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  1. Yeah. To counter that, I have buddy that's a life long Leafs fan and he is as humble as they come.
  2. Come on Habs! Score the first bloody goal tonight!!!
  3. Yeah tonight is one of the few times in my life where I have to cheer for the Bruins to win. :-( In the first round, I would cheer for the Leafs because I hate the Bruins much more. But I doubt the Leafs will advance.
  4. Yeah a couple of chances, then another good one just after the PP finished.
  5. I like Cassie in this role. However, I cannot wait for Cole to finally retire.
  6. This team is pissing away a chance at a playoff spot. I am losing confidence they will make It to the post season. When Devin Shore becomes a UFA Bergevin needs to sign him. This guy always plays his best against the Habs, like Erik Cole did before he signed with Montreal.
  7. True, and when he did his shooting percentage that season was 11.4%; very respectable. Last season, it was 7.3% This season so far, it's 5.6%. That's a disturbing trend, even for a player who is mostly a 3rd line player.
  8. He had two chances late in the period and each time passed the puck. It's one thing to be unselfish, but it was not a slam dunk clear path to the empty net. I'm saying that was a dumb play and I really question his hockey sense when it comes to offence. To me, he's only going to be a really good 4th line player, or he'll be traded out of Montreal.
  9. Hey everyone! The newest HW podcast is now online [#63, the Matthew Peca edition]. Many Habs topics were discussed between hosts Paul Macleod and Norm Szcyrek. I would like to receive some feedback about our podcasts, so please respond either in this forum, on iTunes, or via Podomatic. Thanks! Newest HW Podcast (#63)
  10. So far the Habs are 1 for 3 on the PP, which is an average I can live with. During the last one, they had some good chances, and solid possession of the puck for most of the two minutes.
  11. What a mistake by Price, to needlessly giveaway the puck to the Avs forward, which then lead to their goal.
  12. I did not notice, that was a power play goal!! :-)
  13. Gallagher with a nice tip in the slot to get the Habs on the board first! They needed that, since the Avs had a strong start, testing Price with a few very good chances.
  14. This will be a huge test for the Habs, a gut check to see if they can bounce back from one of their worst games of the season against Boston.
  15. Ugh. 4 minute PP to kill. Hockey gods need to help the Habs out.
  16. I could not tell if the whistle blew before the puck went in, but obviously if it did not then that goal should count. Julien should have used a coach's challenge.
  17. They did that for the 2nd and 3rd goals against. Both are decent skaters but could not cover their man nor anticipate wel enough.
  18. Hi everyone! Episode #62 of the HW podcast (the Arturri Lehkkonen edition) is now onlie! Many Habs topics and other NHL topics were discussed. Have a listen, and as always we love to get feedback. http://www.habsworld.net/2018/11/habsworld-podcast-episode-62/
  19. Crossbar saves Bishop versus Drouin. :-(
  20. That was a dirty knee hit on Kotkaniemi!
  21. Gallagher draws a penalty. I hope the Habs can get Bishop moving across the crease to get a better scoring chance, than just firing from the point.
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