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  1. You can only claim those who are placed on waivers ... I have never understood the "they added X when they need a Y" complaint ... should MB do nothing he thinks might help the team until he addresses the greatest need(s)? And, IMO, they don't need "d depth" ... they need a legit 2nd pairing quality PMD ... Petry & presumably Edmundson are clearly the top pairing ... a PMD with Chiarot or Savard allows the other to pair with Romanov ... that would allow Romanov to continue to develop on the 3rd pairing but with more minutes than last season, so the 2nd/3rd pairings could take some load off Petry's pairing.
  2. The Habs have a history of either poorly estimating Price's return from injury ... or perhaps outright lying. Primeau has not shown he deserves to play if Price is out for any length of time ... McNiven has played well but doesn't have the history to inspire confidence to give Allen a night off if/when needed ... this gives them a chance to evaluate Samuel in-person and pick between the lesser of three evils ... *** IF *** necessary.
  3. Testing his back? As that was supposedly the issue with him playing centre
  4. It is interesting ... but other than those "few games" his play got him pulled from the lineup ... to me that speaks volumes ... Habs needed goals but DD et al decided to sit their (tied for) second best goal scorer of last spring/summer's playoffs (2nd best in G/GP) for the final two games against TBL.
  5. Even after a not particularly flattering game this kid manages to find a way to impress
  6. Not the play I was referring to ... earlier I said: Niku (IMO) made an OK "offensive play" in going down the boards and throwing the puck towards the front of the Sens ... but was VERY, VERY SLOW in trying to get back into defensive position not the Sens first goal. which may be the one you are thinking of ... the post you cited was a later play where the puck went to the boards just above the face-off circle, Niku pinched but the Sen reached the puck and had moved it up ice past Niku before Sami was even close to the puck
  7. Agree on both points ... Habs have dressed (IKO) 6 skaters that I expected entering camp to make the team ( Drouin, Dvorak, Evans, Armia, Savard and Chiarot ... don't know Ottawa's roster well enough, but suspect they have a few more dressed ... and that the situation will be the opposite tomorrow night ... ***NOT*** that it is in any way an excuse for the Habs poor performance ... there is, with rare exception, a distinct lack of hustle and intensity for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge.
  8. Per RDS, Niku not back for the 2nd following the perfectly legal, non-boarding, hit by Norris 🙄
  9. Niko with a poor decision to pinch ... the Sen was much. much closer to the puck ... unfortunately he is showing what DD doesn't want to see.
  10. Niku (IMO) made an OK "offensive play" in going down the boards and throwing the puck towards the front of the Sens ... but was VERY, VERY SLOW in trying to get back into defensive position not the Sens first goal.
  11. Tend to agree ... the key may be whether Wideman or Niku can play well enough to allow the third pairing to play decent 5-on-5 minutes
  12. I like the idea of him dominating in Hamilton ... rather than being good in Laval
  13. With Primeau not looking especially good Saturday or yesterday, Poulin had/has an OUTSIDE chance to be the designated sitter (backup) if Price ended up not dressing for the first couple/few games of the season ... at least he bounced back well. I was wondering whether the talk I recalled of "special status" for guys who played in the AHL last season went anywhere (i.e., non-overage players could be sent to the AHL) ... RDS mentioning the habs have a choice to make whether Mysak goes to Laval or Hamilton (OHL) ... key is whether he can get enough icetime in Laval to make it worthwhile
  14. 7 pro seasons ... tiny bits of 5 NHL seasons (33 games total) with three different teams (Pittsburgh twice) ... my NHL expectations are low ... but should hopefully be a strong part of the Rocket.
  15. Agree he looked good ... Sherbrooke's regular season starts Saturday ... don't think he was ever slated to stay any longer.
  16. RDS advised that it was just announced that there will be a shootout regardless of the results ... would it be too obvious to make Poehling one of the shooters?
  17. Amazingly, Shea Weber didn't make out into any of the examples shown ... but this could be a problem for Edmundson and Chiarot in particular ... at least until the NHL feels the PR point has been made and they revert to "the norm".
  18. And nothing wrong with it as it is a useful inducement to get the player to sign and costs nothing on the cap.
  19. 6'1", 176 lbs sounds small ... especially for a defenceman ... perhaps an issue shared by 5'10", 180 lbs Chris Wideman ... but it is also similar to Lehkonen (5'11", 179 lbs) and Jake Evans (6', 176 lbs) ... and huge compared to Paul Byron (5'9", 165 lbs) and Cole Caulfield (5'7", 166 lbs) ..... logic suggests to me that a key for Niku is the distribution of that weight ... his legs would need to be strong to give him any chance when jostling with bigger players.
  20. Obviously ... force was in quotes, as in not that the Habs would be somehow forced to give him games in the NHL but that they might choose to "force" him into a few NHL games when his play, or the Habs needs, did not merit it. Would it not also mean he effectively gets a $50K "bonus" if he plays the full season in Laval and doesn't play any NHL games?
  21. Agreed ... on the other hand, elements of the media/fanbase would likely go to the opposite extreme of the spectrum if JD was missing the net on every shot ... the nature of the beast
  22. That will be interesting ... technically/literally, based on the 20-21 regular season that bar is not terribly high ... 7g, 22a for 82 games ... especially given the quality of wingers the 3C will get ... long-term is a different question.
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