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  1. I didnt want to win, but how is that not goaltender interference. He hooked his blocker as he was poking the puck. If this season mattered, i would not be happy about that
  2. Perfect outcome. Lose 4 valuable points and caufield with 2 goals
  3. Matumbo didnt read that well either though. Should have frozen it.
  4. Lets pull both goalies for the shootout. Jesus.
  5. Battle of the basement. Nobody can score. Hahaha
  6. I enjoyed the last 2 minute push. They werent playing for the point. They were playing to win. Sweet tip by Larsson to tie it too.
  7. This is my thinking as well. So we have to trade young, fast, fierce checking, intelligent, durable lehkonen for low picks, because we have to keep injury prone Byron and less durable, inconsistent, Armia, who are both on bad contracts. I'm not a fan of teading Lehkonen unless management believes his annual cap hit will be in the 4 million range.
  8. This is my thought. I wouldn't trade him unless the return is right. He'd be a good mentor for younger players coming up. Learning how to play the right way as they say.
  9. I can't remember the play, but during the playoffs, a goalie made a save on suzuki and gave him a look. The very next play, he did it again and scored. Cheeky. Last night the goal was called back. Cheeky Suzuki scored the exact same goal. I love that competitive gene in him.
  10. Kulak was also very noticeable live. After seeing Lehkonen play last night, I don't see why you trade home for a 2nd round pick. Will you get a 1st for him? Do you want to gamble that that 1st will be better than him? If he makes 3 to 3.5, I don't see why you don't just keep him. His speed, defensive prowess and fierce forechecking are too good in my view. I says keep him.
  11. My take from tonight. Lehkonen is a fierce forechecker. I do not want him traded. Period. Slick nick was fantastic tonight. Nice bounce back game for Monty. Dauphin is a legit 4th liner. That 1st line. Some bad calls by the 4efs tonight. Mike smith sucks
  12. I will be at this one. Hopefully matumbo has a descent game
  13. Big bird was definitely most common. I don't recall hearing bird.
  14. This was about what I was thinking. 2.5 to 3
  15. If the return isn't solid, I don't see the point in trading Lehkonen. He's a strong checker. In all areas of the ice. He's young and fast and defensively strong. How much do you pay a guy like him with his inconsistent numbers? Can't be that much can it?
  16. I like Dauphin tonight. Is Montembault an NHL backup?
  17. Suzuki takes a high stick and a slash right in front of refs. Play on!
  18. They've had a lot of injuries this season. Possibly his role changed slightly during Backstroms absence?
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