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  1. Exactly. The shoot from everywhere mentality, doesn't work. It was the same thing a couple years ago, and everyone said "well look at the shots, we're obviously out playing other teams", that's not the case. These defensive zone lapses and odd man rushes are also exactly like 2 years ago. It's almost a spitting image, as to what was happening when this team completely shit the bed. As I said, the Habs probably will shake this slump, but it will keep arising. The defense is so ####ing awful
  2. I cannot belive how shit Petry has been lately. He's reverting back to two years ago. Julien has also reverted back in a sense, his "new" coaching style has changed; he now has this team funneling every puck to the net, whether its a quality chance or not. The Habs crash the net on every shot, so it ends up leading to odd man breaks the other way. It's making Price look like a bad goalie. Reilly and Kulak are trash. They're ahl defenseman, that are creating havok, for this team defensively. This team probably will bounce back, but this brutal streak will come back around again. Bergevin has built a "hay house" and it's get damn windy out
  3. Someone needs to go after him. Especially with history of Krieder and this team
  4. Krieder is such a dirt bag. Tatar gets a head shot and no one does anything. So soft man, especially with Weber and Chiarot out there. Joke
  5. Tkachuk just brings so much more to his game. The "intangibles". I agree with Chicoutimi, I think Kotkaniemi being a 50-55 point centre, is where he maxes out. Just my opinion though, I really hope he proves me wrong
  6. Still so young. Hard to peg anyone as this point, but Tkachuk is a beast and he can also bury. Kotkaniemi will never have that edge to his game
  7. Watching this game makes me think Tkachuk would have been the better choice over Kotkaniemi. Tkachuk is a gamer and he puts up points
  8. I'm just saying, in the not too distant future, I think he'll be one to go
  9. I love the guy, but he doesn't look like the same player as last year. I'd much rather see him at C too.
  10. "Domi, who scored 28 goals last season and led the Canadiens with 72 points, failed to score a goal for the eighth straight game and has only one in the last 16 games and four for the season, putting him on pace for 15 this year" .
  11. I highly doubt Carolina wants anything to do with the Habs. It may be out of sheer arrogance by Dundon, but I don't see them being a trade partner
  12. You might be correct on both fronts 8 weeks, yikes. Does Bergevin make a move?
  13. Never a fan of the Kinkaid signing. I'm pretty sure his numbers were similar to Niemi's last season. I would much rather have seen Brian Elliott signed.
  14. This is the Calgary Flames, Byron. The guy is constantly hurt and when he's not, he plays like a barely NHL capable forward. Its weird, I never pegged him as a guy that would lose determination after getting paid, but he 100% did. He doesn't have that chip on his shoulder anymore
  15. I was just saying Byron needs to get tighter on Ovi, sure enough, he buries
  16. Petry should be his permanent partner If Bergevin somehow lands a LD, this D Corp starts to actually look semi- decent
  17. Second PP. He's not coming here anyways. LD needs to be priority
  18. I worded that stupidly. I meant left side shooter(forward), on the power play, but I guess a lefty would make more sense; being that Weber loads up on the left side, during the power play.
  19. He's so slow these days, but this team's needs a left handed shooter on the PP. He can still bring the heat with his one timer
  20. He had some huge back checks last game too. The best is yet to come
  21. Poehling with 4:40 of ice time. Cousins and Byron have been so shit
  22. Fleury is lost a lot in his own end. Highly unlikely his minutes get up'd
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