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  1. Montreal is blessed to be playing most of their games against the Atlantas and Toronto no talent teams this year. The injuries on the backend would destroy most teams but aa weak division and semi decent coaching has allowed Habs to fight for a playoff spot. JM is a decent coach, however if he was replaced next year I would not shed a tear. What was that number, between Habs and Vancouver their combined number of Dmen used this year was 25? Incredible how both teams survived this.
  2. Seems like the only moves Habs could make are just stop gap injury fill in type trades this year. I knew nothing major in player movement was going to happen and this trade was actually a surprise to me.
  3. Wow lots of changes on the Board since I last visited. I see our Habs are doing the usual in sitting tight with the talent they have. Going to be a very interesting playoffs. I am so glad Habs did not trade any of the youth away as that was past habs mistakes. Just going to have to ride out that Gomez contract, yet I have a feeling he will be good in the playoffs again.
  4. If Montreal has to rely on Halak as the Number one goalie then there is going to be no playoffs for the Habs. I like him, he is good, however I have not seen anything that makes me think he is a better goalie.
  5. I Blame all the HABS fans because we know everything there is to know about everything that ever existed and will exist in the glorious land of the Habs. Face it, we are perfect and more knowledgeable than people that actually played professionally. We are also better at drawing up plays and making matchups work. We are habs fans and we are perfect. :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: :hlogo: Well I am perfect, not the rest of you habs fans I am glad Montreal now has an experienced coach as the real weakness I could see with one of my Hockey heroes (Carbo) is that he got frustrated.
  6. 24 HD games on CBC is cool for me. I have a QAM tuner in my High Def LG TV and built a High Def antenna pointed at T-Dot broadcating tower. HD on cable blows compared to HD OTA (which is free). Now I can give Dong Churry the finger in high Def when Crotches corner comes on.
  7. Sportsnet stole a buch of Laughs games. Sportsnet / Laughs
  8. This is a good read and I encourage members here to read this. The front page is the best feature for me in regards to this site. On a sidenote, anyone notice BLOWHARD jack@ss Brian Burke did nothing for the Laughs. hahaha losertown is still losertown!
  9. Grabovski will eventually whither away in the Hockey Universe of Burke. He will probably trade this guy just to move up in the draft.
  10. Never said they were bad, just that they are CORE players on this team and it don't work. Detroits CORE eurpean players work because they drive the net, score goals and work on plays without looking over their shoulders to see if they are going to get hit. Truth hurts sometimes.
  11. That is why Habs are due to get it right this year!!!! ... i hope..........
  12. Wow, so many armchair GM/s blaming Price. Yup, Habs score 6 goals in 4 games and it is Price's fault as he did not score any goals. This team lost because they don't drive the net, don't hit the net with their shots, have NO offensive weapons clicking, and play like a soft team. Too many Euro's in core positions on this team, they just dissapear at playoff time.
  13. It will be interesting to see how the team moves forward. Now that the year is over, it is time to look forward to the draft and free agency. I believe Bob will continue to be the GM and hope he can address size on the wings and down the middle. Also I hope Krex gets resigned along with Higgins and Tanguay. Price will be better next year and have time to heal. In the draft there are a few good players this so Habs should be drafting need over speed. I have a lot of respect for the current habs players and thank them for the effort in making the playoffs. It might have been brief but I did enjoy cheering on my team. Go Habs 2009-2010 Go
  14. Wow, just checking out the forums to see the reactions to the series so far and..... A breath of fresh air! Nice post MK1 as you are not a habs fan with Blinders set on full BLIND. This is the team Bob built which is marginally better than the teams that missed the playoffs. This is the team that Bob will move forward with minus the useless Koivu, Kovalev and a few more UFA's. Time to finally address the centre position by trading with a team up against the cap. This will require Bob to take back a bad contract, however the position will be filled. Habs could even trade up in the draft just by taking a bad contract if there is a certain centre available. Anyone wanting Koivu+Kovalev experiment back at a discount is misguided as home town discounts are rare. Plus these guys are no show in the playoffs. No Wins = No Show.
  15. Could be worse. Could be one of the same complainers that say Gainey sucks. I remember before Gainey got here the habs were just garbage with no talent and no playoffs. Montreal has depth and a core of young players (whether they are good or not is another arguement) that must start producing. Chipchura was supposed to be the centre of the future but failed. The off season free agents are going to be shocked how few teams have cap room. Gainey is betting the franchise by going UFA next year while promoting young players up from the farm. Sure we are all disappointed by the lack of vision by Gainey at trade deadline, however I find I would rather have him at the helm manning the boat than have a bunch of Whiners running the show. This board has so many whiners, it just adds to the fact Habs fans are so hated world wide!
  16. I did not watch the trades today. Who is out for the Barfaloes? Anybody new suiting up for them? If many trades I say advantage Habs due to no upset of the applecart and Price takes back the fans support for him to be the #1 goalie. :hlogo:
  17. I am glad Gainey did not trade for some of the rejects that were being offered. cole out of Edmonton or Williams out of Carolina would be good. Everyone else including joke-in-in is better off away from what Montreal is trying to do. REBUILD PLAN! I hope the habs do well in the playoffs even though I have low expectations. Best trade Montreal made is the non trade while adding Tanguay back soon. Habs added Lang, Tanguay, Sneider, the Rock, and a Flyer spare part. To me that is many additions... Go Gainey.
  18. You will get your wish in the offseason as I do not see many of the UFA coming back, or being offered a contract.
  19. True habs fans cheer for victories. True Leaf fans cheer for individual players who float. I want Habs to win... PERIOD!
  20. True, I am just thinking of future RFA that may get concerned about being run out of town. I didnt want this guy signed in the first place but do stick up for players that decided on Montreal to play hockey. Including Mr. Kovalev.
  21. Am I the only one that thinks Kovalev will be back after his 2 game break? As much as I hate his constant cough up the puck play, he is a habs and deserves a shot at redemption. He deserves to play out his contract. Trading Kovalev for a pick when in a playoff race seems remote to me. But then again who would of thought Huet would have been traded just before the playoffs.????
  22. One word sums leaving Kovalev at home for me. GOOD!
  23. AC, I always enjoy reading your posts! They always have some thought and effort put into them. Could not agree more, Bob Gainey has brought credibility and a professional atmosphere back to Habland.
  24. I find the moderators posts who believe they know more about hockey than the rest of the posters to be quite funny. And Carbo a good coach? Wow, hockey knowledge on this board is now slumping to Leaf fan level. :puke: Oh oh, now I am about to be flamed....by a moderator no doubt. (Any experienced coach is better than carbo, PERIOD) Predictions: Habs finish 9th in the East Koivu and Tanguay get offered contracts. The rest of the underachieving UFA's, not too sure outside of Komisarek. Habsworld loses two more posters but gains three by next season.
  25. Scoring two goals is really going to win you games? And no power play, hmmm that is not an Offense problem either. But you are right in a way as this team should be better defensively with Gainey and Carbo in the organization. And Price, please get off your knees and stand up! This is the same thing that happrnrd to Theodore in Habland as he tried to play whole games on his knees.
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