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  1. Lang's been a great addition, best player on the ice tonight (bar Price). Still, one has to wonder how Sundin would have been playing tonight ... http://habsinsideout.com/main/9267
  2. B'doom tsh! It's almost 3am where I am, it's too early in the season to put on the 'Cardiac Kids' hat.
  3. Hopefully the PP is more tired than our PK. It's not too early in the season for heroes - if Begin ever sees the ice sheet again, he'd be best off scoring a goal for every minute he was in the box. I think that would make amends.
  4. I'm guessing Begin really likes the Bell Centre hot dogs, and would rather spend the rest of the season in the press box than play another minute on the ice. Stupid, stupid penalties.
  5. Stompin' Tom Connors "Good Old Hockey Game" would be a better goal song than anything Simple Plan could dish up. I was disappointed with Vertigo because the chord progs were ripped off other bands, but SP gives emos a reason to keep on living, and I don't support that one bit. Hell, I would listen to the entire 1812 Overture as the Habs' goal song than anything by SP. Even with the most potent offense in the league.
  6. As much as I don't want to be, that Lang video has me more excited about this season. That last goal he gets against Nashville, it shows he has speed, grit, determination, and soft hands. All this at the end of the game too. Perhaps Plekanec can't get points without Kovalev, which would make it stupid to split them up. I'd honestly be happy putting Koivu on our third line, behind Plex and Lang, because I'm worried he doesn't have what it takes anymore to be a consistent top-line scoring threat. His dumb offensive-zone penalties last year, and his lack of top-end points, real frustrating. But I could definitely see Lang and Kovalev sitting on opposite face-off dots on the PP, and our D just deciding which to feed for the one-timer. Kovalev started to get rushed last season when the other team realised he was always going to score from that spot - but if we have Lang on the other side who's just as slick, they won't know which way to turn. Anyway, I'm looking forward to camp. We have so many young players who I'd love to give a shot to, and I'm sure Gainey would too. But as was pointed out earlier - we are an elite team. Our top three lines are arguably the best in the league (up there with Detroit), and this year is shaping up to be pretty damn sweet. Viva le Habalucion!
  7. League ID:5783 Password: habsworld Get in while there are still spots available. 13 GMs are currently in, but in the interest of competition, I may remove some due to a history of not lasting the distance. Also, be aware that this will become a keeper league. Draft wisely, because Yahoo now does Keeper, and I intend to use it.
  8. The always controversial HW H2H league is up and ready for 19 more GMs. If you were in last year, PM me for the League ID and password. If you're interested in joining, PM me with your Yahoo ID. We may have a few spots open, and would prefer friends to complete unknowns. But don't wait around. Spots will fill.
  9. It's certainly possible we went Keith Fatchuk on us after our inglorious exit from the playoffs, and has been living out of a KFC bucket for the last few months. Sorta Ben Stiller at the end of Dodgeball...
  10. Ah cripes, Leafs boards are going crazy. Word is return to Toronto or retirement (else why would he tell the Leafs first?) *chews fingernails desperately*
  11. I like it. Simple, elegant, not over the top. Go Habs Go!
  12. No, that's not it. The fourth and fifth characters definitely read "God" and "Zilla". ...but what could they mean??
  13. Maybe you don't understand the Russian/Belorussian sense of humour? :?- When was the last time you heard a Russian throw out a hilarious in-your-face outlandish joke? That's America's style. Anyway, good point, it's just an article. C'mon rookie camp.
  14. Right, apologies, points-based. Anyway, Fanpuck, what are your thoughts on an SK league this year? H2H was fun, but if we're both looking at half-full leagues, might be better just to merge (WHA meets NHL style)? Might be easier to share the commish duties too. Anyone else who is still a YHL fanatic? Who knows, this could be the last SK league ever (before Saku leaves/retires and the 'SK' gets passed over to MK or CH ... or SKost)
  15. Good, more people got it. I'm happy to boot Kostopolous now, if Chipchura and D'Agostini and Patches are ready to play - his only other endearing feature (apart from heart and decent defensive skills) was that he was funny.
  16. There were two last season, a rotisserie like we're used to, and a shot at H2H with about 1/3 random GMs. Leagues open up in a week or so.
  17. He takes a swipe at Glen Hanlon who overlooked him for the national team, and then at journalists who ask him the same thing at every interview. What are we missing here?
  18. Link to interview Basically the whole article's a cracker, but here are two of my favourites: zing! Man, HW needs an exclusive interview with this guy pronto!
  19. Haha, c'mon man, really? I'm having a dig at most of the comments on this board, from him being a reclamation project (like Traverse was), to him being brought back because he's Quebecois, to him being too good for the AHL. Obviously it's not a serious post. Just like I'm not a serious poster. Just like Vancouver is not a serious cup contender. So go Dogs.
  20. That's like asking Mario Lemieux to come back and lead our forward corps - a man among boys No, I'm sure we can get Patrick Traverse from the Sharks. He's 6'4, and hasn't yet peaked. He's got a future on him, if only we can give him a chance! And best of all, he's Quebecois! I mean, isn't that the way we're going anyway? Tanguay, Laraque, Denis ...
  21. Here in England there's a huge kerfuffle about the Equality Bill, which grants employers the right to choose job applicants with certain attributes over others to improve the workplace diversity. If only countries and companies could emulate an NHL team like Montreal, where it is not only the most diverse in its class, but also has the greatest export (goals anyone?), with the largest band of shareholders (21,000+ each game), as well as a large crop of Hi-Pos ('high potentials') and a management board that is two steps ahead of most rivals.
  22. Agreed. It's not Plekanec or Higgins or anyone we're freaking out about. Fischer is an interesting possibility, given that he doesn't appear to be likely to fulfill his 1st-round potential as a top 2 Dman. Then again, he could well pull a Hainsey on us. Anyway, insert metaphor about chickens and hatching eggs.
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