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  1. Smart move by Boston to play Halak...
  2. it wasn’t... lately they are struggling a bit.
  3. Scoring is drying up... losing two I a row... could be an ugly December if they don’t get some guys going.
  4. One of the worse reffed games I have seen in some time... they call all those weak penalties but not tripping on Subban? I agree on the non goal. But the refs called so many crap penalties there was no flow at all.
  5. I was wondering the same thing.... or trying to out do each other with weak calls.
  6. Refs are sure one sided tonight...the refs saw the high stick on Drouin. Looked right at it and then the bench.. he didn’t call it because he was mad at Julien. That should be dealt with by the league as unacceptable.. in fact the bench minor was a shit call too... that said,,, the Habs didn’t show up for two periods so they are lucky to get a point.
  7. Finally something...hope it gets their feet moving.
  8. Can’t win simple battles to clear the zone... soft....
  9. Boston can turn it on and the Habs defence falls apart... sheesh...
  10. Price really needs to step up... good going mete
  11. Nice push back... hopefully that gets Byron going.
  12. Lots of goalies have four good games.. means nothing... what matters is can he play like the top player on the team. He has been pretty average this season. Habs are winning on goal scoring. that said, the team defence blows.
  13. Hate watching Drouin coast past the goal when Domi is shooting.., he has to learn to drive the net and stick there to cause havoc or get a rebound...
  14. And we knocked the greatest team in the history of the nhl, Stanley cup favourites, and Canada media darling maple leafs out of a playoff spot. Still have a game in hand too
  15. Haven’t made two passes in a row in five minutes... costing them.
  16. Weber is slow for this nhl... he will never be as effective as he was in the past. He is still a good defenseman but we need better D around him. He can’t dominate like he use to.
  17. Not sure why you feel that... they were out played and out chanced all night... shots on goal were close but scoring chances were significantly in Detroit’s favor.
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