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  1. It's not just this year that the team's entertainment value has plunged...Bergevin needs to step out of his time machine and realize the game has changed. The team has 4 lines of basically the exact same players. I dont even want to get started on the defense. It literally might be the worst of all time.
  2. Bergevin shouldn't be making any flipping trades. He had his shot, he missed it You know the saying fool me once shame on you, fool my twice shame on me..... Beregvin cannot get a second go around at building this team. It's over, move on.
  3. LeBrun said don't be too surprised if he resigns. That shouldn't even be an option Sorry, I should have read further up
  4. I think Hemsky needs to wear that jersey in an actual game.
  5. Bergevin and Jagr have bad blood.
  6. Wow, does seem like he said sorry. Funny how now the two guys who thought P.K was the problem, are both about to be out of jobs shortly
  7. If there was more Habs players in it, it would probably be a little more Intresting too
  8. The nhl changed and he didn't adapt... I can't really say I blame Julien for this team's short comings though.
  9. Gets canned from Boston and they completely turn things around... coincidence?
  10. It's the defense, plain and simple. Yes, we need a legit centre, but this defense is absolutely terrible. Bergevin shit the bed so badly on this one. It's disgusting
  11. This defense. Man oh man. Could have the best offense in the league and still lose games due to how shit this team is in their own end
  12. If JJ Daigneault has job after this season, I'm done being a Habs fan
  13. You basically just explained why he should be fired.
  14. How do you figure Bergevin is as good as any. We're about to miss the playoffs in 2 of the last 3 years. With last year being a embarrassing for round knockout. We have had trouble scoring since Bergevin took over, no number one centre since Bergevin took over, gone through 2 coaches since Bergevin took over, have had a terrible time drafting players since Bergevin took over, and have lost some quality players because of Bergevin's stubbornness. Explain to me where this guy is as good as any g.m out there ?
  15. No g.m in their right mind is giving up their first rounder for Byron.
  16. Bergevin needs to go. It's crazy how promising this team looked 4 years ago.
  17. It's tough to swallow when you're a Pacioretty fan, I'm sure, but it's time to create a core that can win together. A player of Max's "calibre", with a contract as cap friendly as his, doesn't come on the market very often. So it creates an opportunity for even a cap strickened team get in on a bidding war. There's an opportunity here to acquire some major pieces, that this team desperately needs to move forward and become a legitimate contender. It makes zero sense to keep Pacioretty when this team is in the state it's in. Trade your assets that will garner young talent and start building your core again. Accept defeat and move on. Unless of course you want to keep watching mediocre hockey and let your best assets wither away on a team that has too many holes to fill through free agency.
  18. That line change really pissed me off. Pouty little baby.
  19. Probably his only goal of the season
  20. It all depends on the timeline of the rebuild/retool. If the plan is 3-4 years, I think the only reasonable thing to do is trade price. If this team can retool and become a contender in a 2 year span, then I'd be hesitant on trading price. Habs have always seem to have luck with goalies and the prospect pool is deep in that category....
  21. Seeing some frustration in Drouin out there... This team is a mess right now
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