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  1. I say start trying to compete now. Hope you catch an impact player in the draft. Comb through every 1st round draft in the last 40 years, and you will see that half the players should not have been drafted where they were. Suzuki, Caufield, Dach (he'll be fine), Guhle, Hutson, maybe Reinbacher, maybe Slaf. That's enough high end (possible elite) talent to build from. I say sign Monahan, identify why you're giving up so many high danger chances. If it's personnel, band aid it with systems. If it's systems, adjust the system. There's no superstar on this team. The likelihood of drafting one is low. Start competing. We tanked the wrong year...
  2. Give allen a break. Matheson lookin bad lately
  3. We got us a good old fashion ass whoopin on our hands.
  4. Slafkovski looks absolutely lost. Would a few games watching help him?
  5. Allen is having another game. This team sure allows high danger chances
  6. Pearson has been very good, but Monahan has been huge so far.
  7. Haha. Ya I should have typed their names. I was being lazy.
  8. Guhle and dach are my two favorite new guys in the last 2 years. Guhle really is a stud.
  9. Wanna see him with 14 and 22 when Dvorak comes back
  10. Blowout coming I think. Habs struggled with jets forecheck. Allen bailed em out. Doubt the goalie steals thus one
  11. He was a giveaway machine last game. Needs to shoot more too. It will come. He's noticeably better this year than last when he has the puck.
  12. Guhle was the best skater on the team tonight. Allen stole that game. Monahan is good. Slavkovski had a lot of giveaways. That means he had the puck though so...
  13. Because he's been getting some dirty points lately
  14. Oh there is still a long way to go. Don't get me wrong. But the progress is noticeable I feel.
  15. It’s so visible. he looks good. My co worker saying he had a bad game. I didn’t see that at all. He is getting way more touches, and making way better choices with those touches.
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