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  2. I think there is zero chance the Habs sign Kadri; a) they don't have the cap room b) they are rebuilding and Kadri will be 32 in the fall They are not going to blow things up to get better next year.
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  4. He can be quick in his first few steps, but he isn't elite in the other areas of skating, top speed over long distances, turns and edge work, strength and balance, etc... He's not bad in any of these areas, he's just not going to skate like Gaudreau or Caufield, or Point, or other smaller guys who can score in the NHL. Yes skating can be improved. But its still the reason he's a third or fourth rounder probably. You have to evaluate how likely it is that he improves to an elite level in these areas. Its possible but not probable.
  5. Hughes seems to be really slick like that. He basically did with Lehks too who he moved 15 mins before the deadline because he was acting like he didnt want to trade an impending UFA they could not afford to re-sign so Sakic would pay more. It seems like he's being hush on who he wants to pick to try to get NJ to trade for the 1st pick. I'd love to see Dubois too, but it doesnt make sense to trade for him. If they want the Slovak they'd be better off waiting for Dubois to become a UFA and then sign him or just target Kadri. I did see an article that said 2 teams are willing to offer Kadri 10 mil/yr - the Habs can't afford that - but he might give the Habs a discount. Kadri could be the better option because he's been in more playoffs so its known that he's playoff producer, with Dubois that is still unknown. Plus Kadri would available next year. The only way I can see Hughes losing a trade on Petry is if he's able to sign Letang. If that happens, he doesnt need to win a trade involving Petry. He would just need to move Petry as part of creating the cap space for Letang - that would a win in itself.
  6. You mean Wright & Nemec would be amazing dont you? Address two holes on roster, wingers are dime a dozen.
  7. We certainly need a centre and I think the Habs address this in a couple of days. I hold a bit of hope that we might be picking #2 as well. It’s probably a long shot but to get Wright and Slaff would be amazing.
  8. The cost is a valid argument. Especially if you believe he really wants to be a free agent so he can go to montreal. You can just wait on him. But to say that we dont need him seems silly when we have been weak at C for so long.
  9. I’m hoping Petry brings us a first plus good prospect. TSN was talking about Petry after the McDonough trade and they seem to think there is a good market for him. I think we will find out soon
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  11. why not add Petry to that list for good measure
  12. Pollock, eh?! A handful of trades, no cup yet and he is the reincarnation of Mr. Pollock already 🤣 😂 😅
  13. We could be looking at Pollock 2.0. That's what I think he is doing, but I'm not 100% sure. He does seem to be very coy and shrewd - so far. The idea of drafting a C is better than a Winger is generally true. However, the Slov is huge and highly skilled which is very rare, and medium sized talented C's can be signed through free agency. Also, Pierre Luc Dubois wants to play for the Habs, so they dont necessarily need to draft a C. How many wingers have the Slovaks size and skill that could be a 40 g guy? Laine, but who else?
  14. if we were ready to compete for the playoffs he would be great. He isn’t worth the cost to acquire to the Habs right now (considering what the Jets paid, I doubt he is cheap!). I guess there is a chance the Jets overvalue Gallagher and Armia. If that’s the cost then you do it. IMO
  15. Interesting. Most sources I read talk about him as a solid skater "quick" is often used, but yea the word elite is never used. But skating is something that can be worked on. With Dumais being such a high skill/cerebral guy, I wonder if his skating has some room to grow (from it being decent already). Almost the definition of a high risk high reward pick. He's top 6 or nothing
  16. I 110% agree. There are definitely some big players that can skate well that I wouldn't consider to be slow. That often comes down to body type. i.e. some people are 6'4"+ that have normal bodies, then there are those that are super thick like tree trunks. Beuachamin is peculiar but good example, because when he was with the Habs he wasn't that good and was heavy + slow. However, after he left he lost 15-20 lbs and then he was like a totally different player. There are some players who make the NHL that are really small, like MSL and he wasn't drafted due to his size, but he is heavier than avg for his height. Caufield is small, but he has elite talent and should have gone top 5. Plus he is also 10-15 lbs heavier than avg for his height. Gally is small too, but he's 25-30 lbs heavier than avg for his height. However, with Firkus, he's probably 10-15lbs lighter than avg for his height. He might have NHL level skills, but he doesn't have the body to match it. i.e. he likely wont even have a regular non athletic build for his height. I don't think he'll last long either, but I dont mean the draft. Even if he has eyes in the back of his head most normal hits would wreck him, let alone actual big hits. In the playoffs theres a high probability that he would never be able to play beyond round 2.
  17. 😄 As you know, of course, the issue is in imagining a trio of Suzuki/Wright/Dubois down the middle. Assuming Wright works out, that will be a TON of cap space eaten up at C...prima facie, not the best use of cap dollars, considering we could fill the third-C slot with a cheaper up-and-comer on an entry-level deal. Then again, we would basically be indestructible down the middle. Possibly the best C depth in the league. And if flipping one of them to W is viable, there'd be that possibility too. That kind of strength and depth is indeed how contenders are made. And as I've noted before, if the Habs end up with one of the top wingers for their pick, then dealing for Dubois makes a lot of sense. I still think the Dubois rumours, if there's anything to them, have to do with the Habs exploring the possibility of drafting someone other than Wright.
  18. He will be long gone before round 4. I would be all over taking him with the Oiler's pick in round 2 but I don't think he lasts that long either.
  19. With Dumais here is the thing. Not all big players are lumbering brutes. There are some (see Noah Warren) who are also fantastic skaters. But if you are big and merely an average skater you can still make it in the NHL. If you are small, you are already behind the eight-ball. While more small players make the league today, they are for the most part very good skaters, or even better. Dumais isn't a bad skater, he's just very average. And without that elite or even very good skating, its hard to project a 5'8" player in the NHL.
  20. I'm sure he's talented but he'll most likely be an NHL bust. I wouldn't take Circus Firkus at all, unless he's a 4 rnd pick or later. He's 5'10 154 lbs, so even if he adds 20 lbs of solid muscle (= 174 lbs) he'd still be 20 lbs under average size (195 lbs). The chance of him gaining 20 lbs is practically 0, or he'd be stronger & heavier right now. It deosnt seem like he'll even be Caufield's weight.
  21. Yeah, we don't need a big centre who can put up 60 points.
  22. I expect him gone before the draft but Hughes said the issue was an unvaccinated mother in law and Canadian border restrictions. That issue isn’t solved per se but she can cross the border now at least.
  23. I agree about Firkus, a very interesting talent, a home run swing type of pick. He will be boom or bust I think.
  24. Listening to the end of the conference call, Hughes was asked about Petry. He seemed to be very open to Petry coming back and when you think about, it's also a good negotiating ploy to make it seem like there is no panic at all to trade him. If there is not a decent offer then Petry likely stays.
  25. If he was a offensive 24yr old RH d-man, i could see it, but he isnt.
  26. In the top prospects game he looked big & sluggish, but scored a goal. Also, some of the Q folks polled, gave him high praise as an opponent...so maybe a nice "local" 3rd line centre down the road. But, if it is him or say... a Firkus still available at 33, i will take the 151lb, 36g 80pt WHLer in a heartbeat, who was MVP of top prospects game and looked pretty shifty and got off some shots most wouldnt of. Button mock draft; https://www.tsn.ca/button-has-habs-making-the-wright-pick-in-final-mock-draft-1.1819441
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