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  1. Normally agree ... but it has become Friedman's "signature"
  2. Rocket should gladly accept players in return for draft picks ... kidding ... sort of
  3. Could have but it didn't make the list that they are choosing from ... and expect the TR fans want "their own team" not a recycled name from Montreal and Nova Scotia ... plus, the TR owners have to consider the possibility that the affiliation agreement is only three years ... some other ECHL city/franchise could make the Habs a better offer at that time or another NHL team could make TR a better offer ... their own name makes the most sense
  4. Celtics is a bit of a reach IMO as Boston is a hugely Irish city, so not the appropriation that some others might be ... and Olympiques was adopt-ted in 1976 so the are actually named after a Canadian event. But fair enough ... we all have things that are our "nemesis".
  5. Embarrassingly (?), I am drawing a blank on examples currently in use beyond Titans and Argonauts ... maybe in the NCAA or minor leagues
  6. As a Trifluvian that has history for me ... the team narrowed it down to 8 and asked fans to vote, the deadline was January 4th, no announcement that I've seen ... the options were: Flambeau les Forges/Forgerons le Club de Hockey de Trois-Rivières les Lions les Riverains les Saints les Tritons le 1634. Think they decided to move away from Les Draveurs (or perhaps a naming rights issue) ... the first two have local Trois Rivieres meaning but Tritons would associate to a powerful mythological entity
  7. It is finally OFFICIAL ... starting next season
  8. Fair enough ... I agree with not giving up Romanov
  9. How in the world did you ever think I was suggesting that Romanov be traded?
  10. The ideal time to make trades is when it doesn't look like you need to make a trade ... and come the off-season there will be more bidders ... which is why CBJ likely prefer to wait, but if MB can make a deal now-is that he feels improves the roster he shouldn't hesitate ... unless Bergevin has credible intelligence that PLD is not a "good guy in the room" ... then of course he wouldn't even be calling Columbus.
  11. Just saw a clip of Weber's post-game Zoom talking about McDavid and draisaitl ... Crash Davis would be proud
  12. Breakaways can be stopped ... not babying Drouin (it was a bad play) or blaming Allen ... was just saying it wasn't like it was an "own goal" to blow the shutout
  13. An Oilers fan would argue that with at least two posts it should have been a tie game and gone to O/T ... would/coulda/shoulda ... ain't
  14. Who did they sneak into #62? LOL Nice reward for an "honest" player
  15. In his Zoom this afternoon call Claude did mention one of the things that can lead to a change in their goaltending schedule is a "what it looks like Allen might do" ... and it would give price the two games separated by a day so it could work.
  16. Did Draisaitl let himself go down or is Weber THAT strong?
  17. I can see why, from the ref's angle, it may have looked like Petry checked the Oiler into his own goalie ... but the replay was clear ... but gutsy challenge as it could have given Oilers a PP to start the 3rd
  18. Thought the same, but a look at the stats shows he actually finished the game on-the-ice, and had one more shift in the third than any other period (of course the last was only 4 seconds)
  19. 20 years from now it will be a wicked blast from the point that picked the top corner LOL
  20. RDS showed him in a relatively harmless looking contact in the corner to Allen's left but then on his way to the bench he seemed to glide with most of his weight on one foot the last third/half of the way
  21. Of course next season KK is no longer on an entry level contract ... likely won't be be near PLD's $5M, unless MB goes long-term ... KK has 4 more seasons until free agency so an 8-yr deal could "buy out" 4 years of free agency ... seriously doubt KK gets that type of contract unless he has a huge breakout season and the Habs are confident they know what he will be going forward.
  22. And Price-Allen-Price-Allen this week would achieve the same result (a 4-2) split and give Carey a longer break before the home opener ... but in his Zoom call Claude referenced a season long plan that is adjusted as required ... expect this was pre-planned and there really is no reason to change it ...
  23. Not certain that Allen-Price-Allen-Price is really any different with "keeping Price fresh", which I fully support, than Price-Allen-Price-Allen ... BTW, in terms of "freshness" the P-A-P-A sequence gives Carey 6 days off before the home opener ... and I don't think Allen would be started because of a fear of the team being subconsciously, somewhat overconfident ... I would just would prefer to see Allen's first start be in more of a "clean slate" game.
  24. Fair point ... but frankly it is the team more than the goalie that concerns me tonight ... easy to be subconsciously overconfident ...
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