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  1. Grabovsky is injured. He is expected to miss at least 10-14 days with a knee injury .... so don't hold your breath.
  2. Bob McKenzie seems to think that he will end up in the minors because no one will want his lack of scoring for such a high price. Full article: http://www.tsn.ca/tsn_talent/columnists/bob_mckenzie/
  3. If Dino Sisto thinks he should be fired, then it is pretty much set that he is doing a good job.
  4. Carbo is a good coach ... not great, yet. Samsonov desrves what he got ... he put himself before the team, and whinned too much. We need a new center of 1 or 2nd line caliber to go with our Koivu 1/2 line caliber. When we have two solid scoring lines, and Pleks and Bonk centering the other two lines, we will have a very nice and ballanced offence. BTW, what are we talking about the current core of players? Rivet, Markov, and Koivu? Those are just about the only guys who have seen 4 coaches.
  5. Yes, but when we are trying to find more cap space, adding additional cap for a player coming off injury who may not really help us doesn't make too much sense. I don't think we will see a change in D unless it is for a truly gifted offensive D-man, and maybe a trade for Souray ... maybe. We need a better 1/2 line center more than another D.
  6. Aucoin is expensive. Last thing we need is another expensive D unless they take rivet in the process ... or Niimina.
  7. I think he has become a distraction, and they just wanted the distraction gone. Some kids from the AHL can fill his 7 goals pretty easily. We'll see about the big trade theory. Hopefully, but who knows.
  8. He sucked in Edmonton last year too. If you were making as much as he is, and weren't doing a spectacular job, you WOULD get abused my your boses.
  9. Sammy for Smolinsky might not be that bad. Depends on what other center we could get though. Smolinski isn't exactly the right fit, but is probably better than nothing. Jozef Stumple or Forsberg might be better options for us. Will be interesting to see what comes down the pipe.
  10. noyce! Looking forward to seeing what he can do with the dogs next season.
  11. You know, when I was a kid we were always dreaming of getting a superstar in Montreal like Lemieux or Savard, because of the french connection ... and it never happened. People do not trade superstars that often, and when they do it is usually for way too much, or it is at the end of their career when they are no longer producing. The Roys, and THortons are the acceptions. Getting Crosby in the red white and blue was a pipe dream at best. He is stuck in ugly old steel town for the rest of his life like his mentor. Sux to be him!
  12. Some people might see this as a racist comment.
  13. More toughness on the second-line. Ryder hasn't been outplayed by Samsonov yet.
  14. If I lived in Saint Louis Missouri I'd fear blacks too. The US has treated non- white protestants so badly in the last few centuries that it is no doubt that they have been trained to live off society alternative ways, including using white protestants as a source of income. Also, the stats on St-Louis are in part because St-Louis is one of those mid-American cities who have seen time pass it by. In New York you do not see the same thing happening. Also, 1970s really saw the population of cars in North America rise. This made it easier to get to the burbs.
  15. I think he means that this city loves the underdog, only as long as that underdog speaks french. I would agree with him ...
  16. I never said anything about racism. However, people may live 70 miles away, but a lot more live within a 10 KM radius of Mt-Royal ... WAY more. I'd live 100 KM away in the country side too, if I could. But that is because I like the country side, and I don't like crack heads and some of the other problems with the city. I'd still want a pied-a-terre in MTL ... but none of this is racially motivated. People in Quebec schools are taught to fear black people? I'm shocked. I have never heard this before. I'd like to hear from some of our franco community on that point. Mass transportation was done out by cheap cars. Now the cost to install new mass transportation is huge, and no politician wants it on his/her budget. Also, since the city is set up for cars, and not mass transport, either you have to build underground (very expensive), you have to take away parking space from cars (gets shop keepers mad & is slow because it gets stuck in traffic). These are the real issues IMO. Never seen or heard the race card been played in this situation.
  17. You should understand the arguments that you make. Living in the burbs is expensive in part because you have to own, register, insure, repair and fuel a car. Add about at least $5000 per year to own and maitain a car. The real price is porbably more like $10, 000, after all the parking, the tickets, etc. So by eliminating the need for a car you make it a cheaper place to live. People aren't affraid that other people with metro to their commonity, rob it, and then leave. They are affraid that less rich people will not be able to afford living in their area, and that their poor children will break in to their house for some money to buy some fresh duds, drugs, or to help pay for their car. Not forgiving this argument, just understanding it. On another issue, how many of you have spent real time riding a bike in MTL winters (I have), or spent a lot of time waiting for buses in MTL (I have), or have walked over 5 KMs every day in the WINTER (I have). It is very cold, and unless you are a poor student, it is very inpractical. Better light transit would be good .... but it would have to also be very cheap and efficient in order for it to be practical; and the cost of the car would have to sky rocket. One of the reasons it works in Europe is that the cities are a lot smaller and more compact. Even the large cities are more compact. North America is all about the sprawl.
  18. This should be the habs's Mantra. When they keep it simple and play solid, they win. When they try to be superstars, they lose.
  19. Couldn't disagree with you more. Abie never inherited Theo's bad Karma, unless you are talking about those brianless boobirds at The Bell center. If expectations for Abie were to be like Theo, Abie would suck right now, and be on the bench. Abie is seen as expendable because he is an expensive back-up, and a tradable commodity. That is all.
  20. Samsonov has been doing pretty well with Bonk it seems. I prefer the Koivu, Latender, Kovalev combo people have been discussing ... or replace Tender with Higgins if/when he starts playing better.
  21. 5-4 shoot out loss. #### got 1 shoot out goal, but missed on his second. That sealed the loss. Still, it seems that the Bulldogs are a one line team with the "D'Agostini Grabs ####" line. They accounted for 3 of the 4 regular time goals. Grabs: 1 goal, 2 assists ####: 1 goal, 2 ass (1 shoot-out goal) D'Agostini: 1 goal, 1 ass. Danis: s/o loss I think that a whole line might be able to graduate soon to the Habs if we do make a big trade. They could be a great second line. BTW, #### is +22 for the season. Must be some great 5-5 goals.
  22. We're in a slump. At least our 3-4 lines are not in it. Hopefully we will come out of it soon. Stop all being Chicken Littles and thinking the sky is falling. Our needs haven't changed. Secondline center, and a offensive D man. Slump or no slump.
  23. Kostitsyn seems to be shout-out gold. If all his shoot out goals were included in his stats he would be looking very good statistically.
  24. If you prefer any american network then I am going to laugh myself silly.
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