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  1. How do you pick 3 stars for this stinker. Everyone stunk. All zones. All situations.
  2. That's true. Every game should have e the same amount of points. It's the biggest argument for 321 vs 210
  3. Does ylonen have another gear? I'd like to see him play with some good offensive players for a while. Whenever he gets the puck I see skill.
  4. My three thoughts midway through the season. 1. This is a one line team. Need some secondary forwards to put up some points. 2. We lose too many puck battles. Way too many. 3. Do we need a tactician type associate coach? High danger chances for vs against seem way too high. Maybe the team is just that bad that all 3 points are because they suck.
  5. Better yet. 2 regulation. 1 OT and SO. Neither are team hockey. 0 for losing. OTL points are stupid.
  6. That one handed, between the legs clear in front of his own net. I hope the points start piling up, because he deserves them.
  7. So you slewfoot someone. Pot a shortie and penalty over. Good punishment.
  8. Of course you're right, but the rule still makes no sense to me.
  9. That shg rule is confusing. So if you're really dirty and have some good penalty killers who can bury shorties, you should continue to play dirty.
  10. For sure. That time is going to come, but the longer they can keep the young d, the better. Get a good sample size and make sure you’re trading the right one.
  11. Love seeing the big man put up points. Ghule as well
  12. Looks more like something one would come up with while on lsd.
  13. Yep. When you mentioned him before the draft, I wanted him big time.
  14. I hope they don't buy. It's a year too early for that imo.
  15. Valid rebuttal. I suppose as Commandant says, the 1a, 1b system takes some starters from the overall pool. So there are less starters to go around. I retract my statement. Haha. Having said that, if they are that desperate, why hasn't Allen been traded? He's a 1b on a lot of teams.
  16. Goalies aren't that hard to find. If primeau turns out to be a dud, later, he can easily be replaced. But woth the improvement he's shown this year, I'd be reluctant to trade him. Allen is the odd man out for me.
  17. Ya. The pizza thing was far from checking out. It was quite the opposite. It was him clowning around, expressing his joy at shutting down the games best centres night after night.
  18. Letting KK walk was never a concern for me. Danault and Lehkonen both bothered me. Still do. They were young enough to be part of the future. I'd much rather have Danault and Lehkonen than Barron and Dvorak.
  19. Yes. No doubt Eichel has taken a step to elite. The selke caliber forward is a good observation.
  20. LA, Las Vegas are 2 other teams which won with very good forwards. But no superstar
  21. I agree. I feel like if he can stay healthy, Dach may end being the 1A centre. Not Suzuki. I like Suzuki a lot. His vision, IQ are very good. I just see shades of Getzlaf in Dach and it makes me excited.
  22. Slaf 8 points is surprising. I feel like it should be more. The dude is developing into a possession beast. I'm starting to get excited about him.
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