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  1. Couldn't find anything on lines for either team ... but liked the CBJs tweet
  2. ... and the players (NHL and AHL) that could be traded right now are likely the ones no fans want traded.
  3. Rumour that he is after the Drummondville Voltigeurs job in the QMJHL
  4. Jost claimed off waivers a couple of days ago, with something to prove. Wideman sat for 6 games, wants to prove something. The fight makes some sense in that context. Then the 8th best PK takes a hit
  5. Disagree ... The actual stats show Matthews as slightly ahead of Ovie thus far and projects that to continue for a few more years ... he only drops below Ovie later in the projections, based on Ovie having proven to be well above the statistical norm for decline while only the statistical norm can be applied to Matthews at this point.
  6. YUP ... I did the list off what I could see in the post ... It must be Anaheim ... "hot to trot for" ???????
  7. The MYSTERY is ... who is #1? ... Anaheim? ... Arizona? ... Boston? ... Calgary? ... Carolina? Click on the Tweet to see the full list (except #)
  8. I expect Ovie is the exception that proves the rule, so to speak ... there are always outliers, positive and negative ... that is how averages/projections work ... it will be several years before we know whether Matthews' career follows the normal decline, he does better or he does worse.
  9. Or at/near the draft they could use "extra" first rounders to either move up this season, "poach" high-end prospects further advanced towards the NHL in trades ... OR ... then trade for future firsts.
  10. All things that have been said at various times by many in media and/or on this board ... no surprises IMO.
  11. Worst outcome of 2023 draft, IMO ... Toronto getting Bedard ... second worst ... Ottawa getting him ... get your shyte together Sens.
  12. Apparently (per TSN690) Hoffman stayed on the bench because while he couldn't take a regular shift he might have been used on a PP if the Habs got one in the third.
  13. Agree ... there needed to be some red ... somewhere other than the logo
  14. But my impression is that they are focused on bigger AND faster AND skilled ... by which I mean not just bigger for the sake of bigger.
  15. Real estate has location, location, location Old school sports management teams have size, size, size Hockey may have evolved significantly, but 148 pounds is still 148 pounds ... thank you Ken Holland for the opportunity, and Hugo for not passing on the "li'l fella".
  16. 11 games ... 4 goals ... 8 assists ... it seems that offensive talent will not be the challenge for this kid.
  17. LAVAL ROCKET SHOOTOUT # Skater Goal? 90 Anthony Richard No 32 Rem Pitlick Yes 81 Xavier Simoneau No 11 Rafaël Harvey-Pinard No 26 Jesse Ylönen No 18 Danick Martel Yes 98 Peter Abbandonato No 37 Brandon Gignac Yes
  18. How about Dreaming of Bedard ... or ... For the Honour of Connor
  19. Perhaps post-concussion syndrome from the %^&*_)*^*%&*&^&()(_^%$%^*&(^%$#%^& cannon.
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