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Avery sure does love his prostitutes

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This means Elisha Cuthbert is a prostitute.


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Avery is a prostitute. I lost all respect for Elisha Cuthbert when she started dating this physco. Didn't have much in the first place since her friends are the pantyless girls Paris hilton and Britney. :puke:

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Take that back!

She's with Komisarek now...

Phaneuf, I thought.

dude... it's not that he went to prostitutes... It's that he went to the discount prostitutes. Spitzer was throwing down $4000-5000 a girl, Avery was skimpin at $500 and is denying it. Also, he is a tool.

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Rangers hockey star Sean Avery joked with teammates Saturday about being named in a notorious Manhattan madam's little black book - and blamed his "enemies" for planting his private cell phone number.

"We've been laughing hysterically about this all morning," Avery told the Daily News at the Rangers' practice facility in Tarrytown, Westchester County.

Avery, 27, speculated that an adversary used his name and number to book a $500 date through the Maison de L'Amour brothel.

"Oh, I certainly have a lot of enemies - I know that - as much as I have a lot of people that like me," he said

"I do know that if I ever was to venture into one of these establishments, I definitely wouldn't use my own name," he said. "I think that that would probably be stating the obvious."

Avery said he has no intention of changing his cell phone number, which is registered in California, where he used to play for the L.A. Kings.


Obviously he's not too concerned

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I too think the profession should be legalized... but the reality of the matter is that prostitutes right now are deeply troubled girls, almost always stuck with drugs problems. I've seen too many of them in my old job, I wouldn't touch any of them with a ten foot pole. They always look 10 years older because they're so banged up.

I hope Avery caught Hepatitis or something.

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Here in Nanaimo we've got a prostitute problem. Of course typical of B.C. people do studies that show the province will save a ton of money if they had red light districts, housed all the homeless etc but then nobody does anything. lol

A study came out last week province would save 200 million dollars a year, if we built housing for all the homeless. Province would save millions if they got prostitutes off the street and into buildings. Yet governments make up insane reasons why they're not doing the "common sense" approach (to steal an over used right wing line). The common sense would be to "hey we should make this legal because then we can control it." Then of course conspiracy theories start about 'its the americans who are not letting us be sovereign' etc. etc. Then the people against it consider not every human equal. So its all pigs are equal, but some are more equal then others.

You see this with abandoned children. We see a kid abandoned on the streets and there's public outcry. We see a homeless or addict on the corner its "their fault" and they're scorned. lol we're the biggest hypocrites around, we tell countries how to have "human rights" when we don't care about the poor and lost in our own society. Fix your own house before you can go around the neighbourhood telling other how to clean.

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Who cares! If he likes to pay for it, and he has got the cash, why not?

Because it's encouraging crime like drug-use, protection rackets and illegal gun crime.

As well as giving married men with wandering eyes/hands/****s an easy outlet that they should, by law, have no right to.

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First I thought they meant this Kristin Davis, who's in a sex tape scandal right now.

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okay this is now the kinky behaviour thread


Jewish groups in Britain Monday condemned the head of motor racing's Formula One after he was pictured in a tabloid newspaper allegedly participating in an orgy with prostitutes dressed as Nazi guards.

The News of the World published photographs Sunday which showed Max Mosley spanking and being whipped by five girls.

Mosley, 67, the president of the FIA which governs Formula One, is shown brandishing a whip and wearing ankle chains.


The son of infamous British wartime fascist leader Oswald Mosley is filmed romping with five hookers at a depraved NAZI-STYLE orgy in a torture dungeon. Mosley— a friend to F1 big names like Bernie Ecclestone and Lewis Hamilton— barks ORDERS in GERMAN as he lashes girls wearing mock DEATH CAMP uniforms and enjoys being whipped until he BLEEDS.

The multi-millionaire son of Sir Oswald, who was a pal of Adolf Hitler, plays a concentration camp commandant in a FIVE-HOUR torture chamber video.

Mosley—the most powerful man in motor-racing—barks orders in German as he WHIPS two hookers dressed in striped uniforms reminiscent of AUSCHWITZ garb while girls in Nazi uniforms look on.

At one point the wrinkled 67-year-old—who publicly likes to give the impression he has put his father's evil legacy behind him—yells "she needs more of ze punishment!" while brandishing a LEATHER STRAP over a brunette's naked bottom.

Then the lashes rain down as Mosley counts them out in German: "Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Fünf! Sechs!"

With each blow, the girl yelps in pain as grinning, grey-haired Mosley becomes clearly aroused. And after the beating, he makes her perform a sex act on him.

Last month the urbane president of the FIA—Formula One's governing body—hit the headlines when he announced a crackdown on racism in the sport after McLaren ace Lewis Hamilton was abused by Spanish spectators.

But on Friday the only ‘crackdowns' married Mosley was interested in were on bare buttocks...including his own.


it gets better bitton you reading this? If you can write like that, you'll make a killing.

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