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  1. I'm glad I watched the Caps smash Phlly earlier...at least I got to see some good hockey today.
  2. Pop-gun offence: check Price softie: check This team is nauseatingly predictable. 🤮
  3. I don't know about that, but I am very confident that TODAY he is more useful when shooting the puck than Jonathan Drouin (as are a few of the guys in my local men's league, in all likelihood)...so to bring him up and have him play select minutes (especially on the powerplay!) cannot hurt.
  4. I know what I need to do...stop watching. Between lockdown driving me crazy and this team, I think I need a break. Later all.
  5. It's crazy...he was "Norris consideration Petry" for a good stretch...and then, off a clifff.
  6. The replay shows you are right...it looked like Drouin got that. I stand corrected. I'm so pissed at this team I'm seeing sideways now apparently.
  7. JONATHAN DROUIN IS A USELESS PIECE OF TRASH....all this talk from some on this board about his vast improvement is pure and utter BS. After almost costing them a goal, he flat-out does...he put that great poke-check by Allen right to a Jet with yet another of his 'brilliant' blind one-touch passes. 🤬
  8. Drouin turnover almost ended up in the back of our net.
  9. It's better than the dark abyss it was pre-Ducharme to be sure, but it's still far from good. If losing one guy (and that one guy isn't a Matthews/Ovi type) causes your PP to fall off a cliff, that's an issue. And the issues, specifically, are lacking a dynamic puck carrier who is also a threat to shoot to work the carry-in, and when we actually do get set up, a guy that buries a high percentage of shots. CC sure looks like he could be that guy.
  10. No Caufield in the lineup eh? Damn. (I know there was a 1 in 1000 chance of seeing Drouin out, Caufield in today....but a guy can dream)
  11. Our PP has been absolute s*!t since we returned from our Covid protocol holiday: 1/18 (5.5%) over the last 6 games. This team isn't good enough defensively to win many games without cashing in on a decent percentage of our PP opportunities.
  12. We lost a guy who had 14 goals for the rest of the regular season, have a sputtering powerplay, and a bum with 2 goals is currently occupying a top 6 LW slot. I'm not sure what time we would be waiting for exactly that could be more perfect than right now.
  13. Two things MB needs to do tonight: 1. Call up Caufield 2. Send Drouin directions re: how to find the pressbox at the Bell Center
  14. You are right...he's not a Gallagher replacement, but he's damn sure looking like a stellar Drouin replacement.
  15. Nobody on our current roster can one-time a puck like Caufield did on that goal. His stay in Laval better be VERY short.
  16. We need the teams below us to continue to be pretty darned bad...we are a 'bubble team', after all.
  17. Same old story: don't get 3, don't get a point.
  18. I think we went over this after yesterday's loss. Lack of finish is a constant with this team, and I will argue til I am blue in the face that shots alone are not the be-all-end-all when you don't finish on at least 3 of them per game.
  19. Ok...need to do the reverse jinx mojo again...desperate times call for desperate measures. There is ZERO chance that Jonathan Drouin scores a goal tonight. He is a useless floating waste of icetime with the shot of a Midget 'B' player. His 5.5 million per for 2 more years as just shy of being an Alzner level albatross...you couldn't trade the bum for a bag of pucks and two rolls of hockey tape.
  20. Wheeler is out...maybe this gives us a glimmer of hope? I'm tired of his act too...would have ZERO issues with scratching him and throwing Caufield out there. It'd be hard for even the rawest rookie to be worse than Drouin was last night; the shot he put smack-dab in the middle of Campbell's chest on a breakaway was downright sad.
  21. Some of you can try to context the shit out of / pretty up ugly stats all you want, but the team still loses the big games for the same reasons over and over. We lack high-end finishers, period...and we carry too many guys who flat-out can't score to make it up via scoring by committee on a regular basis. I don't give a damn how 'improved' he has been in flashes since the coaching change, a forward who gets as much ice as Drouin does having only 2 goals on the season is pathetic. We have 4 more forwards with 5 goals or less on the season...and they are not all guys who languish on the 4th line eternally either. This is every bit as big a problem as the holes on our blueline. I've been beating this drum for a long time, and will continue to do so, because it's true: the inability to get the 3rd goal costs us a ton of points. I get that there are only so many top tier snipers in the league, but when you are one of the have-nots, you cannot carry a raft of guys who rarely score goals. You need a lot of quality secondary scoring in your lineup to offset, and we don't have it.
  22. I'm not even watching the last couple of minutes...Snowfall is about to start...screw it.
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