be cheering unabashedly now, because it is now what is best for the team ... and that is what both sides of the "tank" issue really want ... But totally agree with optimism for the future of defence corps ... eager to see Romanov, Juulsen and Fleury next season ... with Norlinder, Harris, Stuble in 21/22 and beyond ... even Fairbrother is somewhat intriguing
  22. Team Tank as you call it doesn't want to tank every season, it wants strategic planning to tank in seasons with 2-3 elite players available ... like 2016 (Matthews, Laine, Dubois), 2015 (McDavid, Eichel, Marner), 2010 (Hall, Seguin), 2009 (Tavares, Hedman) ... no reason to suck if the reward is Yakupov/Murray/Galchenyuk ... this season is reputed to be another "good" draft ... as is the 2021 draft. Sure, there is no guarantee that you get the top players, but it isn't like the last 26 seasons been a rousing success with the "hope to make the playoffs and see" approach ... with an occasional glimpse at a chance for the Cup Finals (twice) ... I was good with that for a long time but finally lost faith ... even with a decent collection of prospects for the first time in many, many years I don't see the Habs becoming any more than "a playoff favourite and see" team ... I can advocate for a rebuild while cheering for the players/team if management is happy with the hamster wheel they are on.
  23. And rational discussion is precluded when it falls to third grade name calling
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