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  1. People actually paid to see this? This coaching staff is so in over their heads. Hopefully the protection of Ducharme will come to an end.
  2. Ducharme is not a head coach. He’ll be 15-18 after tonight. Yikes. They were 2-0 last year after two games.
  3. Soon Tampa will score, it’s a matter of time and when they do the fat lady can sing....the party is over.
  4. Hopefully they’ll put the whistles away. Our PP is an absolute joke while Tampa’s PP is due and will score soon.
  5. Worst Stanley Cup Final in a long time. What an embarrassment for Montreal and the NHL.
  6. Nice to see Do Harm rallies the troop before the game and between periods.
  7. Right on. People will be jumping off bridges in Montreal. Good thing there’s only 3500 in the arena or they’d be booed the rest of the night. Comeback is still going to happen?
  8. Game, set and match. We wont be back for another 30 years.
  9. Series turned on that 2 goal. We’ll be lucky if it’s not a sweep. Two lucky goals in 2 games won’t cut it.
  10. Move on. There was zero chance after what happened.
  11. That just can’t happen in the Stanley Cup Finals.
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