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  1. Get over it. A trade was on the table, no deal. Look at all the trades this week, all cap wise.
  2. To replace Gallant need is not for another franco coach.It makes too much of the franco clique. If Saku goes to retirement,i would see him filling Gallant shoes. Less experience on coaching more leadership. My number 1 choice. I thought of Doug Gilmour, alredy GM in Frontenac, next Leafs coach. I thought of Adam Oates PP specialist. No links to Montreal whatsoever. PJ stock assistant coach...sounds great too.
  3. After the game, RDS crew were asking for Cube back in the line up next game. Fact is Therrien and Daigneault did not trust Beaulieu to play a tie and with a one Goal lead. Rags players are small and do not appreciate being pushed a bit, a big tough d to push them hard. this we have in stock. Douglas will make them think to keep heads up. If Prust get suspended, Bournival is the obvious choice to Therrien, I would choose White Over Moen. good to have depth.
  4. To beat Tampa you got to cut their speed. They mostly create offense by overworking in the middle zone and after that they use speed and skills. Habs use to be like this, except skills but now they added sandpaper to this mix. They added sandpaper and they must use it. Gallagher should be back on the PP 1st unit throw him in as the game breaker. Emelin should shy away and step uplike he plays against Boston. Prust, Moen,White,Weise, Bournival Eller mission is to be better than 3-4th Tampas line. If they do that. Our top player matching their top player Habs will win. In Price we Prus
  5. Plek Will transform 27 and 11 into a lot more than just offensive prospects. Please keep this Line rolling.
  6. From what i seen from him, about 20 games in LHJMQ, pre season and a couple of stunts i think this prospect is or need to be on TDA treatment. Too many high and lows for one guy. That waht scrared most teams for us to draft him 17th when he was top 10. Or,and...this is a long shot, i'd see him developping as a LW. I'd take the remain of the season +20 games and He is not aware enough defensively for a defensemen but he would be a lot aware of it than let's say Bourque. Speed and size down the wing, great shot, still can use him at the point on PP and not use a Bouillon or Gorges or any
  7. How many coaches , consultant are there for player development, how many pro scouts and high paid assistant gm does it take to have so little depth. The Dogs coach doesn't play a player, he is up. If he is that good play him regularly. Stat wise Beaulieu did't develop that well, Pateryn is not the best D there ? He is rightie, let Emelin play is side, Diaz is out.
  8. Pressure on Gallagher has been unfair on the last strech. Comparer him to Marchand,,yeah little man who play hard cannot score all the time but will give you a goal or an opportunity of a goal on every 2 shift is a must on every winning team. Give him all the 1stshift PP and play him with whoever is hot. What i cannot undertand is Eller ice time, come on MT Plek and Eller are the must see on the ice on every important play...
  9. Last game against Colombus, Plekanec had 2 goals. Bournival, Bourque, Markov. Price is hot right now, i don't see any worries here. I don't give any consideration to worries about cold players. MT doesn't play them. Keep the points average over 57% and some players will eventually get hot again.
  10. Brière pulls a Gomez, Parros pulls a Laraque, Therrien gets fired after a losing streak. Price stays on his knees all year.
  11. Price stats need to improve. Save % pct needs to go up at .920,at least to be in top 15 goalies qualified. GAA needs not to exceed 2.40. Needs to make some big saves on tough times. 2010-11 Price would get the starting job., Right now Crawford would get it, Luongo the back up.
  12. My guts says Simon Gagné might have a ticket for Montreal. And he would come pretty cheap, upside would bring speed even at his age , experience on the top 9. Plays both wings. In the same risk mode i'd like Malhotra, speed and size.
  13. Washington has two goalie Dave Prior and Olaf Kolzig. hockeydb coach list http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/leagues/seasons/teams/0000492013.html I'd like Kolzig for stability.
  14. L.A got Regher because they are looking to replace Mitchell anf Greene = experience. when the game is on the line. MB got this Brewhisky as a depth move, 6-7th defensemen defense role, team first attitude. Tinordi and the others will have their chance soon enough.
  15. Season is over for Charles Hudon unless he can sqeeze in to play for the the Dogs. Not a long stunt for the Sags but Hudon 5 goals 5 assist in 6 games is good. Anthony Duclair from Quebec Remparts should get a look from our scouts, he should slip around the third round given the fact that he missed games but he is bulking in size, faster, good defensively and still a point a game player.
  16. Tinordi skating abilities allowed him to do well on the right side. On his side he will be a force for the next years. Moen on the second line and Armstrong on the 3th line means there's a lack of depth offensively. Yes there is three regular guys out but the Dumont and Blunden are too much alike what habs already have. But still 2pts against a team that played yesterday, will take it, but nothing to get overwhelmed.
  17. Kaberle is not on the injury reserve, thought he played enought to consider a showcase was done. Pateryn,heard that he made Beaulieu look good 5-5. Right side D, big, physical keep simple. Exactly the type of 6th defensemen needed in mtl. I would have benched Armstrong to play both White and Dumont, dynamic duo. Armstrong is only a depth player too.
  18. On Archambault i would pass, it took him way too long to get his tools in the juniors, i would not say the same thing if he had a different body package but another small offensive player is not needed. Talking of small right wing i see no future for Kristo in Montreal with Gallagher in Montreal for the next 10 years. What is the value of a Hobey Baker candidate ? Enought to land Clowe ?
  19. Just having some press box time is a confidence booster for Dumont, he will see must of the game plan realise is lack of speed and work even harder on it. With some speed he could take Armstrong role next year, for a couple of 100$k less. For 4th line duties we pay guys 2.8 million alone on Moen and Armstrong . yes i expect them to be good at some things. Weak side is that we have no big grinder in the system. This size issue should be fixed in the next draft with late picks . Exemple Connor Crisp.
  20. Ryder we know what we have offensively, he seems to have better +/- numbers so maybe he is less a liability that he was when not scoring. We'll see, i would replace Gionta with Ryder. Cole body language was saying get me outta here, that's what he got. Althought his physical strenght would have helped habs down the road this year. Habs will have to find something better than Armstrong, White and Moen to help Prust in that department.
  21. Yess nice nail by Paccioretty, Mcdo deserved this.
  22. I read Cullen from TSN saying how much value O'reilly has... he mentions some players from other team and some habs players that could interest Colorado. Montreal (Lars Eller, David Desharnais, Brendan Gallagher, Nathan Beaulieu, Jarred Tinordi) No for Eller, maybe Desharnais, No gallaguer, no Beaulieu, hell no Tinordi. Only player Bergevin should offer would be Desharnais and Kristo. Why ? too small and Hudon is the same size. ??
  23. A word for Bourque and the space he creates by driving the net. He does a lot for his linemates, he found a role. Nobody gave it to him he earned it. Desharnais,he is under pressure and these two goals must have done good for him,i don't understand why some people want to throw him under the bus before wh have the tools to replace him. He will be most probably a necessary dump of salary at the end of the year for next year cap but meanwhile why not consider him as a great bargain and live with was bringing.
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