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  1. I wouldn't be to sure. Gallagher could very well end up on Evans line. Hoffman out to start the season throws a monkey wrench in the line upright off the hop.
  2. Did you seriously drop a Washington post opinion piece?? - more then plus 80% double vaxd in Israel highest and longest standing in globe -7/8 months ahead of north america in vax⁸ rollout (meaning we can compare data to Israel in March. - Over half of all hospitalizations and deaths in Isreal currently are double vaxd and they have the highest infections on top of that then any time during this pandemic and its summer time and they are +80% double vaxd for more then 8 months (repeating myself to stress) - no country has been double vaxd longer then the citizens of Israel meaning we will have similar numbers if modeling Israeli and UK data (as well) is aligned This is what truly matters... serious illness/ hospitalizations and deaths Not case counts or total infections And right now it's essentially a 60/40 split DD vax VS unvax It also seems Dr. Fauci says otherwise on transmissabilty then what your saying... remove the opinion and read the data And make your own decision for what's right for you. You should not be punished at work or in school or life in general for deciding to not take a medical procedure without informed consent or fear of being punished. Period. Especially for a vaccine that is yet to be even approved! My pharmacy is preparing for another March surge similar to UK and Isreal... as an fyi and we've stockpiled close to 16 million doses of Pfzier and Moderna. My pharmacy has carried Pfzier for the most part which is the choice of the majority. Discarded alot of Moderna as nobody wanted it and it all expired... With that said, to read the Isreaeli data is a little tough due to language barriers but attached is a link to the most current technical brief provided by Public health England from Feb to August 20, 2021 Page 21/22 is fairly telling and interesting when tracking all hospitalizations and deaths in the country by vaccination status. And to think the numbers in Isreal are worse while considering they are 2 months more advanced then UK in rollout. No opinions just raw data... I really dont want to argue this as I'm for vaccination but totally against forced/ coerced/ mandated vax. Everyone has a choice and that choice should not be made under duress.. and there SHOuLD Not be consequences for choosing to decline... medical tyranny is medical tyranny... Period. Read 👇brief and disect pg 21/22 as we can expect soon enough in Canada https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1014926/Technical_Briefing_22_21_09_02.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi-9a-70JbzAhXAElkFHb_YCo0QFnoECAUQAQ&usg=AOvVaw1br55Y8V9n_M-Tbz91zGnt
  3. His choice is personal and has no consequences but for his own. You are gas lighting and fueling more division in this largely forsaken world currently. The risk of transmission is no different between vAx and unvaxd persons. Stating you have an increased risk of transmission is just plain disinformation. Exposure to the virus is the same regardless of vax status. The possibility of experiencing milder symptoms once infected if vax'd is a case that could be made. But even those studies are still yet to be fully documented as double vaccination in Canada is only 3 months into rollout. DATA out of Israel and UK which is close to 7/8 months ahead of Canada in roll out is very troubling. Anyways this is a hockey forum.... sorry to the forum for hijacking it.. Sorry
  4. The fact you believe he is risking the health of others in and around the team because he chooses to not get vax'd is what's even more horrible... he has a choice and it might not be the same as yours... Give your head a shake cause that thought process alone is appalling.
  5. They did not do that with any of the 3 mentioned that I recall but for giving them an opportunity to play and then sending them back down when they did not cease that opportunity. The common denominator I see is that we drafted by need and not talent...
  6. Edmundson and Petry will most certainly be our top pair
  7. KK"s production and play during his rookie season justified him making the team even so he was still physically skinny and immature... the problem lies in his regression year 2 and parts of year 3...
  8. Anderson Suzuki caufield Hoffman Dvorak Toffoli Lehks Evans Gallagher Drouin Poehling Armia Perrault Paquette Byron** Edmundson Petry Chiarot Savard Romanov Kulak Norlider Wideman
  9. The negativity is crazy against MB... how quickly the knives come out for the GM of the year nominee... Who in there right mind would turn down an offer 3 times what they are worth? Nobody! Especially a Finn who has no ties to Montreal... but for being drafted. Where fans mad at Aho for signing with MTL and hold a grudge? Our freakin captain Weber signed an offer sheet and he's regarded as one of the great man of hockey! Give your head a shake... KK has done nothing wrong and will gladly ay in MTL next season at 6.1 as well as next year. Lets be realistic here. MB will match and adjust the CAP accordingly. Or he will decline and take the picks and then swing for the fences on a trade. Either way summer has been fun! I personally am ok with the habs going young down the middle... give the kids a chance to prove themselves and if it fails we get a better pick in a deep draft. The thing is I think we will be good still!
  10. I love how if the habs use a young player its mis managing development yet there is kids on every NHL team... news flash galchenyuk just isn't good enough. How can a team that was able to squeeze 30 goals out of him (the bets of his career) mismanaging his development? The problem is the kid wanted to play C and just didn't have the brains. We were not the only team to make that assessment! As for KK, he's going to be just fine. Who really cares about ELC in the grand scheme of things. He has 8 playoff goals already and literally just turned 21 a few months ago. The experience he's already had at this level in the NHL surely out weighs any experience he would of got playing an extra year in Finland or in the AHL. I believe he will reap the awards soon enough if he's able to turn it up another gear or 2 after he evolves from boy to man.
  11. Let our kids grow.... galchenyuk at C is laughable. Evans is better plain and simple.
  12. Any trade involving Suzuki is nonsense... Period!
  13. Ouellet isn't even a consideration at this point... You are likely the only person who believes we are not in need of a top dman particularly a #2 to anchor the 2nd pair but more depth Dman. If a top d is traded for(nobody on the UFA market left) it will push Savard onto the 3rd to insulate Romanov much like he did with Sergachev down the stretch and playoffs Also to say Norlinder is not an option? Have you watched him play a single hockey game that rules him out? Because Bergevin said publicly as early as yesterday that he will be given an opportunity to make this team. And he might have an inside track as his attributes are exactly what's missing I this lineup on D. Hes not 18. He's 21 (only 3 months younger then Romanov) and same age as Suzuki and others With that said I'm not saying he's making the team.... I'm saying we need a top dman to push Savard into the bottom pair and have Kulak Wideman Norlinder and Brook battle for the 7/8 spot. Not sure how anyone doesn't agree with this Edmun Petry Chiarot ?? Romanov Savard Kulak Wideman Norlinder Brook
  14. And if we sign a top D then Wideman/ kulak/ Norlinder/ Brook would be fighting for the 7/8 spots... we don't need more 5/6 D men... we need a #2
  15. Bergevin said Norlinder will be given an opportunity to make the team...
  16. I dont think we need any more depth defenseman. At this point a package that will move some of our wing depth and some picks and or prospects for a legit defender would be the way moving forward.
  17. Its definitely not my ideal depth chart either but, it is our actual depth chart right now... I put Wideman there as I think those combos might end up working best with a puck mover paired with a bruiser... I also see Chiarot and Romanov playing more equal, balanced minutes with Weber not boosting his partners TOI. Savard showed down the stretch and in the playoffs that he can insulate a young defender in TB and help him really take the next step. Hopefully odds are he can really be a steady partner to Romanov and help him flourish to. Wideman could help move the puck partnering Chiarot and no need to explain what Edmundson and Petry can do together. Of course I'm hoping we can trade for an upgrade on Wideman For sure... but it's what we got at the momment. Would be a dream if Romanov Brook or Norlinder could magically be top 4 worthy as soon as next year... then all our problems would just go away
  18. Well if MB is done on the back end till training camp you would have to think they are really gonna ask Romanov to take a step forward moving the puck after depriving him of TOI in the playoffs. Also, Norlinder could get a real look to make the team as one of the few puck movers in the system along with Brook in the 9 spot. Edmundson Petry Chiarot Wideman Romanov Savard* Norlinder Kulak Brook
  19. Should we take a serious look at Chara on a 1 year deal? That would be something... Hes 44
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